Steemit Events: Real world contests and Steemit Diversity (Week 1)

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Funding Goal: 150 SBD. Campaign Ends: July 2, 2018. Payment Model: 42.5% to Influencers.



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Steemit Events : Real world contests and Steemit Diversity

Funding Goal:

150 SBD

Campaign Ends:

July 2, 2018

Payment Model: Half & Half (42.5% to Influencers)
Influencer: Steemit / DLive / DTube (Agreement must be submitted with Influencer here)
Post Types: Mention / Vlog

Become an Influencer - Message @supportph


Pampanga, Philippines


To provide the best contests and events for talented steemians to showcase their talents while promoting steemit through entertaining events.


To create multiple events that showcase different talented steemians each month starting in our city Pampanga and in the future the whole country of Philippines.

Why we need our own steemit events?

It's very hard for a talented artist to get support if he/she doesn't have huge numbers of followers or doesn't have useful connections in the industry, especially in a third world country.

The lack of support for their arts is a huge problem but if they promote alone they'll only be welcomed by the noisy world of advertising created by huge names/companies with big pockets to support their promotion.

Real world Contests

Contests are the best way to promote anything, here in our platform it proved to be the best way for minnows to get rewarded but in return the person who's hosting the contest get followers and upvotes which is a win-win situation. Why not make a contest in the real world?

  • We can host an open-mic event for singers and spoken word artists.
  • Painters exhibition contest
  • Steemit Beauty Pageants
  • and more.. our only limit is our creativity (steemians can also comment for the type of contests they wanna support)


Steemit Diversity

The best way to retain steemians is to get them inside a passionate and supporting community, here in steemit we have different communities that are already doing this @minnowsupport #promo-mentors @slothicorn @steemgigs and so on. These groups have proven that communities will make steemit successful. Why not invite more communities to steemit?

  • We can conduct seminars with different established communities like cosplayers, independent movie makers, gamers, engineers and architects, students etc.
  • We can educate and mentor them personally.
  • We can then create an event that showcase new steemians every month with their testimonials and talent show.

What's the scope of the seminar?

  • How to earn with steemit?
  • On the spot mentorship for their introduction post.
  • How to do an introduction post for @slothicorn
  • How to cash out their earnings using
  • How can they invite other people to the platform?

The last part is the most important one because the goal of each seminar is to create a community for new users and then teach them on how to make it grow.

how to earn


  • Steemit supports those who are talented.
  • Massive attention on the platform (TV News coverage, Newspaper, Social Media etc.)
  • Talented individuals joining steemit (In order to participate they need to signup to the platform if they're not yet a member)
  • Micro-influencers like well known artists will probably promote steemit to their followers.
    businesses loves to sponsor events with huge number of audience, this will probably make them interested in our platform and there's a high chance they might invest.
  • Steemit footprint in the real world.
  • Retain more users.
  • Diversified communities on Steemit
  • Easier promotion because each community will then invite more people on their own.
  • Possible TV promotion.
  • Some will invest in Steem to power-up for their community.
  • We can urge other exchanges to include Steem/SBD to their platform as it becomes mainsteam.


Event cost: This will cover all the expenses for one event.

Costs in Php (Philippine peso) & USD (US dollar)

  • Personnel: Host & helpers (3) x 500php total = 1,500php or $30
  • Equipments: Lights & Sound = 5,000php or $100
  • Prices: will be divided into three winners (5,000php, 3,000php, 2,000php) = ($100, $60, $40)

Total in USD = $330 or 110 Steem / 130 SBD


One event is equal to hundreds of audience, possible business investors, news and TV coverage and talented individuals signing up on the platform.

With or without help I'd continue promoting steemit as it changed my life, it gave me freedom and I want to share this gift to other individuals especially those who deserves to be supported but with your help we can reach more people and together we can create a huge difference in their lives.

My previous promotion and event (2 tv coverage and 20 signup out of 70 people who attended)

STEEMIT DIVERSITY: Promotion with the government tourism office (Testimonials)

Support us as an influencer

You can be part of the Steemit Events movement by creating posts about our events. You’ll receive a percentage of the influencers’ pool (percentage of the total funds raised) which will be determined by the traffic data.

If you'd like to become an Influencer message @supportph on Discord.



Donate SBD to claim the reward that you want! 85% of donations go towards funding this campaign.

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1 SBD: “Abstract”
Estimated Delivery: July, 2018
Your username will be included in our marketing videos (promotion, performances and final recap)

(All larger contributions include this reward)

Claim Reward
5 SBD: “Aesthetic”
Estimated Delivery: July, 2018
Username will be included in our main tarpaulin.

(All larger contributions include this reward)

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10 SBD: “Expressive”
Estimated Delivery: July, 2018
Multiple live mention by the host and your username will be included in all of our social media promotions.Claim Reward

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Week 2: June 4, 2018
Week 3: June 11, 2018
Week 3: June 18, 2018
Week 4: June 25, 2018
End: July 2, 2018

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This is one of the reasons why steemit is the best platform in the world of crypto. For being a social media-
type platform outpoints every crypto out there plus these contests and rewards boost its superiority. kudos!

Dito ay panalo tayo!


Thank you so much! I hope i can make fellow filipinos proud!


I prefer Filipinas


I like boobs

Good luck! Nice video.

upvote 2
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upvote 3
What about a third time? Thank You! Your support goes a long way!


upvote 4
Fourth?? Awesome!! Thanks a bunch! :)


upvote 5
FIFTH?? Wow! You are AMAZING :D


i voted on all 5 :)

GL getting the funds

Yeah this is real world contest to seeing all the ways

Donated to the cause!! Much power to you guys.... Where will this event be taking place?


Thank you so much! It will take place inside the biggest mall in our city.

This is an absolutely awesome idea and I would love to enter the real world comp.

Well done on making Steemit a more inclusive and fun place.


Steemit is amazing, where lucky to be part of it at its early stages. See you on our contests!

Muy Bueno amigo, Saludos!

Your article is very useful. Nice work!

I wish i also become part of it


If youre in the philippines near north luzon you can, just contact me.

bravo..nice work


thank you for your comment


your welcome..

These kind of rewards attracts more blogger here.

This is the reason why steemit is the best blogging or social media platform. People are joining quickly and steemit community growing very fast.

By the way i am a traveler and i have started my Travel Series here. I share my Travel experiences and Informations about Destinations all around the world. So i hope everyone like it. Travel Series (Part #3) St. Lucia Island, A Romantic Getaway

Thanks Man for all.

This contest really sounds good, one of the reasons why steemit is the best platform on crypto , good luck!


Imagine multiple contest conducted all over the world funded by steemit.

This is beautiful I have an idea to run a push ups contest, but I don't know where to start..

that's why i like and love this platform in the world of crypto .

Good job,,,

WAOOOOW!!!!! what a social media genus in the name of STEEMIT? i can't say more all is in there. what's ringing and sounding special is the hard work and reward for time, effort, skills, knowledge, talents and commitments. Steemit the best so far as far as i'm concern. i'm solely in for the rolling though.


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hello there!!!!
nice idea, great job!!
good luck!!!
have a nice day!!!!

its such a nice effort and helps more to grow... Thanks

This post has received a 24.09 % upvote from @boomerang.

its amazing good luck for the future

Good to see and look forward to more.

nice, thanks like video

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You just planted 0.44 tree(s)!

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I would love to one day participate in one of these events.

Great to see what you managed to build up here over these last couple years since this platform came into existance. Truly remarkable.

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so very beautiful and good girls


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