My First Promo-Steem: Introducing My Friends To Steemit

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It been a month since I joined the steemit community and have found it really interesting. @kesolink who Introduced me to steemit talked on embarking on a project on giving out free promo-steem T-shirt to minnows who just joined Steemit. Luckily I was among those who benefited from it. I appreciate him a lot. @kesolink has really been promoting Steemit so much here at Nigeria. He introduce at least hundreds of people to steemit weekly. He has really been promoting steemit here in Nigeria.
Few days ago he told me also to join the promo-steem team. He told me to start introducing people in my school to the Steemit. I actually thought of it to be cool. At least I was introduced by someone also. So the preceding day I decided to wear my promo-steem T-shirt given to me by @kesolink to school. On getting to school that day people were curious to know what it was all about. Seeing my name customized on the T-shirt made them asked about it. It was a Monday, we hardly had lecture free hours so i had to briefly tell them what Steemit is all about.

Here is what I briefly discussed with them:
• I told them what Steemit was all about and how it works.
• I told them how income is being generated from Steemit.
• I guided them on how to create an account on Steemit. Although some haven't been confirmed yet.
• I guided them on how to go about their introduction post.
• I guided them on how steemit tags are been used. In regards to @kesolink post on using steemit tags.
• Told them how to make themselves known in the community been a minnow.

Those were what I quickly briefed them on. Although some have still been calling and asking few questions on what they don't understand. Nd I'm happy have been able answer their questions. I will be forwarding their contacts to @kesolink soon so has to include their names in the this week weekly steem-up record.
I'm looking forward to share the Steemit gospel to all my fellow course mate soon. I'm happy have taken the first step in promoting steemit in my community. Will keep you guys updated about my next promo-steem.
You can check done of their introduction post and kindly upvote and follow

@kingtamatahIntroduction link
@trojan4Introduction link
@generraIntroduction link






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Congratulations, @k-banti! I hope Steemit means great things for you and your friends.

Thanks! Yes it does. Still had some discussions tonight.

ok already I vote. do not forget to vote back

I have vote, vote behind my friends

You've really done well bro, you're taking bold steps in the right direction to your future, am glad this is coming from Nigeria, keep the good work on.


Kudos @k-banti. Good job