As Steem continues to slide down the Rankings, should more be done on Marketing and Promoting?

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#Promo-Steem - Should more be done on Marketing and Promoting?

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#Promo-Steem - Should more be done on Marketing and Promoting?

As #Steem continues to slide down the Rankings, I would like to ask again, should more focus be placed on the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem?

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Marketing and Promoting

Regular readers of my Blog will know my thoughts on this very subject as to whether more should be done on the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem but I am curious at what others think.

After nearly two years in pushing this message out, I have come to the only logical conclusion there is and that most people feel that we are not ready to Market and Promote #Steem just yet.

Pushing forward with a Marketing Campaign, with a prime focus of Social Media as our "Route-to-Market".!!

Sadly, this is not my belief, as I strongly believe that we are now at the optimum time to push forward with a Marketing and Promotional Campaign, with a prime focus on Social Media as our "Route-to-Market".

Feel free to leave any comments you may have on this subject.

Thanks again for reading.



Yes and no. It's not much use marketing if our retention rates are < 10%. We gotta figure out how to make steem more sticky and offer more/better real use-cases (paging SMTs?), then we blast the marketing full bore. That's my opinion anyways.

Hear hear.

Fix the fundamentals of the product, then push it out there.

Yes we badly neeed marketing and promotional activities to promote this amazing community. Steem doesn't deserve 88th rank. It should be in top10 but it's possible only if we promote this community in every forum. Everyone should take part whatever he can do for this community and belive me SK you are doing great job for this community. keep it up @stephenkendal

Worst time is going on steem history. Once we are top 10 currency on CMC. But now we are at number 88 that's a real shame for steem. Steem should invest huge to promote their business. I see some big steemians work hard to promote steem and you are the one of them. We always support your great job and continue supporting you. We believe, we can again reach our real position on CMC.

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We should always have marketing. But we need to think first who are we targeting. It is my opinion that our main focus should be on developers and businesses (splinterlands aka steemonsters is a prime example that can be used) not end users and retail investors.

Before we start targeting social media users we need to fix content discovery and user experience. Once communities and SMTs are rolled out then we go after social media users..then we go for retail and/or institutional investors.

If we fix the SBD peg we market the currency aspect to traditional businesses.

Another thing that we need to take care of is account creation. Right now the limit is 2295 accounts claimed per day. We can't market if we can't meet a large demand of new users.

CMC rank is "a thing" today, but some other things will be more important in the future... for example, use case, and I believe that people on Steem have realized that and more and more great dapps are coming to/from our blockchain...

I would rather see 5-6 more dapps like Splinterlands on top lists of blockchain games than Steem in Top10... But, if that happens, it will come to top 10... And I think that that is the path to go... Through dapps and use case to better rankings!

Thanks for supporting Steem on social media... See you on Twitter... ;)

I believe after the introduction of Communities and when they'll start to become something where members want to hang out and read / post / interact more, then we will be ready for larger scale marketing campaigns. Before then, individual (d)apps like Splinterlands or 3Speak or SteemPress or Actifit or Travelfeed can do their part.

I only hope there is a marketing campaign being cooked behind the scenes ready to be launch on time

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I think that CMC listings are a "thing" but many of the other coins are being wash traded or have a lot of private investment via VC's and aren't really in "great" shape. That said we should be moving up the ranks sooner rather than later. I mean if we pulled more tokens out of circulation it would shoot us up the ranks, doesn't mean we improved the platform.

Indeed I always hope for it to go up into Top 100 and now is heading for 90th place. I would have expected more after Steem Fest, but for some reason the market is not moving at all. It stays in the same lines, but would have expected more from it.

Hopefully the beginning of 2020 will be better for it and with SMTs there will be more developers and tribe members enroll. But beside this, without marketing and a big push things cannot grow!

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