Aigents bot on Facebook and Telegram - with flexible personal karma analytics

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Okay, Aigents now can be accessible as Facebook or Telegram bot, including capability to retrieve reports on personal activity on social networks with ability to configure contents of the reports manually.

First of all, you can connect to your personal Aigent living at (and still accessible by means of Web user interface) in two alternative ways.

Use Facebook Aigents bot at
or Telegram Aigents bot at
Either way, you can use conversational communication flow to register, login and get your news and personal analytics in chat interface (see examples of chat-style communications at

Let's see how you can get your analytical reports, after you are have registered at with either Facebook, Google+ or VKontakte.


  1. Make sure you are register at with email and any of the three social networks.
  2. Make sure you know you registration name and/or email. If registered with social network without email, the name will be taken from social network. If registered with Facebook or VKontakte, your email can be created as or (for example - or On site, you can get your email, name and surname by means of "Settings" menu item.
  3. Go to either or
  4. Login to chat bot with you email and/or name and surname. To do so, you will have to answer your own secret question. If you have registered via social networks and not email, you will be prompted to create secret question and secret answer right now and confirm it before proceeding.
  5. Request report for one of social networks Facebook, Google+ or VKontakte saying "my facebook report", "my google report" or "my vkontakte report". Most likely, links to reports in HTML format will be returned immediately (because Aigents calculate reports for you on daily basis). In rare cases, you will get response like "Your report is being prepared, please check back in few minutes..." - that means no recent report is available and you need to retry it couple minutes later one or more times.
  6. While the previous step lets you get "standard" report, you may order fresh custom report, with special options requested and extra options omitted. To have fresh custom report generated, you need to add word fresh to your request, followed with list of any of the following options (for example: "my facebook report fresh fans", "my facebook report fresh fans, authorities", "my vkontakte report fresh authorities, fans, my karma by periods"). The list of available options follows:
    my interests
    interests of my friends
    similar to me
    best friends
    like and comment_me
    liked by me
    my karma by periods
    my words by periods
    my favorite words
    my posts liked and commented
    my best words
    my words liked and commented
    words liked by me
    my posts for the period
  7. The report file in HTML format that you download is available for you only.

In meantime, we are working to make reports even more configurable, provide even more options (for instance, different sorts of "karma"), make it possible to configure time periods and intervals for analysis and enable to download report data in JSON format. All these options will be available non-free commercial accounts - contact contact at aigents dot com for more information right now!
For example, see the following conversation flow, which can be used to get your personal analytics on social networks. This conversation assumes you are registered at with either Facebook, Google+ or VKontakte (referred as "facebook", "google" or "vkontakte" in conversation below).

my login
What your email, name, surname?
my email
What your password?
My password 1234567890qwerty
Ok. Hello Johnny Doe! My Aigents 1.1.62 Copyright © 2017 Anton Kolonin, Aigents Group.
what your name?
My name aigents.
My facebook report
My facebook report fresh fans
Your report is being prepared, please check back in few minutes...
My facebook report
My google report fresh my karma by periods
Your report is being prepared, please check back in few minutes...
My google report
My vkontakte report
my logout

For more, stay in touch with us at:

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