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STEP 1. Write a post about one of the following:

a) How you promote Steem on the internet or elsewhere,
(apart from/not including posting on one of the front end apps hooked up to the Steem blockchain. i.e. not on or etc.),

b) How you believe Steem can be promoted by any of us Steemians to help Steem go to the moon,

c) How Steempress can make Steem go to the moon,


d) Do a promotion about one of the front end apps i.e., Dlive, Steempeak etc etc etc

So as to ensure STEP 1 is completed, in your post, you shall have to provide proof of work or proof of concept.
It can be as simple as some screenshots or photos!

For the post to be applicable it must include the following two TAGS:

1) #promo-steem & 2) #steemaustralia


STEP 2. Simply FOLLOW any or better yet ALL of the following:






STEP 3. Please RESTEEM this post.


STEP 4. When you have finished reading and resteeming this post, please go check out the following website:

That's it!



The prizes are as follows:

1- Every month a 15 Steem Prize shall be awarded to one participant. Drawn in the first week of the next month.

For the following months:

September (15 Steem)

October (15 Steem)

November (15 Steem)

December (15 Steem)

2 - In January 2019, I (@jackmiller) shall ask three fellow Steemians who have not participated in this contest to pick eleven (11) posts that they consider to be the best.

I won't get involved in that part of the process.

3- THEN, the finalists shall be in three knockout rounds.

A post shall be written with all eleven links and details of the posts, in alphabetical order of the authors/contestants name and Steemians shall pick and choose by voting in the comments below as to which one they think is best.

The top 5 voted posts shall go into round two.
Using the same process, the top 3 shall be chosen.

and then the finals.

Same way of deciding, we shall have our WINNER.

1st PRIZE = 40 STEEM

2nd PRIZE = 30 STEEM

3rd PRIZE = 20 STEEM



You can enter as many times as you want, however the content and method of promoting Steem must not be the same as any of your previous entries.

It doesn't matter what country you are in/from, all that matters is that you participate and show us what you have done/are doing or think can be done for the good of promoting Steem. (as defined/described above).


WHY am I doing this?

Well, when people share experiences and know how, then other people learn from it and can get inspired to go ahead and do the same.


All "NEWS" shall be posted on www.steemaustralia and on here @steemaustralia .

I sincerely hope that you can go ahead and write a post, share some ideas and/or experiences.

Let's get people thinking and acting constructively, proactively and positively!

Appreciate your time, look forward to reading some mega interesting and creative posts!

Yours Truly


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Here's my idea: get a squad of sky blue lambo's with the steemit logos on them in white and then do a world tour. Who's going to pay for those lambos? Shit, son, I don't have the answers just the ideas. =D

Well, you may be amazed at what all gets done using our Steem ecosystem here, check out @promo-steem and @steem-ambassador .

As for covering the costs of a Lambo or its tryhard ex eastern block Fiat copy the "Yugo" idk, that may be a tough one!

Go SteemAustralia !!!

Hey @papacrusher! Drop your link over here with your range gear ;)

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@steemaustralia you are most most welcome for your CONTEST: 150- STEEM- PROMOting STEEM-,Go 4 IT! , I like it good way to earn steem. thank you so much @steemaustralia.

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@steemaustralia you are most most welcome for your CONTEST: 150- STEEM- PROMOting STEEM-,Go 4 IT! , I like it good way to earn steem. thank you so much @steemaustralia.

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Wow. Amaxing, after writing my post, shoukd i comment the link or how would you see it

I'm checking the tags ;)

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