5 ways to improve your learning style

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Good evening to all!

I am a romanian student at psychology and during this period is the exams session. With this occasion, I want to show you five ways to learn better.


1. Study by quizzing yourself

It is very important to ask a lot of questions when you learn and to answer them with the best answers.

2. Study each subject a little bit every day

If you study every subject every day, the information will remain fresh and updated in your mind all the time.

3. Write your notes instead of typing them

Studies have shown that people who write by hand retain information more easily than those who type them.

4. Read, recite, and review

''The repetition is the mother of learning''

5. The night before your exam, get a good night’s sleep

If we sleep well before the exam we can consolidate that day's information and we can be more focused on the exam.

I hope that this information will help you and get great grades on exams! :D


Hi @amedeo
Thanks for sharing this important information with us!

Thank you very much!

That’s a quality content , worth to be shared :) good work bro

Glad you like it man. Thank you!

#2 is definitely important. If you do something everyday, everyday you make progress, and it's really easy to get into a productive routine.

Yes, you are right. Thank you!

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