5 interesting things in psychology

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Good evening! :D

In this evening I had a very hard exam at the psychology faculty, but it's ok. I'm optimistic and I know everything will be fine. It's important to smile and to learn more more every day.

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These are 5 very interesting things in psychology:

1. One study has confirmed that when you spend the money on someone else you get more happiness than when you spend your money on yourself.

2. If you tell about your goals to the others, you are less liable to realize it, because studies show that you lose your motivation.

3. Your favorite song is preferred because it associated with an emotional events in your life.

4. When you say "thank you," people tend to see you as a more enjoyable person.

5. . A Harvard study has shown that sarcasm develops creativity.

I hope you like these things. I mention that not all of them apply to all people, it also depends on the context.

If you like psychology or if you want to improve your learning style, you can look at my last post: 5 ways to improve your learning style.

I hope you have a great night!


Every thing I can connect with , especially the first one , when we gift our dear one’s with something , we would feel more happier than anyone :) Thanks for sharing the valuable content

Yes, I like how you think. Thank you!

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