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RE: As Steem continues to slide down the Rankings, should more be done on Marketing and Promoting?

in #promo-steemlast year (edited)

We should always have marketing. But we need to think first who are we targeting. It is my opinion that our main focus should be on developers and businesses (splinterlands aka steemonsters is a prime example that can be used) not end users and retail investors.

Before we start targeting social media users we need to fix content discovery and user experience. Once communities and SMTs are rolled out then we go after social media users..then we go for retail and/or institutional investors.

If we fix the SBD peg we market the currency aspect to traditional businesses.

Another thing that we need to take care of is account creation. Right now the limit is 2295 accounts claimed per day. We can't market if we can't meet a large demand of new users.