In Simple English for my FaceBook Friends: How and Why to Join Steemit!

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Here's the How and the Why to Join Steemit for my FaceBook Friends...

Make Money on Steemit for What you Already Do on Facebook.

It is literally that simple. You post the same content you would normally create, like photos of yourself, thoughts you have, recipes you come up with, memes you make, videos you like by other people (make sure you give credit though), basically anything that you upload to FaceBook, is the type of content that Steemit rewards you for posting, in real cash. The way it works is, the more people that hit "like" which is called "up-voting" on steemit, the more money your post makes. If you plagiarize or write some nasty troll comment, you get flagged and lose your monetary value for what you posted. So the system is "curated" by the users, and Steemit pays you to simply curate the site as well, as you get some money simply for "liking" posts on this platform. This works because instead of Mark Zuckerberg taking your data and selling it, because they have centralized control, the Steemit Platform is decentralized meaning everyone shares in the profits, and everyone who uses it becomes a partial stakeholder in the platform with what is called "steem power". It is that simple, we all get to share the money that Zuckerberg is stuffing in his pockets. So why wouldn't you join? Do you not like free money? Do you actually prefer to keep Mark Zuckerberg wealthy when you yourself could become wealthy on this new platform? It costs literally nothing to join, and you never have to put any of your own money into it, just your time, so what are you waiting for? If you already have a Reddit or a FaceBook account it takes literally 5 minutes to sign up. Just go to /
and sign up.

Bring Your Friends for Up-Votes

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The more people you have in your followers list, the more likely you will get up-votes, so if you and all your friends from FaceBook all joined and followed one another, you could up-vote each other's content and make more money. I mean don't you all get massive likes on the content you post on FaceBook? Everytime you post on Facebook and get likes, you are missing out on free money by not posting the same thing on Steemit. I am not saying quit FaceBook, I am saying do both have A Steemit account and a Facebook. Just think of all the money you are losing out on. Get your friends all to come over and join. So long as you are all good active users of the site you will start making some serious money for free in no time. Once again what do you have to lose? If you are on of my FaceBook Friends, YouTuber truther friends, or Protest pals, let me know if you signed up by dropping a comment on this article and I'll follow you back and give you some up-votes!

It's Not About the Money, but It is About the Money...

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So most of my friends and family hear the word crypto-currency and immediately tune out and run for the hills. However it is not some scary secret hacker thing, it is simply just another form of currency just like the British Pound is another form of currency. The fact that crypto-currencies are digital only, doesn't make it any less real or valuable, in fact almost all US Dollars or any currency for that matter only exists in a digital form. You can also exchange the crypto-currencies for USD or any other major currency.

Bitcoin for example is the most known and valuable crypto-currency and is referenced as BTC, the STEEM Dollars (SBD) are often tied to Bitcoins because Bitcoins are the leading Crypto-Currency, much like the USD is the leading Global Currency making it the World Reserve Currency currently. So how do you turn crypto-currency into actual cash? Many websites and stores accept Bitcoins and the number is growing daily, so you actually can just keep your money in Crypto-Currency like STEEM and BitCoin and buy stuff online. Or you can turn that Crypto-Currency into real cash...

Turning Crypto-Currency into Actual USD Money

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So it is actually quite easy to transfer your crypto-currency into your bank account in USD. It just takes you setting up a or account and connecting that to your bank account. Very simple process that both sites walk you through. Also a user by the name of @BlueOrgy has created many awesome things, one being this post that walks you through the entire process with screen pictures. See it here:

STEEMIT platform works on what is called "STEEM Dollars", and "STEEM", and "STEEM Power".

(Screenshot of My Wallet)

As you can see from the above screenshot, you have three types of "Steem" in your wallet. So they are:

  • STEEM Dollars (SBD) - These are what you mainly make when you post content, these are convertible to STEEM or can be kept as STEEM Dollars to earn 10% APR Interest on your holdings. This is the same thing as cash as far as the average person is concerned. About 60% of the money you make on this platform will be in steem dollars.

  • STEEM - These are actual crypto-currency, these can be transferred to a currency exchange to be turned into real cash. Or they can be used to "power up" your "Steem Power". These are the same thing as cash for the average person, the only difference between these and Steem Dollars is STEEM is actual crypto-currency that can exchanged for Bitcoins and easily turned into USD in your normal bank account. See the above guide I linked. About 6% or so of the money you make on this platform is awarded in actual STEEM once you have some.

  • STEEM Power (SP) - This is your voting power and your stake in the platform. This is can be turned into cash as well but takes 24 months, aka two years to take out of the platform. This also builds daily just by holding it, and you get more curation rewards with the more power you have. Ideally you would want to build this up as much as possible because you can up-vote yourself or up-vote stuff you think is important or good. It increases your power in the community and your ability to make money just by curating, which means "up-voting" stuff. Some people invest outside currency into the platform to buy STEEM power so they can be "Dolphins" and "Whales" right away on this platform, which I will later, see "Terms for n00bs below". For every post you make that earns money about 30% of the money you make will be in Steem Power.

How to Write on This Platform - Don't Turn off and Give Up it is actually Easy!!!

At this point many people are gonna be like styling with markdown, I don't have time for that goodbye. But don't, just hear me out, once you have written a few posts with it, it'll be second nature to you. It is really, really easy to learn the basics. So here is the hardest thing for non computer people. The mark down guide. The best full guide on this is here:

Basics of Markdown:

If you want a Headline you add a # before the words on it's own line, so (# Headline Text) will show up that way. If you want a slightly smaller headline you add more ##'s, so the three next headers will show you, # Text, ## Text, and #### Text:

Text (# Text)

Text (## Text)

Text (#### Text)

See how easy that is?

To highlight something you add two ** in front and in back of the text.

To italicize something you add one * in front and in back of the text.

To Add a Link you add brackets [] to the text you want turned into a link and then add () with the link desired. So it would be [ steemit ] ( ) minus the spaces.

To add a quote line like this:

Hold Door!

You simply add a > before the new line of text.

Those are the basics, the rest can be seen in that Mastering Markdown Guide I linked as well before.

Adding Images

The simplest way is to create either a or a account. You simply create an account, upload your images or .gifs and then copy and past the links to those images once uploaded. Always remember to credit the source of the image unless it is your own. If you are gonna pick one or the other and don't care, use the one because it was made by the steem user @BlueOrgy I mentioned earlier.

Uploading Videos

You simply copy and paste the video web address and paste it. Just paste the link and the video embeds itself, like this video I made to promote Steemit on YouTube. In the future a steemit user @Furion is developing a new Steemit type YouTube platform called Steemq, see this article: However for now you can simply embed your videos on Steemit after posting them on YouTube, it will help you get monetary rewards for your content or for posting someone else's YouTube video so long as you give them credit.

Uploading Sound Cloud

Quite simple, you click on the share button, then this above image pops up so click on the embed tab, highlight the code, copy it and paste it. Done. You just copy frame code and paste it and the sound cloud song embeds itself like below:

Congratulations! You reached the end of my guide! Now Sign up and Get Steemin!

So you are ready to make your big splash, but I want you to strike the ball. Some last minute tips & lingo. On your introduce yourself post, make sure you add introduceyourself and steemit as two of your five allowed tags. That will help visibility for you a lot. Also try to verify yourself, by adding a link to your facebook or twitter or whatever or by adding a steemit photo, something of you with a steemit sign or something like that.

Here is some bonus lingo that you will hear on this platform, once you sign up.

  • Whales = Big Kahunas with lots of STEEM power, enough to make you or break you, these are like the founders of Steemit and or are big time BitCoin people, examples of whales are @DanTheMan, @CharlieShrem, etc. If one of them likes your post you will know it because it will go viral and make lots of money on here. They are the big fish because they created this, and they deserve to be whales for making such a sweet platform and or making crypto-currencies to begin with. I would love to eventually make it to "Whale Status" one day...

  • Dolphins = These are still pretty big fish in my mind, they generally have invested into the steemit platform either serious cash or serious time and effort. They have thousands of STEEM Power and like a snow ball rolling downhill, get more power daily. These guys can also have great affect on a posts visibility and monetary reward, but one whale could easily squash them. Example I consider @Steemdrive to be a "Dolphin". I will be a Dolphin one day, just gotta keep working on it!

  • Minnows = The rest of us. Don't worry I am a minnow too. We need many of us to make a post go viral and make real money, but we are making money for free based on what someone else created and built for us. We unite under #'s like minnowsunite and enough us together can actually make a post go viral. So join on in and become a minnow like me, and together we will become dolphins.

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Thanks so much for Reading This, Please Follow me @TitusFrost!

If you decided to join because of this, let me know in the comments! You can also connect with me on Twitter @ImperatorTruth, or check out my YouTube Channel "Titus Frost"! Have a nice day everyone!

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