Calling all 400-499sp Steemians!

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It's time to create some Minnows!!! Are you between 400-499sp? Heck are you close to 400sp? Do you know anyone that might qualify? If so it's time for the Pay It Forward Community to help push you to Minnow Status along with the efforts of @tenkminnows (account set up by @paulag and the @steemcommunity witness group).

The idea is to try and create 250 new Minnows in a month and the first step is to make sure everyone that qualifies knows about this push. So please make sure to resteem this post and tag as many people that might qualify or know people who qualify in a comment below.

Who Qualifies

• The nominated account must own above 400SP and below 500 SP (you might have to run a community campeign to boost accounts to the min 400 before they can be nominated)

• The nominated account must not be powering down

• The nominated account must want to hold minnow status and be willing to power up all liquid rewards for the month of this event

Once we have a list of people that qualify I will need to write a post from @pifc and nominate everyone. I'll let this run for a couple days and then need to do the nomination post so please tag people and resteem this asap.


this interesting information but unfortunately I have not met the requirements

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This is only the start of a year long push to raise accounts, so try to drive yourself a bit more to get there and keep an eye out for further posts.

Okay.thank you very much

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Keep working at it, you will get there. This is the first push, but the idea is to keep growing the minnow class on Steem. If you think of anyone that might qualify please point them this way.

Good luck, you are past the hardest part (Getting to 100)

Just gotta keep grinding.

@steemitbloggers - please check this out - I think there are folk in our community who could benefit from this. @jaynie and @zord189 could you share this in the #powerhousecreatives Discord?

Thanks for sharing. If @steemitbloggers wants to get involved they can take a look at this post which is a call to community leaders.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all the latest news on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you very much for helping spread the word!

I love this effort. My only question is why such a small window? Why not 200 to 500? There is probs a great reason you chose those parameters...just curious I guess.

The idea is to try and push them to minnow in 1 month. It will take a ton of coordinated efforts to get someone from 400 to 500sp in a month, but trying to help them grow 300sp would be nearly impossible.

It also show a level of commitment making it to 400sp IMO.

Now mind you these aren't @pifc's rules, we are working with others who started this initiative. But we do fully understand why they picked the levels they did.

How I wish I would meet the requirements. Thanks for this great information

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Keep posting, keep powering up all earnings, and you will get there soon enough. Make sure to keep engaging with others as the relationships you build will help ensure long term success.

This is a great initiative! I'm gonna look around for accounts that qualify. Is there any specific deadline for this?

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I will be making this submission in the next couple days, but this is a year long push to creating an army of minnows.

Ok got it! Thanks!

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A great initiative that I am supporting as well through the curation trail! Thanks for also mentioning this!

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We are all about helping people grow their accounts. Love a push like this...just hope that enough people get behind it and more importantly I hope that a few whales who can actually make this a reality get behind it.

I would like to qualify for this, as I like to power up.

I currently have 434 Steem Power overall for my use
but I own 380 Steem power of that on my account
the + 54 that I have is what I have delegated from my 2nd account to my main account.

You need to own over 400sp to qualify. If you have liquid steem or SBD this would be a great time to power it up. Or if you can afford to buy 20 steem. It will also require you to be actively posting so people can upvote your posts if you are accepted as one of the 250.

If you can't pull it off then there will be future months. But personally I'd shoot for the first round if all possible.

I resteemed this. Great effort. I'd love to see 250 new minnows. I wish I had time to go looking for them. What can I do to help?

Let people know about the push. This is a year long effort so those that don't qualify today will hopefully see value in powering up more of their earnings vs sending off to games or letting sit in their accounts liquid as they need to get themselves to 400sp to be considered.

Awesome. I resteemed it. I may write a post about it. Awesome initiative.

Great idea @thedarkhorse! And I see that @powerhousecreatives has picked up on it too. Resteemed :)

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Someday I'll be there. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for others who currently qualify!

@buckaroo know you haven't been posting much lately...maybe this would be the push you need to get back to being more active on Steem! Read this post.

I do think I meet the requirements. I also resteemed this post for you. I think this is a great project.

hi @eircburgoyne, yes you do meet the requirements. we left a comment on one of your posts a few days back. Heres what you have to do to get started. write a post and tag #tenkminnows stating you want to become a minnow and hold minnow status. Over the next 4 weeks we will request a few post from you that we will use to boost with votes. Please do tag me and @steemcommunity in the post too. I look forward to talking with you more, let try make you a minnow :-)

Sounds great thank you

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Done I hope I did it right

Thanks for being on top of things.

@cicisaja any chance you can find a way to get to 400sp owned in the next few days? Think you would benefit greatly from this push from 400 up to 500sp if you can.

I don't know whether I could reach 400 within a week.. 45 SP short😊 I'll find a way if I could create some good post a whole week started from tomorrow @pifc 😉 .. let's hope.. I'll do my best

Wasn't sure if you had any Steem Monster cards you were thinking of selling...know some of them can quickly boost an account!

If you can't make it this month it's not a huge deal as the idea is this will continue all year long. Just know many times these types of pushes get the most support at the if possible get in on round 1.

Just bumped up some comment votes that would have gone to dust for you that all payout in the next day. Also gave a 100% upvote to your oldest post to help out. Not that it's a huge amount, but it's a start.

I have a steemmonsters card that could boost me up to 600😆 but I won't sell it now.. I'll keep it till it worth for 1k steem 😂

Paula have some name in her redfish league.. I will optimize the delegation I have right now and keep doing my best to reach minnowhood before the end of April

I'll be honest, unless you think that Steem Monster cards are going to jump in value...and I mean a serious jump...I'd dump them. They are valued in Fiat and with the rising fiat value of Steem that means SM cards are only decreasing in terms of Steem. If you have sold a $10 back in Jan when the fiat value of Steem was 25c you would have 40 steem, but now at 45c steem it's only worth 22.22 Steem. That is a huge loss if your plan is to use the steem for your account vs take the fiat out.

From the dissatisfaction posts I've seen lately from some very large accounts holding a lot of valuable cards I don't feel SM is going to be able to keep rising in value compared to the steem value.

Just something to consider. I feel like we have turned the corner on the steem price. I feel like a price jump back to $1 isn't all that far away for Steem and that will mean that SM cards would have to more then double in value during that same time frame just to pay you the same amount of steem. Now I could be crazy and we could see 25c steem again (and I hope so), but I really don't think so.

I understand that😉 but I think with only 28 card available in the system right now.. I'll hold on to my cards no matter what😂 I have a secure post payout up to $1.7 each week now because I have a new job as a mav curator for my teammates😊 so.. I think I can be soon graduated as long as I optimize my posts and curation rewards😉

No problem, just wanted to make sure you had thought about the math behind it. Know I had this conversation with someone else and they hadn't thought about it this way previously, but rather were focused on the increases in fiat value. They realized they had actually lost a lot of steem in the last couple months.

I would love to be a part of this but sadly I run a contest every 2 weeks and I can't power up everything. Resteemed though as I know there are some awesome people that could benefit!

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