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RE: How to Cope with Stress? (Part 6) Run and Hide

Hi Valery . You have been selected to be in the first batch of 250 Minnows to receive support. I see you only have 2 SP to reach it so not much at all , but you do qualify. Would you like to be part of this as it will give you a boost and who knows what type of growth. You would fall into my team if you agree.


Hi, @cryptoandcoffee! Thanks for your kind words and your offer! I would be happy to join but I am not sure I understand the conditions.

So, I should use the #tenkminnows tag at least once a week under any post or a specific one? And what happens if I don't post anything for an entire week?

Hello and thanks for replying. All we are asking is you do at least one post per week so we can help you. We then ask you to keep powering up the rewards so we can get you over 500 SP quickly. If you don't post we can't really help you.

OK, thank you. I will be happy to be in :)

LOL...I was just looking at people that would be close who we are supporting from Minnow Builder and directing them to this post:

Doesn't matter how you found out about the push, glad you did.

Thanks, @thedarkhorse. I was a bit away and wasn't very active lately due to some offline tasks I needed to do, but (slowly) I am back :D I guess I am a post or two away from the minnowhood (heh) but I will join anyway :)

RL does come first. Hope you get a chance to be more active again....maybe a PIFC Curation Contest entry will be a good blog post ;)

Hah, that's what I was thinking :D

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