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It has been three days since the annoucement of my contest and the reactions and support (including a donation of 10SBD from @stellabelle) has been surprising! Most of the promoters have even reached out to me or commented on the post. There is much to talk about but first:

We HAVE A NEW PROMOTER from south Africa @seyiodus. Who showed interest right away!

Then our mentor from Nigeria @samiwhyte offered her help.

She also reached out to me on Discord and we started to talk about how she could start promoting. In the end she decided to start to start with letting her family know about Steemit. And she posted about it right the day after!

Here is a picture from her post

(the baby is her child)

She has promised me that she is going to do her best to spread the spirit of Steemit further! And I expect great things from her :)

I have added her to the list of supports. Go show her some love!

The promoters

Talking to @samiwhyte and @theghost1980 was interesting. Although both have their own ways of promoting, their sense and belief of Steemit stands firm. Most of us may see Steemit as a blogging website, but they see it as a platform that could really bring change to the world. The vibe I got from them has lit up something inside me. I have a feeling this is going to be a great collaboration.

@reko who was the first of the promoters to comment, showed great enthusiasm. It seems he has been crafting some cunning promotion strategies in his home country Sweden.

This is what he said:


"The time has come" indeed. We will help lift up Steemit to the skies!

About the contest

The weekyly prize of 10 SBD is still up for grabs!

As a reminder there are two ways to win sbd.

  • The first is just by participating in which you will receive part of the post rewards (now worth $48) if you just do these three things:
    1. Commented on 3 different posts of the promoters
    2. Re-steemed this post
    3. Comment "I pledge to support the Steemit Promoters!" below
  • The second way is to support the promoters. What I mean by this offering them help. There are many ways to do this, but as an example @theghost1980 is in need of english translators for his community posts who are in spanish (he is willing to pay for your effort). Anything that makes their life easier to reach more people counts as "supporting the promoters" in my contest.

Note all the things you do will be added up in my decision. So if you done somethng in week 1 and you didn't win the 10 sbd the next week you could be chosen

Thank you for you effort so far @ozhiya, @ryoplasmic and @eonwarped!

Funds for the contest

After the donation of Stella from her alt @umami (Thank you!)

I have decided to keep count how much sbd is raised on my profile like this:

All of these funds will be used to support the promoters in the form of buying votes or renting delegation or direct funding for the promotion.

25% of the liquid posting reward of my contest shall go to the fund. And I want to keep giving a part of my post rewards that are related to promotion, to this fund.

At the moment I am not sure what ideal percentage is to give to the fund, without draining my own funds too much, but I set a boundary of minimum 5% of the liquid rewards right now.

I am going to see how much these posts will pay out and I will decide a percentage afterwards.

Thank you all for participating and supporting the promoters!

If you have any ideas or can offer help in any form, it is much appreciated!

Link to the contest: https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@futurethinker/support-the-steemit-promoters-contest-or-win-up-to-50-sbd-futurethinker


Great stuff @futurethinker! I too will be keep a close eye on the funding of these blogs which have provided a great new dimension to the #promo-steem thread!! Looking forward to more of ur great work!

The promo man himself commented! Thank you very much!

I am glad you kept your word by keeping an eye out on the #promo-steem tag. Is there anyway I can contact you? I have some things I want to discuss with you.

Long live #promo-steem!

Hehe!! Great to hear your enthusiasm! Keep it up! I have a lot to get through regards follow ups after steemfest, however, please contact me on steemit.chat. And I’ll get back to you over the next 2 days. Looking forward to it :)

Haha great! Good luck with it man, and see you on steemit.chat.

My own way of supporting the promoters is to offer them customized animated videos that can help them spread the word online too.

If any of the people you're talking to are interested in something like this, please send them my way ;)

I've posted with example videos I'm willing to make for people here, here and here and all of those offers are still on even if most posts are older than a week.

I'm on steemit.chat and discord and would be very happy to discuss anything I can do to keep supporting the efforts to make steem more popular around the world.

Awesome! Thank you very much!

@futurethinker, I am so honored to be announced as one of the promoters of steemit. I appreciate it. I promise to do my best to make steemit known where I am. May God help me.
Also, thanks to those that havee been supporting me. I really appreciate you all.

@futurethinker you are really supportive
how wish we can get more supporters like you.
Thanks for your support towards promoters.

Thank you @samiwhyte!

Your gratitude is what keeps me going!

We have just started, I am excited to see what we can accomplish together. Even if it won't work out, I will be glad we tried!

Same here
I believe it will work out

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

That's awesome! Way to keep up the spirit of Steemit! 😊

Indeed @polebird you are going to support us too right :P


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Thanks a lot,
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