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Assange #ProofofLife Confirmed, DEA Raids, #PedoGate News, and more!

This video covers a variety of topics, all the links are below. The first topic is that we have verifiable proof of life regarding Julian Assange via his reading of a bitcoin blockchain. I cover a steemit article by @DoItVoluntarily where studies show that swearing is a sign of honesty. I talk about why I like steemit as a platform, hoping to bring some more YouTubers here to steemit. NYC Cops Selfie in front of burning home. DEA Cannabis raids in legal states. Russians invading Alaska (Red Alert lulz). My viewers, OpPedoHunter and I got two pedophiles removed from twitter and youtube respectively, tango downed and shut their pool. I expose a group of Nambla Pedos that are operating on social media. Grilled cheese dispute ends in a Police standoff. Vaccines cause autism. Etc.

Enjoy The YouTube Version Embedded Here:

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Relevant Links:

Steemit Article on: Assange Proof of Life

@DoItVoluntarily's Article on: Swearing Study

Big thanks to @Blakemiles84 & @Inertia for their discussion on the BTC transaction.

NYC Cops Selfie in front of burning home: Article

DEA Cannabis Raids in legal states: Article

The Pedophile Guy on Twitter we got suspended: Link

Nambla Archive: Link

More Nambla Evidence: Link

PublishMyStory another Pedophile, Evidence: Link, his twitter: Link

Other info:

Please Join OpPizza to help with the investigation. Just go to IRC and Join OpPizza,

Open Source Investigation:

Song Credits:

Intro / Outro Song: "Paper Route" - B.o.B: Link

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Peace Everyone!

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Yippee, another Titus video.

Your Youtube videos are the reason I joined Steemit, which has gotten me into trouble haha :)


Lolz, steemit can be addicting. Thanks for the kind words!


You should think about starting your own radio station at least. You have the voice, personality and talking points.


I have a full time job (on my lunch break now), and I have a 1 year old daughter and all that. If I was a full time journalist I would consider it, but I just don;t have the time to do a radio show regularly enough with my time constraints.


No need to start now. Wait till the time is right. Start small and ease into it once you have a huge mailing list.


same here Giz- good work Titus- glitchin that matrix


Lol look what he got us into :)


Same for me. Thanks Titus!


And well done on the pedo outing on Twitter etc!

Hi Titus, my first day on Steamit. I follow you on youtube, twitter,, and here. How do I get verified? Is that something you can do for me? I feel a little retarded here.


Hey Pinam,

Thanks for the follows! Welcome to steemit, going to give you a follow on here.

If you want to get a verify badge like I have you go to and fill out the forms.

Most everything you need to know I explained in this post, I am not a "steemit expert" but if you ask people on here for help you will find it comes readily.

My post:


Thank you awesome person!!! Titus Frost you are a good person.

You had me smiling throughout, and in tears laughing with the really outlandish stuff. Thankyou for the laughs, the good news!
And keeping tabs on pedo scum. That crap is so prevalent in our society, it's sickening.
(p.s. So glad you also added that story on swearing.)