Supreme Court Won't Take Up Eminent Domain Case After Land Owners Had Property Taken Without Compensation

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A Pipeline company that previously used federal power to install a project without compensating the owner of the private land, has been engaged in a lawsuit that property owners hoped would make it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Unfortunately though, the court has recently refused to intervene in the matter, but those behind the fight for justice aren't giving up just yet.

“Today’s decision leaves in place a process that systematically disadvantages property owners whose land is taken for pipeline construction, and we are committed to seeing that process dismantled,” - Attorney S. Gedge

Through the process of eminent domain it has enabled both the government and private companies to violate the property rights of innocent people.

The government had given Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company the go-ahead to build their pipeline through various states.

Included in that project however, was the plan to build the pipeline through a 72-acre property without providing the owner just compensation for the land.

It has been years since that pipeline was built and they still haven't seen a single dime in compensation.

There are hundreds of victims with similar stories, a growing number of lawsuits similarly being launched, because eminent domain has been used as a brutal tool against the people, enabling widespread injustice and seemingly unlawful property confiscation over the years.

These private companies thanks to government help, have been known to consistently abuse this power because the courts don't take action against this sort of injustice.

Those who are currently helping to fight on behalf of the property owners, assert that trying to defend their rights is more akin to a marathon, than a sprint, and they are dedicated to fighting for their rights no matter how long it takes.


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Wow. That is insane. Who gives them the right? Who really is the government that makes its own stupid laws.
I'm sorry, but the world would be so much better off without the government. At least that is what I think.

They are only here to have power, make stupid laws which they change whenever they want, and they steal and abuse the people, especially the poor people who can't fight them.

So glad to hear that people are standing up for their rights and even if it takes a very long time, we as people have to fight for our rights.

iron pipe

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Yet again, the Constitution is set aside when it is convenient for the political class.

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