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What a pleasure going around the streets of Oxford and meeting up with one of the coolest steemians ever @rea! so great to talk about our ideas about steemit and what initiatives we can take to make steemit grow and improve!

Please see @rea's blog about our Oxford promo HERE She really takes blogging to the next level and her English is better than mine, which is amazing considering she has been in the UK for less than 10 years! It was a real pleasure to read her blog, and I hope that many of you find the same pleasure in reading her blogs as I do!

Oxford was amazing! Such a cool typically "English" town. with lots of small streets and little pubs hidden away in the crooked building frames of structures built in the 1600's!

Additionally without us realizing, the oxford half marathon was on that day, so we were surprised by the thousands of people around who had recently finished running, just perfect for chatting to about steemit!!

Here are the photos!






























i always like ur post and always resteem..

good luck

Thanks bro! love these memes!

thanks good man,, always pray for you,, will always be succes,,👊🏾

Looking good! I 've got the T-shirts thanks for that! I will soon take some photos :)

Awesome! sorry wasnt able to meet you at cambridge! We will definately see you next time! fyi there is a meet up on friday in hammersmith london. do you know about it? we are also presenting at the london investors show that day where it is free entry for steemians. let me know if you plan to come and i will give you the entry code

Hi @starkerz I know, but unfortunately I have used up all my holiday... is there a possibility that we meet up with @molometer and some other UK steemians like @rea in Cambridge some other Saturday? If not, we may wait till next year when my holiday balance is reset....... and next week is half term so have to stay with the kids...:(

If we do a meet up, i will certainly be getting in touch!

Wow! @starkerz, this is so beautiful. Nice steemit,couple and great work. I wish you guys luck on Friday for the London investor show. Steem on! @greatness96.

Great stuff guys!

Going beyond the call of duty to raise awareness of the platform!

Such a shame Steemit has been playing up the last few weeks, I would hate to think these new users have had issues in the beginning of their journey.

Not your problem to solve though, well done all involved!

Thank you very much! just got to do what we can for the platform. Im not that techy, so ill focus on dancing in the street and telling people about steemit ;))

haha :D

I see you and @ren are doing a pretty good job at that!

Steem on in the streets!

Wow this post is cool great history with a lot of students nice job for promote Steemit as in the moment made Facebook

When does the tour end @starkerz - you've certainly met a lot of people and done wonders for steemit

The tour is actually over already, I am just catching up with blogs now! phew! so busy! :) there is cambridge, and two event in london left!

Hello boss @starkerz
I really like you and your posts because you are so generous and generous, so I made an appreciation for you, I am very happy if you like my work for you
and I've made a post for you :)

Steem on regardless - that's what its all about @starkerz

Certainly! REGARDLESS!

You're doing an excellent job, it's my turn to do it here in Venezuela. Thanks for your support and upvote my post, friend your work is giving good results. you are doing an excellent job, I hope we are friends for the future, although my mother tongue is Spanish, I am using a translator to communicate with you. I think it's worth

WEll your English is GREAT!! :) looking forward to more of your work!

I just posted a challenge to restore my old jeep. I would love to know your opinion, there is a previous publication to that, but it has been more than 7 days. You can read it anyway. It would be a pleasure, my friend, I hope we share the same criteria. Greetings to my good friend @molometer

Well, you already know what I think of you, right? A fantastic and charismatic person, perfect for promoting Steemit and everything in-between.

So Sorry I was a little late replying but I'm currently in China for business. But I thank you once again for helping me improve me presentational skills as well as having a complete blast with you! What a great and productive day we had.

Take care and look forward to seeing you at the Steemfest very soon! :)

very beautiful photo like this👍👍👍👍

very beautiful photo like this👍👍👍👍

Nice blog and pics too

i like it when i able to preach the gospel to new people

wow that's seems fun while promoting great work @starkerz :) and team :D