Disrupting Bankers and Filming Steemit Promo with Danny Shine - Viral Video

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Amazing Steemit Promo Video! We want your help to make this video go Viral for Steemit! Please share it with your social networks!


@dannyshine, @weirdside and @starkerz were filming their Steemit promotions in London at Canary Wharf, which is where all the big banks are situated. We had Danny on the megaphone catching the attention of hundreds of people during the day, whilst I was the banker, the guy with the extra information, taking down people's email addresses, giving out Steemit business cards and inviting people to Steemit using www.steemivite.com.

Please enjoy this hilarious video where we promote steem, misbehave, annoy security, have our banner stolen, cause a scene and let hundreds of people know about Steemit!

@dannyshine's megaphoning technique worked so well we gave away 200 business cards in 10 minutes!! WOW!

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Stay Tuned for More

During the day, we filmed enough crazy promo content to make at least one more video. @weirdside is currently editing this and it will be out shortly!

We encourage others to do the same!

Short promo videos about steemit are the most likely things to go VIRAL! So please record your promo work, find a talented editor and make a great short video out of it! The more of these types of videos our amazing promo community produces, the more chance we have of getting the steemit name out there!



Thank you Danny for this experience - your brand of disruption and havoc is addictive. I have faith in Steemit, and believe this is the future - but it is up to us to promote this platform. POWER TO THE CREATORS!

Thanks for all your hard work. Follow @weirdside please folks!

Hi PROMO-STEEM. And I got some registered today using the #promofree-steem tag. She was so thrilled with the video that she had no choice than to register...see her post! @debbiewhyte, as promised... https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@debbiewhyte/introducing-myself
I shall do my best to let that tag go on and on and on...good work guys!

Great work @weirdside. Hope we get to cross paths sometime, maybe on a Danny event, or at some promo-steem event.

I'm excited to see what promo-steem gets up to in the future, and I would be happy to participate again

Cool. Well, I know there's plenty in the pipeline. Spoke to Danny yesterday about some more disruption events!

Your talent shocks the world of steemit.

This post came at the moment when we the uganda team were planning on our next move on promo-steem.We were planning on opening up an office.

All the guys here laughed at the video especially where @starkerz looked scared of the security guys hehehe.

I just shared this hilarious video.

I wasnt scared..... just never been in the situation before ;)) but that didnt stop danny from whipping out his megaphone!!!

It was a great experince though, is it possible for me to see the content on those business cards??

This video was a great motivation to all steemians, especially Uganda steemit Team. We felt like we need more. Everyone in the team watched the video and we eventually started strong promotion projects with steemit. we shall soon open our first steemit office in Uganda, as an address where all steemians will be meeting and newbies can find us.

This is the sort of tricky, awe inspiring, smart, anarchic and weighty stuff that we can do, and the magnificent thing is nobody can stop us, it's impractical for anybody to blue pencil this video, or demand it be "cut down". It's revealing the ponzi plan of the lenders, while progressing STEEM and Steemit meanwhile. Couldn't hint at change

Yeah you are on that line too

This is very smart

@dannyshine, you are a legend. This is the sort of disruptive, brilliant, funny, anarchic and life changing stuff that we can do, and the wonderful thing is nobody can stop us, nobody can censor this video, or demand it be "taken down". It's exposing the ponzi scheme of the bankers, whilst promoting STEEM and Steemit at the same time. Couldn't get much better.

I'm only pissed that I bailed because I was busy, I so wanted to be there!

Big congrats @dannyshine, @weirdside and my colleague @starkerz for this amazing work!

THANks. It really wasn’t work! It was pure fun and naughtiness.

I know. I will be there for the next one. Matt's not having all the fun.

Promoted with 3.177 SBD :D

AWESOME!! thanks @conet!

Shared on Twitter. Let's get this video viral..!! If you are on Twitter / Facebook we would really appreciate it if you could please share with your network. Many thanks. Stephen

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StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 16 Jan 2018 - 18:38 UTC

Disrupting Bankers & filming #Steemit Promo with Danny Shine. Must see Viral Video! Promo-Steem.com @Steemit

steemit.com/promo-steem/@s… / https://t.co/l7Gtb9rTaw

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Powerful video guys! Certainly did not disappoint. @starkerz looking very smooth there with his shades on. I'm sure some of those people will have checked out Steemit and I'm looking forward to part 2!

Awesome dude! In the future we will embed links to the business cards to track effectiveness of that particular promo effort/ techique

That's a good idea, data is key.

Everybody walks by with so much as a glance, security gets involved, pulls out the megaphone....EVERYBODY wants a Steemit card, and to see the action! Love this video, you guys were hilarious!

Much appreciate your comments! thanks for watching, we hope it provides for much inspiration going forwards!

Humour like this always inspires!! hehehe This takes "disruptive" technology to the next level!

I believe the security guys weren't well acquainted with the Streisand Effect. Their shenanigans drew even more people in. LOL! And the megaphone was very effective as well!

We should have definitely had the Barbara Streisand song pumping in the back ground!

Ha ha funny - balls of steels you guys: @weirdside @starkerz @dannyshine . Super effective at promoting that Killer Crypto. If you only get 5% conversion from that crowd that's 10 more steemians on the platform. I think you will have enlightened may more though - and they could earn a 1000 times more on their pounds in here, this year alone, than they will on their bank deposits. I've shared on twitter.boom jpg.jpg

Again, amazing job. I'll share this around a couple of places.

Thanks @fredrikaa! Hopefully it inspires a few more original promo methods...

Great work @dannyshine @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarchotec and the entire promo-steem team. You guys rock

Thanks @deimus!! much appreciate your support!

This is the kind of problematic, splendid, clever, anarchic and groundbreaking stuff that we can do, and the superb thing is no one can stop us, it's not possible for anyone to blue pencil this video, or request it be "brought down". It's uncovering the ponzi plan of the financiers, while advancing STEEM and Steemit in the meantime. Couldn't show signs of improvement

@dannyshine at his best. This is just like the original disruptive videos I have watched Danny do for years. What a great cause. I loved the way people were taking the Steemit cards, you must have run out very quickly. The most used blockchain and up 5 times on a bad year. I know all cryptos are going down at the moment but with monumental efforts like the ones from @dannyshine @starkerz and all the other promo steemers. When they go back up Steemit will be in the front. Thank you all

Thank you @honeybee! Thanks for ur ongoing support! 5 times in a bad year...

I simply shared this funny video.

Haha well done guys. The looks of bewilderment is priceless. Go #promo-steem

Bewilderment, a rather fitting phrase for the day! hope all is well @molometer!

We got back from Dubai yesterday morning. It was brilliant and I got to meet lots of potential new steemians who I gave a card following your method. :)
Sorry I missed this gig. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun with the banksters?
Next time @starkerz

the amazing promo-steem friend I've ever seen, hopefully the promp-steem goes on

That was hilarious and amazing :)
Well done chaps.
Up + Re with pride :)

Thank you!!

What a great insight into how people react, most people are so jaded by the banker's system that the idea of free money sounds like a scam, not many of them will even think of it being legitimate, ironically it is more legitimate than banker fake money.

That is awesome, people don't have to be pushed around by corporate police, they have no business being there when you are just doing a public service helping people out.

If everyone stuck together and did things like this it would be an amazing planet with abundance and prosperity to all no need for wars from the elite who just push people around. Can't wait for part 2. Thank you so much!!!

Could not have said it better @gyro!

This is da bomb, never seen steempromo like this before, invading promo, catching people's heart like that, you hit it sir, that was so on point, free crypto, great job done, I'll share this video and thanks for the motivation. free crypto, free steem. kudos

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED waking up to this video. Danny you are an inspiration to us all. Love what you're doing! Keep it up!

Wow! This is a wonderful work from you and your team. l like your spirit. As a newbie, am happy to come across this promo work, l must confess that l'm inspired by this great promo to join the promo team to move steemit to the next level. But those police, no try oooooo
They should have allow you guys to continue this good work.

Could not agree more!

People need to take the opportunity while they can and I hope to see them soon, somewhere on the road to riches.

This is a great disruptive inspiration and I love the advert.

Big ups to @weirdside @starkerz @dannyshin

Reminds me of Mark Dice trying to give away gold and silver! Well done, gents!

This is more valuable ;))

my facebook friend share this hilarious video now

Hahaha...this is naughtiness in the highest order...lol...I actually taught the security men where going to bully @starkerz out...hahaha! should my families now and all just bursting with laffter...going to show my newbies tomorrow and am promosing to use the promofree-steem tag...Thats the steem spirit...can I even do something like this? :-/ :-/

Awesome to hear!! thank you @sparkosonic!

a great way friends, this makes everyone all interested, @stephenkendal and @starkerz amazing and good luck always

Very ballsy @starkerz, cool as a cucumber though

Thanks ash! Looks like ur video is about to be released! Looking forward to that!

Excellent. I'm keen to see what Dylan has done with it!
The story that you guys tell of your current work, enthusiasm and your background is rather fascinating - I reckon it'll be a very popular watch! Happy to have been a small part of it.

This brilliant. resteemed.

Thanks @brianphotos!! Looking forward to doing something similar with @branhmusic

I believe that steemit has helped me a lot, together we continue to promote steemit.

Great work @dannyshine @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarchotec, @futurethinker. etc

#promo-steem #promo-aceh #promo-indonesia.

Goodjob sir, we from aceh indonesia also do the same thing with different method, good luck for all of us


Very inspiring to feel the movement of truth as it permeates the mental PLAYING fields - especially as someone who previously worked making banking software in that part of the world and who wondered how to bring change. Play on!

I didnt expect people would not be interested much in blockchain ... Thats it quite a way of promoting steemit :D

Probably we should start doing the same thing here, leave some impression to people. It would have bigger impact more than promoting through seminar, probably.

Danny this is really amazing - haha - wish I could have been there

I almost forgot that Matt said something about megaphone... That moment was so funny! @dannyshine is a badass!))

Wow great post!!!Loved that you are promoting steem all over the world and video was amazing...Thanks for sharing this information with us..steem-ambassador .keep on promoting steem..

Free phony cash anyone?". The security fellow doesn't appear to like cryptographic forms of money.later on he will be sad that he didn't join on steemit that day
i will your post now @steem-ambassador

he certainly will!

Haha this is awesome! Resteemed

A confident and brave move, I'm resteeming this @steem-ambassador. Steemit is taking over for sure.

Much appreciated!!

Well done !!!!

They asked him to leave but he took the megaphone instead... I didn't expect that at all hahaha)))
You guys are legends, that was awesome!!

Thanks @sadpotato! I could not believe it either!

Thank you to all of you for this. It was through something like this I got to hear about Steemit in my own country, started my own little project with my friends too. I have huge faith and believe in Steemit and I’ve started my own promotions too through the account (@kabolo).
More grace and strength to you guys.

Great to hear!

Resteemed! You three guys got Nuts, and people is Blind! Excellent JOB!

Brilliant post..That very awesome that you are promoting steem keep it up and thanks for information..@Steem-ambassador

this is a good way of advertising this community... i already signed two ladies up today... hopefully they get approval soon.... thanks for putting this out @steem-ambassador

Keep Steeming

Keep it up!!

Following you, up voted, and resteemed.

Nice work in promoting steemit you guys!!!! The knowledge of steemit has to spread through out the world because there are lots of less priviledge people out there who need to know about steemit. So that they can stop working like elephants and eating like an ant

Awesome. Well I am trying to spread the word. Steemit is a great social media platform.

Now you guys got me seriously inspired! :D
Nice to see that Danny is on board with the #promo-steem, watched his legendary videos back in the days...
Stay tuned....


Screenshot from 2018-01-17 21-58-15.png

P.S. Should the link be https://www.steeminvite.com/ in your article? It looks like its not working for me.

U are right, I’ll correct this!

You are very wonderful @steem-abasador

Your hardwork inspires novice like me
I will bring in lots of friends to join steemit


Much obliged to you Danny for this experience - your image of disturbance and ruin is addictive. I have confidence in Steemit, and trust this is the future - yet it is dependent upon us to advance this stage.

Thank you Danny for this experience - your brand of disruption and havoc is addictive. I have faith in Steemit, and believe this is the future - but it is up to us to promote this platform. I wish to your success.@steem-ambassador

Special introduction to @steem-ambassador from me @suhadi-gayo, hopefully you can also see and give input by opening the material space for discussion on post in my account. thank you

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"Free fake money anybody?" Lol. The security guy doesn't seem to like cryptocurrencies. Haha in the future he will be sorry that he didn't sign up on steemit that day!
Great video :) I laughed a couple of times watching it.

Good post. I want make some video to hihi

Awesome. Well I am trying to spread the word.

@starkerz, my man...I believe in you man and @dannyshine, amazing voice...will definitely make this video go viral, shared this funny awesonmly video to my friends on fb, twitter and resteeming ASAP...words and adverts like this are not hidden when people like you put time and effort...great work!

it's time to promo-steem to all over social media platform!! @steem-ambassador

Great work guys, resteemed,shared on Facebook too. Lets get this Planet Steeming!

Good posting. Upvote my post :)

Hhaha wow that was awesome video what a great start to the day for me :D loved it you both rocked the show :D

So hilarious,but cool though

Yes steemit ambassador
nyc job your making it in life with steemit

Give me a hand in steemit of possible
Help me know some techniques of steemit

This is awesome.. I will keep promoting Steemit. Great job @weirdside

Video shared.

This is really great and an exceptional promotion, the megaphone really worked, seeing the number of people who received business card from @starkerz showed that the strategy worked.
I will apply some tips learnt from the video in my next promotion coming up by the end of January at Rivers State University of Technology.

Awesome! You are all very brave and stubborn!

Waw this is a nice way of promoting some thing evern when you are dannied you keep pushing

I beleive in it becose it creats awareness
The more and more people here some thing the more they get to beleive in it.

Hiya @dannyshine are you at the event this year and good work keep up the good work

very informative✌✌

Hi PROMO-STEEM. And I got some registered today using the #promofree-steem tag. She was so thrilled with the video that she had no choice than to register...see her post! @debbiewhyte, as promised... https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@debbiewhyte/introducing-myself
I shall do my best to let that tag go on and on and on...good work guys!

Looks like you may have got screwed. Sorry man. :(

Want to make the video viral??
We got you.

Table turning stuff. What an interesting week we are having.! Subtle quiet ways are also powerful. Be divinely protected always, warriors!

very impressive, is it so? I am looking forward to what you will present next because what you convey I am waiting wait sir

Congratulations! You beat 78 other submissions.
Your post was ranked #1 in @Resteemable's Top 5 List

that was great, I loved it

This is awesome! I wonder how many of those people who took the cards actually followed through? Hopefully many!

your post I have upvote, sorry if my vote does not have a big impact for you, if you want please look into my post @jibox and follow if you want

Wholy crap, this is the best kind of promoting I have EVER seen! Way to disrupt the system. THIS is how you get their attention and THIS is how you get growth from it!

Hard work waking up the dumb sheep!

Great work ... Resteemed ... This is the only way public will listen getting out there and opening thier eyes to the world as we live today ... Keep going and we will keep sharing ... Shared on Facebook .. Great work , I am excited for steems future xx


I love this video. I particularly liked how when security showed up, everyone was all of a sudden more eager to grab a business card. Almost as if the threat of being thrown out made Steem more believable.

Interesting video, long to get people to get interested, the microphone was a good idea ;)

good activity that is i think
congratulation for sharing

Good, good job friend. It is an honorable thing. Thank you for sharing your experience @steem-ambassador

Loved the call out on the fake police security. Brilliant!

And the banks were probably worried that people would start withdrawing their money that the bank doesn't have. Banks are the biggest Ponzi Scheme going.

This was awesome, good on you!

good work in promoting steemit ,, with this many people who know steemit and very helpful for beginner steemit like me, good work good luck

Nice post... Love it... I hoe you could help upvote and comment on mine @ajadudraws

That was very wonderful of you.kudos to you @thomasama

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