Spreading the Word of Steemit at Oxford University / 牛津大学的Steemit宣传活动

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As many of you are probably aware, the #promo-uk team has been working tirelessly for the past few months, whether it be making Steemit T-shirts, mugs, caps or professional business cards. The sole purpose being to raise more attention and understanding of the Steemit platform and what is can achieve for us individually and as a collective. Headed up by none other than @stephenkendal himself, this enthusiastic bunch recently took their mission statement one step further and setup a “promotional” road trip stretching almost the entire length of the UK from top to bottom, covering a total of 22 universities from Sep 18 to Oct 12.

So as a newly recruited member of this productive team, I decided to assist at the “Oxford University” stop-off scheduled on October 8th and was also super excited to meet the awesome @starkerz in person (organiser of this day's particular event).

line 8.png

Oxford University

After one and a half hours journey from London, I finally arrived at the University of Oxford.

Might I add that Oxford is a beautiful city in it’s own right. Chock full of amazing architectures, rich history and some fascinating cultural reference points. There were so many significant looking colleges, cathedrals and museums as well as plenty of parks and greenery for it's inhabitants to relax in. Especially now being autumn time, the University of Oxford gave off a very atmospheric charm with leaves of many varieties scattered on the ground. Everything was very elegant and captivating indeed.


(One of the main modes of transport within Oxford. The trusty bicycle.)





line 8.png

A Very Special Steemian Meetup

I got to meet @starkerz at around 11am in front of the "Student Union" building which was an absolute pleasure. Within seconds, I knew this was a flamboyant, charismatic person whom I was about to spend the day with. In fact, just the right person for the task at hand. Though before getting started we decided to grab a coffee at a local cafe to begin proceedings, lol.

Whilst waiting in line to be served, both of us simply could not wait any longer and started chatting about Steemit. A guy standing directly behind me overheard us “spilling the beans” about decentralised blockchain’s, crypto and the like. So almost instinctively he decided to get involved as well! Off to a promising start! Of course, he ended up leaving the shop soon after. But not without a warm cup of coffee, some newfound crypto knowledge and one of our plush Steemit business cards, lol.

By the way, I must say how impressed I was with the quality of those business cards. It even has a QR code on the front to allow finding out more information much easier, together with highlighting of some Steemit's most popular tags (That's on the flip side of the card)! Very nice indeed!


During the course of the day, @starkerz and I spoke at length of our experiences on Steemit thus far. One thing we agreed on almost immediately was how mind blown we were when first introduced to it. @starkerz is so very passionate about Steemit and has quite a number of tremendously innovative ideas to push the platform to the next level.

We also spoke about the upcoming Steemfest 2, however at the time @starkerz has not made up his mind as to whether he’d go or not. I felt this was my cue to gush about the utter brilliance of the first one I attended last year in Amsterdam! I mean, there are still those of us out there that have yet to remove the Steemfest wristbands! If that doesn’t speak volumes of the greatness of that event, I don’t know what will! It was all expertly organised by the fabulous @roelandp whilst those in attendance were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Ah, the memories! I feel that holding that Steemfest event strengthened the community in ways that connecting online could only hope to achieve. It really bolstered it's image in the mainstream and showed off the power of our strong social media platform.

I really tried my utmost to encourage him to come too and possibly even be one of the speakers at the Steemfest. @starkerz and @stephenkendal have done such an amazing job leading the #promo-uk team that this would be the ideal stage to voice their success. It would be be very inspirational for all Steemians to see and surely have a very positive impact on the platform in general. So to my delight, I believe he had a change of heart and may reconsider his initial stance. Awesome news for us all, I promise!

line 8.png

The Promotional Campaign

After the caffeine had done it’s job and kicked in nicely, we were both ready to undertake some serious promotional activities around the various university campus grounds.

Walking towards one college in particular, we suddenly found waves of people (mostly students) passing us by. They all appeared to be dressed in very sporty attire, with several of them having medals hung around their necks. It quickly came to our realisation that today was actually the Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon and the finishing line was at the university itself!

What a great and unexpected opportunity! @starkerz was quite eager to catch the traffic. Although I have undertaken a few Steemit promotions myself in the past, @starkerz natural ability to connect with people and interact was pretty much of a professional standard. Therefore, I thought the wisest thing to do would be observe, absorb his expert social techniques and attempt to follow suit later.

He started off by stating that he was writing a blog about Oxford University (which we actually are) and would be publishing it on a new social media website called Steemit, which we in turn are also promoting. He then went on to explain that the proceeds were helping fund his rest of his campaign tour to the remaining universities in the country.

We also engaged with some audiences (yes, there were audiences at times, lol) by asking if they were already posting on Facebook or Instagram. Unsurprisingly, most people answered yes. That opened another avenue for @starkerz to further divulge the one huge difference between Steemit and other social media websites. That being the user created values of Facebook continue to line the company's pockets with millions of dollars making it one of the richest internet brands in the world today. Whereas Steemit being a “decentrailised blogging platform” on the other hand, pass that user created value back to the end user. A difficult concept to grasp at first, but one handled exceptionally well by him.

Yes, I was really impressed with the way @starkerz talked to people. He came across very affable and smooth, yet not intrusive. And there is a fine line between the two. I must admit I learned a lot from him that day. Encouraged by this, I started to refine my own technique based off of that solid foundation and after a while, the confidence began to flow like water.

I wanted to shared my own personal experiences with the people I talked to as well as showing them a few select examples of my blog during my first year on Steemit. How in the beginning I only made a few cents per post but simple perseverance and consistency helped me achieve much greater things later on. I also placed particular emphasis on the importance of content quality and actively engaging with fellow steemians in our community.

Today, I have about 3200 followers and some decent payouts. I was hoping a retelling of someone’s “real-life and personal journey” would paint a more relatable picture for others to associate with. And for the most part, I feel that it worked a treat! I got some very positive feedback from the people I spoke to and throughout the day, the general vibe was that of positivity. In retrospect, this type of marketing speaks volumes in terms of getting the message out to the masses and I honestly feel we got a lot done in the few short hours @starkerz and I spend together that Sunday afternoon.


(Most of the people we came across were very friendly and interested in what we had to say.)



(The unexpected Oxford half marathon. Here is one of the runners posing with us.)





(As you can see, a few of the groups we approached were quite sizable. Which could only be a good thing!)


(@starkerz working some of his cordial charm. Good job!)




line 8.png

Some Reflections of the Events of the Day

What I took away with me from doing the promotion in Oxford was mainly this. People naturally love connecting with one other. Almost as if it's ingrained into our DNA. Most people I met are on Facebook or Instagram or some other form of social blogging outlet. But to explain the concept of Steemit to the lay person, one would have to break down exactly what Bitcoin is (and I was surprised to find less than half the people we spoke to hadn’t even heard of it!). Which would then lead to what crypto is, and so on and so forth. In fact, I was taken aback that even students of Oxford University weren’t aware of the existence of Bitcoin, but I guess that goes to show how early on in the game we really are.

We came across quite a few street artists on Cornmarket Street, near to a major shopping parade in the heart of Oxford. These individuals were extremely talented at singing, performing or playing an instrument. Very likely candidates who would have an absolute blast posting their stuff up on Steemit and finding commonality by mingling with the rest of the community! So we made sure to spend a good amount of time with them, again explaining what it was and how beneficial it could potentially be to their lives.




I also recall many oriental students walking in the surrounding area of the university but most of them seeming too busy, to the extent that I hadn’t even started to talk yet and they were already saying “No thanks!” Lol, if only I could have held up an addition sign saying “Listen guys, I’m not trying to sell you anything. On the contrary, in fact!” But that's to be expected I guess when being approached in the street. If only they could have seen the magnitude of the opportunity we were advocating!


Though I remained steadfast and was extra determined to find people from China to talk to, and luckily in the end, I managed just that. In particularly, there was one Chinese lady called Cathy who was nice and very supportive. Again, I’m not sure how much she understood about the whole “crypto” and “decentralised technology” lesson I was giving her but she totally stuck with me in regards to the Steemit platform and the whole idea of getting paid to blog and comment. She even offered help to distribute out some of the Steemit business cards to her colleagues and friends to help spread the word! Sounds good for a start, right?

line 8.png

Closing Thoughts

All in all, we walked around the university grounds promoting Steemit for almost 4 hours in total! And I do think we pretty much covered the key hotspot areas where there was the most amount of "people" traffic (near colleges, outside and within the history museum, outside some pubs). Very exhausted but completely worth it in my humble opinion!

Before we headed back home, @starkerz and I grabbed a well-deserved drink at a local pub and still found enough energy to continue our seemingly endless Steemit conversation. Some of you guys may think we had lost the plot by this point, but there is so much to share about this amazing platform and the feeling of being able to impart that knowledge to someone who actually “gets it” was far too great for words and a welcome release of pent-up feelings and information!


(@starkerz comparing who's got more facial hair, lol.)

To wrap up, I feel that the most important thing we can all do, as of now, is spread the message (even if a complete understanding of the system as a whole is still an issue for some). It doesn’t matter if people don’t understand it right away. You are planting the seeds and they at least have a reference point to look back on if ever the name “Steemit” comes up again. But as I mentioned previously and we all know only too well, "cryptocurrencies" and "blockchain technology" has barely even begun. I feel we could be looking at years, if not decades, before this revolutionary new ideology garners mainstream acceptance.

So as time passes, global adoption picks up and the masses start to see value in all these various digital assets, those key words that held no meaning once upon a time, will now make complete sense. Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. We can all do our part and, given some time and patience, the world will become better prepared for this digital evolution and the word of "Steemit" will ultimately spread like wildfire. This is one dream that actually has the potential of becoming a reality.

Thank you, my steemian friends. I cannot wait to see those of you who will be at Steemfest 2.

Enjoy! :)

*(The Steemdollar payout from this post will be contributed towards @starkerz's university tour. Great effort and well done.)

你们当中也许很多人知道,Steemit英国宣传团队(promo-UK)在过去几个月一直努力地为宣传Steemit做了大量工作,制作Steemit T恤,马克杯,运动帽和名片等等。 他们唯一的目的就是为了提高人们对Steemit的关注和理解,吸引更多的人加入这个平台,让Steemit变得更加强大。最近,这个热心的团队把他们的宣传使命推上了另一个层次。从9月18日至10月12日,他们自费组织了一系列大学路演活动,涵盖了英国共22所知名大学!







补充说一下,这些Steemit名片设计得非常有水平,不但制版简洁大气,还在背面包涵了QR二维码以方便新人查询更多关于Steemit 平台的入门信息。


我们还谈到即将到来的Steemfest 2,但是@starkerz还没有想好他要不要出席。我觉得很有必要告诉@starkerz我去年参加阿姆斯特丹第一次Steemit聚会 的亲身体验。那次聚会办得得非常成功,我和许多有才华和热情洋溢的成员聚集在一起。现在想起来还是满满的温暖和亲切感,有些成员至今仍没有摘除去年的Steemfest手腕带呢,呵呵!这种线下聚会增进了成员之间的交流,加强了Steemit社区的团体凝聚力,是仅在网络上交流所不能取得的。

我很积极地给@starkerz做思想工作,让他考虑参加Steemfest 2并成为聚会的演讲者。作为英国Steemit宣传团体的组织者,@stephenkendal@starkerz为平台付出了很多,包括时间和金钱,这是鼓舞人心的正能量,对社区有着非常积极的影响力。




这是很好的机会,@starkerz 观察到适合的宣传对象,就迎面走过去与他们打招呼。我在过去也做过类似的宣传活动,但与@starkerz相比,他可是专业多了,呵呵。我觉得最明智的做法还是先观察,学习他的技巧。







在牛津大学的商业购物中心Cornmarket街附近,我们遇到了不少街头艺术家。看他们唱歌,弹吉他都很出色,很有天份。Steemit平台对他们来说是一个非常好的机会,我们把握住机会向他们宣传Steemit, 解释平台的概念以及如何使他们受益。其中一位还认真地做了笔记呢,呵呵。







谢谢我的steemian的朋友们,希望能在下个月的Steemfest 2上见到你们!



That was a really great effort to make Steemit more popular! :)

A man walks up to the oxford library desk and says: “I’ll have fish and chips with a chicken pie please!”

The librarian at the desk says: “You do know that this is a library?”

The man whispers very quietly: “Oops, so sorry. Fish and chips with a chicken pie please.”

The more educators and educatees we have here the better. Thank you rea for making Steemit better! Best wishes ~ Hansenator

rea 姐哪天可以过来剑桥。
这周一我请了半天假,去了剑桥,可惜 和 @starkerz 错过了,可惜了。希望有机会我们英国南部的 steemian 可以一起聚一聚。

justyy,來,跟我唸三遍:rea妹,rea妹,rea妹 ...

刘前辈…… 我想过, 可是。。。rea妹,rea妹,rea妹 ...读快了感觉怪怪的。还是改成 rea妹妹吧...



@justyy, 好啊,剑桥这么美,我一定去,谢谢你的邀请咯,呵呵。可惜这次你错过了@starkerz的宣传活动,不过总有下次机会的!


no thanks

they'd probably fall in line if you were carrying a huge board that says
Join Steemit where FREE MONEY is a dream come true :D

edit : with a ... "find out how register NOW ... "

Great collaboration and great idea to spread the word of steemit to UK Universities. Thanks @rea for sharing the photos with these lovely people. Indeed steemit has great vibrant community that is bound to succeed.

It was a great promotion indeed. It was a good start to spread how steemit can be a best platform to uphold ideas and express individual's notion. We all hope that this community will be at its peak and be known across the globe.

University Campaign so far is a great venue to fed the visions of the platform. We had series of steemit campaign here in Cebu, Philippines and it was really successful spearheaded by @jassennessaj and the gang. With so much dedication, the community in Cebu is growing.

Steemit is growing! Steem on!

Hi @leryam12. It warms my heart to know that Steemit is making it's mark with people all around the world. Thanks very much for offering such kind words. I wish you the same levels of success in the spreading the good word to your people in the Philippines.

Let's keep building the momentum until we achieve the targets we are striving for. :)

感谢 @rea 妹妹一直以来为STEEMIT所做的贡献!





Great to hear the enthusiasm in your post @rea meeting people who are able to take Steemit ahead to the next level.

This vibrant post motivates one to get more innovative, thanks for sharing the Oxford walkabout loved this town when visiting years ago, sweet memories.

Good luck to you and the UK crew it looks like you going to have a blast going together into the future.

Steemit is all about creative thinking and innovating ideas. I'm sure you'll do great. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments.

Hei @rea . Nice time to visited the oldiest university in the world

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Hopefully I can visit this place too
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This is the best kind of advertising, nice work.

Hey dear @rea wonderful fantastic post and photos are too much attractive.
no doubt steemit is the biggest platform for all of us not only for earning but motivating and meeting to all loved ones. University of oxford is also wonderful

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Sure you can. :)

Thanks for the info! Upvoted your post but...

You probably had the best meet up ever. You must have enjoyed fully
The city is a beautiful place and you painted it in steemit colors.

It was an awesome and productive day out, all in one. :)

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@lemooljiang, 过奖啦,呵呵。大家一起努力!


谢谢@tumutanzi! 你们谢菲尔大学的宣传活动也搞得很不错,我也是向你学习的,呵呵。

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doing great job man...providing awareness to more people to join this beautiful community. I appreciate it.

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Thank you, @rudel. :)

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I live in Florida USA where is the cheapest place to get a steemit shirt from? Should I just order one custom with my username on it?

Well, seeing as you are in the USA, you could always get them printed at a local store using the downloadable logos or buy them. If you want a personalised one, I'm sure a few steemians on here would be more than happy to provide that service for you.

However if you are after a generic one, try @stephenkendal to see if he ships internationally as I can vouch that his t-shirts are fantastic. The quality and logo on the front says it all. :)

thanks just followed him and will inquire

Good job spreading the word!

Good article and univercity gallery

Thank you for your shared

Nice post ! Great pictures I hope you keep up the good work 😀👍 was the reception in general understanding as their is a lot to understanding steem lol ?

We still have some ways to go in terms of people grasping the core concept of "crypto and it being considered actual money", but it's only a question of time until levels of understanding reach a stage of voluntary acceptance. And if the word on Steemit is spread far enough by then, things will only continue to grow from there on.

Thank you for stopping by, @warrenharvey23. :)

How can I get the shirts and get involved in such a great community? I would appreciate if you can let me know I would be more than happy to promote it and help people get started in my local area.

Awesome! Depends where you are based of course, but the shirts provided by @stephenkendal would suit any promotional events perfectly.

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Shortly another question, because i think you all are experts.
Is it right that there is a 1% interest per day on Steem Power?
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I believe it's currently at 9.5% and will depreciative at 0.5% every year until it reaches a constant 1%. But I'd double check that with someone else to be absolutely sure.

Thanks. :)

Nice Photogrphs

@rea姐姐好厉害哦,像你学习。我最近也在向朋友们积极宣传steemit ,这篇帖子有很多值得我借鉴的地方呢!


加油喔!! :D


That cool, nice story

This is really nice, good job :)

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Thanks for sharing this nice story and thanks for spreading the word about steemit.

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you are incredible
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Good work and continued to wish you more success

Thanks. :)

Amazing Post :) Steemit Rocks !

It certainly does, @sanjayrai! :)

能夠在世界知名大學宣傳 steemit 太好了!讓 Steemit 繼續健康發展!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

Hey, That is my First Steps here, and i am suprised how motivated and contentfull this Community is. So much Love 👍

Best of luck with your upcoming "Steemit" endeavours. :)

such a nice work. you rock guys. steemit will be new social media giant thanks to you

We'll do what we can to help out, but I've got every confidence that it'll work out in the end. :)

This is the magic of getting two steemians together in one place. Their enthusiasm is infectious and very attractive.
We had a great day in Cambridge too. @starketz is a great guy to work with. The Steemfests must be amazing to attend. All that energy in one place...mindblown.
Great blog post @rea

Hi @molometer. Oh yes, @starkerz is a real pro in what he does and is proving to be an awesome P.R. representative for Steemit here in the UK. I saw you guys had a great time up in Cambridge too. If you can, try to make it to the upcoming Steemfest. You surely won't regret it.

Thanks for the nice words. :)

Matt is a good ambassador for steemit. Doing a good job getting the message out there.

The steem fest looks like fun. I'll see if I can organise a trip out to Lisbon

Awesome. Hope to see you out there. :)


take pride in being a steemit user

Very true. :)

i will learn from you

It's so nice to be a part of the great community and such a positive team) Excellent work, friends! And yes, cool t-shirts :p

The more the better. Since you begun university visit, try to visit all the university in UK and promote steemit to them.

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Great to hear..

Wow! Congratulation on a job well done! It looks like a great success and many new Steemians.

I don't have my friends on Steemit. I wish to bring them here soon.


Awesome @rea. I have friends like who dont even believe in Bitcoin let alone any other cryptocurrency, i have mentioned to few of them who are receptive and consider my sharing valuable about Steemit and they love it but for the rest of the nah, not yet! They consider me as a bluff.
But soon will be starting to share too. :)

Crypto is still in it's infancy. Give them time, everyone will come round in the end. :)

nice work @rea. appreciated you to promoting steemit in oxford university. god job for the development of steemit.

# Rea, this is awesome!

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@stephenkendal is a great source of "Steemit" related items. I'd contact him if you wish to purchase anything. :)


Always good to get out there an meet there, heck i wouldn't even know about bitcoin still if i wasn't introduced at school! Such a fun debate topic to!

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It's so nice to be a part of the great community and such a positive team) Excellent work, friends! And yes, cool t-shirts;)

The t-shirts were made by @stephenkendal and are great quality too. Thanks for stopping by.

Can't agree more @tanata great community and folks indeed...


Great post, thank you. Also, you have a new follower.

I'm encouraged to do the same, if only I have a Steemian partner here in our place, but as of now I am still the only one Steemian here in our place...But I'm trying my best to promote it to some of my friends here,only that it's not yet appealing to them because of my low earnings yet here in steemit.

Every little helps, @joshvel. Do what you are able to. :)

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You are really living life to the fullest. Way to go! Such great pics - Your encounters with all those people brightened my already great day. Thanks for sharing your journey... and for sharing a brighter way to live @rea! Upvoted and Resteemed

Thanks for the uplifting comment. :)

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So cool to see you have joined up to support the #promo-uk team - they are doing an awesome job!

These guys have been working tirelessly on behalf of Steemit and I'm privileged to be considered as part of the team. Their dedication and drive are truly astounding and inspiring.

Yes they really have. @stephenkendal and the team have done a great job promoting Steemit - almost makes wish I was back in the U.K. to help!

nice work from you sir making everyone aware of this new currency and showing the possible outcomes of this keep doing this i actually got an Idea after reading this post thanks giving sir keep it up

Great steem in oxford where was I ??? missed it my bad luck @rea it was really great work .! love oxford love steem! thnxx @rea !