12 Activities that Qualify to be Rewarded by the #promo-steem @steem-ambassador Guild! Lets make the Trending Page full of this Activities!

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Hi Steemians,

For new people to #promo-steem and new users in general of the Steem Blockchain, here is a list of activities that when done with quality, qualify to be Rewarded by the @steem-ambassador Guild!

Why do I mention "qualify"? This is because @steem-ambassador upvotes a post only when 3 or more Steem Ambassadors manually curate that post first. For suggested guidelines on the @steem-ambassador guild , check here. At the end, Steem Ambassadors are the ones who will determine with their own interpretation of what deserves to be rewarded.

12 Activities that Qualify to be Rewarded by the #promo-steem @steem-ambassador Guild!


Making Posts about:

1- Going to a University and presenting Steem and Steemit to students
2- Making a Conference and spreading the word on Steem
3- Printing Flyers and telling people on the streets about Steem
4- Assisting to Crypto Tradeshows and spreading the word about steem to other technology users
5- Posting useful information or resources that may help another person doing promotion for steem
6- Posting about an idea that will help improve any area of the #promo-steem or its guild
7- Posting about something that will benefit the #promo-steem community or the steem ecosystem
8- Post about a steemian that you brought to the steem blockchain
9- Giving advice or communication that motivates other promo steem promoters
10- Posting Suggestions that will help all the promo-steem community
11- Viral video / crowd gathering
12- Other proposals please

And very important, always remember to use the "promo-steem" tag first in the posts about this activities, so you qualify to be rewarded by the guild.

What other activities have you seen or done that are not mentioned here. It would be perfect to see your comments and feedback.

Regards, @gold84

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This post and all of the posts I make are NOT investing advise, and it is not a motivation to invest. Its just my research and opinion on the Apps. As always DYOR (Do your own research).

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What the promo-steem guild upvotes is ultimately the responsibility of the Steem Ambassadors who each determine their own interpretation of what deserves to be rewarded...and that's where having multi-proof-of-brain has real value.

So you could say that there are no actual activities that "qualify" or "don't qualify" for the guild. But certainly the quality will, because the Steem Ambassadors are accountable and have all agreed that they will curate with an eye on quality, whatever kind of activity this is....If they all decided that baking Steem Cakes was the only thing they were going to upvote this week, well that's what gets rewarded by @steem-ambassador.

I do hope that we do have a Steem Cakes week sometime. I love Steem Cakes me.

Agreed @anarcotech! Do you see something to be changed or improved?
Regards, @gold84

I improved that part and wrote:

For suggested guidelines on the @steem-ambassador guild , check here. At the end, Steem Ambassadors are the ones who will determine with their own interpretation of what deserves to be rewarded.

I agree this, each must be in accordance with the state of his country

Thanks! I would only say these were guidelines. Also add two more lines :

  1. Viral video / crowd gathering
  2. Other proposals please

Not sure what you mean with: " I would only say these were guidelines".
Adding the other 2!

I dont think hard rules work. Only guidelines in volunterist teams. So we can not dictate what counts as what qualifies to be rewarded, we can only guide and let the steem ambassdors decide with their votes. So these points are great as. Guide, but I personally don’t think we know what qualifies exactly.

See what I wrote to @anarcotech .

Thanks I appreciate the post. I agree we will all have a slightly different interpretation of what high quality is. Education will be key to improving the quality. I might deploy high quality and low quality badges!
High Quality Badge.jpg
Signposting people to community guidelines is great. Having the guidelines translated into many languages would be good too. One of my new SA friends is looking into a translation into Indonesian.

I quite like the high quality badge!

I agree with the guides, I will see the post in the Promo-steem Tag, does anyone do12 such guides and I will leave a comment.

I read the guidelines already on promo-steem @steem-ambassador guild and I try to get more understanding on what you were writing about. Thanks.

Yes I do and always Learn more about promo-steem in progress on My area Aceh Sumatra, Thank you for the guidelines of promo-steem and greeting to all steem Ambassador around the world.