Breaking dirty habits

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The world is going to judge you no matter what you do. Sit, crib about it, get trapped in that cycle or walk the fuck out of it and not care. It's all your choice. Your yes's or no's today decides your tomorrow. So do make some wise choices every now and then; for your happiness, for your goals and for your dreams!

I write on various topics in many genres and blog about my travel life alongside. You will aslo see that I am a seeker of truth and meaning to life and how this simultaneously influences my Art style.

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True that. No matter what you do- good or bad, the people who are meant to judge you will judge you anyway. Yes, do what makes you feel good!

Agreeing on the line.


yupp! glad to know that you agree!

Yes! It's incredible how easy it is to do what you really want to do when you start saying yes and move in that direction. Even if you're not feeling, the impact of moving gets your mind into motion and're doing it!

Awesome post here @awakeningartist!

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Thanks a lot :) Ill surely look into it :)

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thank you for being fair

I completely agree with you! Unluckily, not everybody is so brave to live in freedom and in intellectual honesty!


Pretty much doing it rn lol