Get Ready for the #1 Blockchain Game of 2019

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It’s only June but I am calling it right now. I’ve had my eye on this particular game for over a year and it’s getting very close to release now. A fully playable version has been deployed to the Jungle Testnet of EOS since mid-May. I’ve been putting it through its paces for the last week and it checks out. What game am I talking about? It’s called Prospectors and it’s a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy Game.


The game is set in the 19th Century Gold Rush era and the aim of the game is simple enough – find and mine the Gold that is hidden around the map. The reason why I think it’s going to be ground breaking for 2019 is because :-

  1. The in-game Gold asset is convertible to (and from) the PGL token on the EOS blockchain. This means that it will be possible to make money by being successful at the game and I think there will soon be a lot more games offering tradeable in-game assets convertible to (and from) crypto tokens in future. This game might be the first big one of its kind.

  2. The game runs on the EOS blockchain using Smart Contracts that are not just secure, fast and cheap, but the whole game runs so seamlessly on the blockchain that you wouldn’t even know you were running ON a blockchain. The frontend is well designed and would still appeal to “Normies” who have no knowledge or understanding of Crypto so this is exactly the sort of game that can drive mainstream adoption for crypto.

About 9 months ago I wrote EOS is Establishing Niches : Gambling and Gaming and while we have seen an explosion in the number of Gambling DApps over this time the Games have taken longer. That’s because games like Prospectors are a lot more complex and sophisticated…but they ARE coming.


I’m not saying that everyone who plays will make money as most people won’t, but it WILL be possible. If you have an interest in Gaming or an interest in seeing how more sophisticated DApps can operate on a high performance blockchain using Smart Contracts then you must at least take a look at Prospectors. By the end of July I am predicting that Prospectors will make it to #1 on the DApp Radar


For those familiar with Gaming concepts, Prospectors has a sophisticated “Tech Tree” which includes Resources, Materials, Tools, Buildings and Transports that can be mined, manufactured and built from each other. With enough Gold you can also rent a Plot for exclusive access to the resources on it and you can also employ other players or be employed for helping with any task. There are a number of little niches and specialisations you can position for.


The map size in the Testnet is 50 x 50 so there are 2500 plots and I believe that will be the starting size for the Mainnet launch. The Gold is spread out everywhere so there will be plenty of space to carve out your own patch of turf.


If you are interested in playing when the game is released to the Mainnet on June 26, you should jump into the Jungle Testnet to learn how to play first as I’m expecting the first 3 days (at least) will play out very much like a real world Gold Rush so you’ll need to know what you’re doing if you don't want to get left in the dust. The game is free from June 29 but if you want Early Access on June 26 you need to buy some PGL and the best place to do that is on the NewDex. If you’re interested in having a serious go at this from June 26 then message me on Discord buggedout#9522 as it would be smart to co-operate. I reckon the crew at #SteemSilverGold will be totally up for rushing this game en masse and it could be a good fun activity for the SSG community too even if we don't strike it rich.



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You got an affiliate link there? I'll jump in and have a look.

I am there. Thanks for the heads up bugs

Your welcome. Hope you have some fun with it.


Oh noes! @ssg-community has turned into a grammar nazi!

I'm still getting my head around the tech-tree bit. I'm sure I'm finding all the WRONG ways to do things, so that on release I will only know the correct ways.

Excellent! That is exactly the right way to go about it. The more you can screw up in the Testnet the better :)

Well it looks quite pretty. Sent my old looking dudes off to a patch and they will be there shortly.

PGL, newdex - more stuff to learn!

I don't have an interest in gaming or dapps, but I am interested in making money.

There could be money to be made trading the PGL token, but it's likely to be quite volatile and risky so I wouldn't recommend trying that. At the end of the day, if I'm right and this game is successful then it'll be a win for EOS as other gaming projects would likely follow their lead.

Well I still have all my EOS, so maybe that's my ticket to riches.

Nice looking game, thanks for yet another time killer... lol. I'm just about into day 3 now and figuring stuff out.

Is it worth buying into tye game to rent a plot yet, or will all be lost when we move off the testnet?

Also need to figure out how to get some Steem over to newdex.

You can't convert PGL to Gold in the Testnet, you've got to earn it from scratch there but I can help you if you like. I just completed a Tool Workshop which is real handy ;)

Do you have an EOS account? You'll probably need to go STEEM -> BTC -> EOS on an exchange before you can do anything on NewDex.

I'm totally out of touch with how EOS accounts work. I have a tiny amount of EOS on openledger, but the fees to withdraw are more than I have, so I'll have to leave it there for now, or trade for something else to get it out. Perhaps you can clue me in on setting up an account?

Tool Workshop sounds great. Do you need to rent a plot before you can build? I'm just manufacturing steel blocks etc and making tools which I can't use... selling stone etc to try to get more gold, but Ii feel like I'm doing things the long way round. I need a gold pan so I can start digging up the shiny stuff ;)

You'd need an EOS wallet. Have a read here

Hit me up on Discord when you're in game next and I can help you get going.

Always thought we needed more blockchain games.

There's also another game that just came out that is utilizing its own cryptocurrency. It's called Crypto Idle Miner by Hora Games. Send me a message on discord if you are interested (xCRO55xF1R3x #7111), or check it out at I'm not very savvy with the behind the scenes of gaming and cryptocurrencies, but they have a lot of info if you are interested.