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Hi Dtube family. So yesterday we had our 5th Steemit Meetup here in Barcelona. It was fun like always even though we just have been 3. Quantity doesn't matter, what counts is quality! Thank you again @flamingirl and @santigs for being valuable Steemians and good friends to me!

Thank you all for watching! Have a wonderful day.

Love from Barcelona

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Really good job my friend!!! I love it!!! I will add your video in my report post 😊👌☀
Thanks for your energy and your support!
See you soon!


Thank you my dear it was so great to see you again! 😊 have a great Sunday

Oh, I'd love to go to Barcelona so much. When the meetups happen, these steemit-related discussions always turn into personal ones, and that's the best thing about it, haha. :)


Let me know Kate, when ever you and Reinis come here, I will make my best to be a good host ✌🏼😎

I'm already watched your dtube video


Then you already learned something today! Congrats! Btw: weak comment, you sound like a bad bot!

i thought your gonna let us hear what exactly were u guys discussing, but all i hear is background music, from the meetup


Sorry I disappointed you. The vid was never meant to inform about what we talked, it was more to show the ambiance and our faces. But I am happy you like to know what we talked about. My friend @flamingirl wrote a very good and detailed blog about the meetup. Take a look here and enjoy! Have a good day