VIDEO: STEEM ~Vs~ the Pound - Giving away free STEEM outside the Bank of England

Social Experimentalist @dannyshine disrupting the bankers, questioning the Great British Pound, and encouraging everyone to take a look at the STEEM blockchain and Steemit.

We continue trying to give away free money. This time outside the headquarters of the Bank of England, one of the main world centres of the debt ridden fiat economic system.

In this episode, we pitch up in one of the arches of Threadneedle Street, the home of the Bank of Monopoly (England) one morning in January.

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good job you doing here steem will go mainstream soon thank u for all u doing for steem

I liked and resteemed this. This is fucking classic. I loved when the horse dropped poop and he said something like "That's appropriate" lol.

@steem-ambassador, great work here you guys have my 100% support. This is a great way to start awakening the masses and spreading the knowledge of Steem. Great idea and initiative.

Hi @thejohalfiles, I'm trying to promote Steemit both with the english-speaking people and outside the english-speaking community, which should be a great step forward for Steemit and blockchain-based platforms in general. Here is an article in French I've written a couple of days ago where I also contrast Steemit with Facebook. I have of course shared it with my Facebook friends in order to get them interested in migrating ;)

And here is an article I've written in my mother tongue, Romanian. I don't expect you to be able to read it in original but you might want to give it a try in Google translate (or think about importing the translation feature of Facebook which is pretty good, I have to give them that)


Ha! Perfect profile picture for Fakebook! Save image and use it as your profile pic, THATS great publicity for us!

Indeed :-)

However we better be careful - if the monster awakes and decides on introducing a blockchain-based "facebookcoin" then he might well have the last laugh :-(

"Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus"

Well since I changed my profile pic on there, it's gotten some great responses! People are reading the small print that comes with Facebook,and its getting common knowledge that permission is given to fb to use your camera and mic as they please, there's a long fuckedup list of things like allowed to edit messages and even send messages from the account. I saw recently when the camera feed reversed in a video call and showed Chinese people in an office lol.

Awesome to hear from u @thejohalfiles, really appreciate your support for promo-steem and @steem-ambassador! Looking forward to doing some more great steem spreading events as we go forward!

@starkerz every day more people get interested on the #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador ! If the guild were already developed (same as @utopian-io automatically upvotes according to the amount of manual curation made to a post), this needs to happen with promo-steem , and there should be a separate site for the guild/development, so that people use that site to make the posts, and automatically one of the tags is #promo-steem , and after that, the guild knows it needs to upvote that post, according to the amount of manual curation!

By the way, have you seen the idea I posted:
Idea for @steem-ambassador - Social experimentalist @dannyshine - Going on a Scheduled "Steemit (Lets Spread Freedom) Awareness Tour" all around the World Disrupting on the most important Cities first (for @starkerz @stephenkendal and @anarcotech)

The same day I posted this, or the day before (I was told by @anarcotech) that you were already planning this with @dannyshine !

There have been many times we have been connected, even if we are thousands of miles on physical distance.

Regards, @gold84

Promo-steem is what is helping us to develop team UGANDA THANK @strkerz for promoting promotors

I really look up to you guys for inspiration. I've started sharing steemit on the social media platforms, I hope it goes viral. A link to my post is here.

THanks. Your support is appreciated. Loads more fun to come!

An interesting idea!I would also take part in it.If there were extra coins..)Steemit is growing, but with such activities will grow even faster!!!


Thanks for supporting promo-steem

whats incredible and splendid work from @starkerz with this bull horn for welcome individuals and beyond any doubt the steem is best from pound and an opportunity to state farewell pound and yesterday heared in @stephen post about @steemfair is extremely extraordinary plan...hope these promo acitivities give a brilliant future to steem and steem will be more alluring as contrast with pound and each one perceive the estimation of steem
well employment @steem-represetative to impart to us generally of this incredible group acitivities

Amazing stuff man

Haha, that's just massive! Loved every minute of it!
You guys rock @starkerz @dannyshine!!!
Full upvote and resteem, we need more of this.

That scene when mounted police passes is like paradise! Please team, I know you are working Hard! Just consider for next use @dtube too and the special channel we made to promote this kind of material called IRL! Always making Good Job in there... And the banker well! Poker Face! you are the man.. see you in the blockchain!

And let's keep on spreading the Word


@steem-ambassador you guys rocks, I love the way you guys promote steemit, my team is really learning from you.

hehe - I'll be uploading my video chat with Danny Shine to DTube tomorrow - stay real! :)

This did make me chuckle :)

Horse dumping in-front of Bank Of Englad was the highlight of the video...

power to the people let us all unbank and uncorporation ourselves for a more equal society, dont forget to join a union to beat the banksters

Haha loved this one, too: It's actually a good place to dump it.

This video makes my day. Excellent!

Steem is 5 time greater than pound

promo-steem is astounding, and extremely intriguing to everybody, and expectation the promo-steem will go ahead

Facebook. If you are on Facebook we would genuinely respect it in case you could please accommodate your structure. Grateful.

@steem-ambassador, great work and you have my full support and also I am promoting steemit in my school and even got my lecturer and my class mate to signed up on steemit and I am not done i will continue to promote steemit. You can check the post I made on the presentation I made on steemit on my page so see how I am also taking steemit viral.

I will definitely jump on this here in Nigeria and promote steemit to it all.

wow, this is awesome, a really waking call to the masses, every one just have to do something and add there support in promoting steem #promo-steem
the project atlas has picked it up as a challenge to trend it on social media 7days of every month with different hashtags,
the first we are using now is #JustSteemit
the second for the month of March i guess we are using #promo-steem and april we using #steemitLife

efforts we have been making so far on a daily base




I'm 100%. Hands on deck here. SteemUp the SteemGospel

Excelente video, contenido y mucha calidad de edicion.

Great work at promoting steem @steem-ambassador!

free money, people continue walking LOL. It reminds me of bitcoin, when people feel scared to invest 50$. Decade later and we saw 17.000$

Don't over do it though!

Ill be recording the sign up day of my groups and also the TV interview for the first Steemit event in pampanga!

I am very happy with the promo-steem in indonesia, I really like the way @dannyshine and you are all my motivation in promo-steem in indonesia.
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-27 at 09.37.16.jpeg

you people are doing great work for promoting and spreading steemit all over the world, i do believe that people will join after this announcement

@steem ambassador thanks for the teamwork,i wish you guys i could join you and we do the same,,at the end of the day its going to help all of us.

I love this kind of English humor! Well done!

I don't know how you got away without being arrested. Good one though.

please upvote me, because I always restem any posts you remove

This is a great one, am actually working being better than this in promotion, making steemit go viral, nothing better........ Your great in doing a great job, thanks for inspiring. I've resteemed already.

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The ,pound, dollar, haha, the crew computer operator looks straight out of the blues brothers excellent, the horse taking a shat in front of the Bunk of England...3 pounds of horse shite might be worth more than the pound ...maybe tomorrow.
Great vid of your tenacious Steeming Chivalry.

Radical and hilarious, @dannyshine explains those two words with his actions as he promotes steem/steemit in a unique way. Go Danny!

horse dumbing is the enjoyable part of this...steem promo may run frequentialy

I watch the video and you guys are awesome to advertise Steemit near the central bank of England.

FINE! great job

I know for a FACT that the USD is DEAD!!! SteemIt will help us spread the word about this

I support steem
Please do support me and upvote my post..
I have upvote ur post too.....
We steemit family....

Wow very impressive post sir just amazing :):):)


well done shown those plonkers at bank of england steem is going to get rid of fiat, was carney there he might be out of job soon

learned a lot.thank you

whats great and brilliant work from @starkerz with this megaphone for invite people and sure the steem is best from pound and the time to say good bye pound and yesterday heared in @stephen post about @steemfair is really great plan...hope these promo acitivities give a bright future to steem and steem will be more attractive as compare to pound and every one recognise the value of steem
well job @steem-ambassador to share with us always of this great team acitivities

Great job man @dannyshine !!! Outstanding way of advertising STEEM !!!

wow really an exellent job to call people and bring awariness of steem and steemit now here and tell people the steem value in world and more good work thing for appriciate people new user who use this @promofree-steem tag ...and i am also some working to tell my class fellows about steem and steemit and my one friend registered on steemit but still not aproved her account in 8 days
best of luck for this great mission and sure we are also now part of this mission sir

F-ing brilliant mate. Now that's what I call enthusiastic and ohh so true. Every word you said is true about the Pound and its same with the USD. I thought I was excited about Steem and being here on Steemit but this is what I am talking about. Great way to promote Steem and also give a bit of education to the public. You are my type a guy. I love giving people the truth or my truth anyway. Awesome mate awesome. Up vote from me.![logosteem.png]

() LONG LIVE STEEM and down with the Banksters! Power to the people. Real power is controlling our own currency and finance.

Great job man @dannyshine We steemit family....

Go on Danny!

Brilliant Stuff!

wow promo-steem is amazing, and very interesting to everyone, and hope the promo-steem will go forward

I have just started watching the video and I'm jist on the first minute and I love it what you're doing. Keeps me smiling while writing this. Hahaha. Good job guys! Keep it up!

It was very funny

thats great to see the team member active on @promouk and i always appriciate you that you are on a great mission and hope your work give us and also steem the best result and and i believe it because we are seeing the more genious and talented person in your team
sure these all bankers who play the worl with their shit rules they all execpt the every one recognise steem good currency and bussines as compare to pound and all other bussines

@steem-ambassador @starkerz..This is an a wholesome project for encouraging newbies!!! It has given me a plus to inviting more newbies to steemit...this is what i love doing best..

Will love to show this post to my community newbies..well done @steem-ambassador
post upvoted and resteemed

Seems like a good team. @dannyshine draws a crowd and then @starkerz gives them the details, keep it up guys, just make sure you don't irritate people TOO much.

Great promotion! -- We are looking forward 20 years as well on this.

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So wonderful @steem-ambassador. Not only did your "wake up humanity" breakdown cheer me up, I was like, wow, look at all those city people staring down at their phones, trying to ignore reality—you, your words, the real world. Well done.

Sesuatu sekali bos

interesting post steem promo, may be running smoothly this steem promo

Nice, slick... Followed, upvoted, resteemed and shared to almost 7000 people on twitter... Hows that for community love? Peace!

I am amazed at how you promote steemit to others, @steem-ambassador

okay .. i will do it as you do. during this time I also have done promo steem to various circles either melelui media or directly

Continue promoting steemit guys. #Respect

not recognizing the fundamentals at play here would be a fatal error.

Steem isn't going away. Great work @steem-ambassador . Keep hustlin.

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