UPDATE: LAST DAY TO SIGN UP! Thunderclap explodes tomorrow!!

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Tomorrow at 3PM CET the Thunderclap will roar!! Twitter and Facebook will be flooded with one powerful message about the Steem blockchain:

still waiting.gif

GIF by @kyriacos

More info about the Thunderclap here. Haven't you signed up yet? Do it now here!

We are now at about 200 participants, with a total social reach of about half a million people!! Can you imagine that? Half a million individuals who will hear about the power of the STEEM blockchain! It's very likely that a lot of participants will get questions on Twitter after this Thunderclap. Let's all try and be helpful to those interested, answer their questions and guide them to this wonderful community.

I would like to thank each and every participant so much for having made this project a success! I can't upvote you all anymore, I tried that in the beginning, but my voting power went below 30%, so I'm slowly recovering now.. But here's a special mention for our most Thunderous supporters:

1. @katteasis also known as @katteasis on Twitter, with 71.248 followers
2. @angelveselinov also known as @AngelVeselinov on Twitter, with 44.546 followers
3. @jeffjagoe also known as @LibertarianWing on Twitter, with 42.453 followers

Still haven't signed up? Come on! What are you waiting for? Go here now:

Did you already join? Tune in to Twitter and Facebook tomorrow watch the Thunder clap! Watch the incoming traffic to steemit.com. Also, you might want to keep an eye on the Steem price on coinmarketcap.com. The 9th of January will be glorious!

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Excellent my friend. Just signed up now.


It's over 9000! :)

Thank you @meesterboom for being our 208th participant and putting this project over the 500K power level!


supported...lets see what happens! :)




Thanks for resteeming this @abh12345, i just added my support through fb. So glad to be meeting new people and social media-ing here at steem rather than dead end fb. Loves the new waves!!


No problem, thanks to @fitzgibbon for organising it all!

Going great. 👍🏻 Hopefully, we will see the thunderous impact of this campaign on steem and steemit.

And thanks for the mention :)

Thanks for the shoutout @fitzgibbon! Half a million people sure is a lot! I hope to see some correlation on the charts :)

Re-steeming this so you get as many participants as possible. :)


@fitzgibbon initiative deserves big support from steemian with 13k+ followers and reputation score 74 like you. Hope the post will receive huge reach through your resteem.


This should help with 13000 followers on board! :D


thanks @acidyo, doing the good work as usual ;)

those who know, know

You got it! I signed up through Twitter :D

Excellent work here man!

And if you haven't signed up already, what are you waiting for?!

I can't believe it will reach about half a million people! And there's still time left before it explodes, so there could be even more still. I saw that @acidyo just resteemed this post, so I'm sure there will join a lot of new people now in the final push before it happens.

Hey thanks for this initiative,i was number 200 hehehe.
I even wrote a tutorial showing guys on how to sign up,check it out here

Lets go do this guys,signing up is easy guys,check out my latest post on how to do it.....lets make this massive.

thunderclap sounds like an ex of mine.... good luck

It absolutely awesome!!!

Steemians! Be responsible to answer people (from your list) questions over twitter or facebook tomorrow. This is most important for @fitzgibbon initiative.

Done...Retweeted and Posted on Facebook too!

EXCELLENTE @fitzgibbon

I'm in, but I don't have many followers on twitter! I've already retweeted this graphic a few times!

Super excited to see the results! This is awesome.

I just can't wait to see the impact we all are going to make!
it is so exciting, this platform is MADE out of the members and the members only and every one is doing is best to advance the platform but this is one of the best and has a great potential! thanks for doing it for us!

Maybe it will make some exchanges managers to put an eye on the STEEM and add it, than we will get a hell of a boost in value and users!


Well, I signed up my little dab of peeps on twitter and facebook. Looking forward to the 'Thunder'. In fact, it seems I hear AC/DC right now :)

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this!

This is going to be impressive!

I don't really understand how this works. Hope I get to understand. Nice project.


just sign up with your twitter or facebook account here:


Also @jaraumoses wrote a nice tutorial: https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@jaraumoses/how-to-sign-up-for-the-steemit-twitter-thunderclap-promo-steem-team-lets-make-stemit-trend-on-twitter-2moro-we-go

If you need more information, please be specific in what you need to know, I'm available on Discord.


I do not ge it neither, this is about sharing what? Every user will share one post of theirselve on a tweet or will share the link of steemit or what? what do i have to share on that tweet?


You just sign up with thunderclap and they do the rest.

They will ask to post this one tweet from your account (and everyone else's) at the same time and so Steemit will be trending for sure tomorrow!

Am proud to be in the campaign

Dear friend
steam world you have successfully opened the edge. And you have successfully top level reached, this is my wish. And I am glad this is my practice in your development.
My request to you, I am like a small child in the steam world unknown and withut benefited.
You must know
"People for people"
So went my way in the world, steam your collaboration service.
Please do follow me and help and thanks to me


Sounds awesome! It will be very interesting to see what kind of impact that has on new users. Steem is my first and only social media platform but I'll tell a few friends who are on them to keep an eye out.

super glad to be a part of it even with my 10,000 followers, not as big as the big boys but i've got a solid audience! :)

Just Sign up.
Excited for this huge Event :P @fitzgibbon

Supporter number 281. And shared on facebook

Niceee mannnn

Brilliant I am in. Cheers!!!

great initiative!!

This is spectacular!
I love the word 'thunderclap' too here, it really has a nice ring.
Soo, I'm in. Let's bring over the folks who don't know about steeming yet :)

Wow, first time hearing about thunderclap. It is definitely awesome, thanks for setting this up for Steem.

@fitzgibbon thank you so much for organizing this!! Upvoted, resteemed and joined. So excited to see what tomorrow brings :)
@davemccoy ...check this out if you haven't already!

I'm in for 24k supporters on @steemstarter on twitter.

I wish I had a bigger following on FB and Twitter but most of my social time is spent on Steemit. Signed up for the Thunderclap to show my support anyway. :)


Lets do it guys! remember to upvote #marchto100 posts!



it.. is.. beautiful!


only thing was the URL, it just dropped back to steemit, ideally that should have gone to a post showing someone how to signup or something, something to do next time around! props anyway for it, great work! :)


Noticed that, yeah. There are more learning points for a next Thunderclap, this was a first experiment. I'm waiting 60 minutes to see what happens in terms of impact.


use something like smarturl.it to make a url that you can customize then you can change the link AFTER to say a post to keep things up to date. i think i made an episode on it over on @teamvideo about making short links for tracking.

Resteemed, retweeted, pressed a button but not sure if joined. Will try again and try to be tweeting at 3:)

Hey man, that was a successful thunder clap, please remember to include hashtags next time for better results. Next thunderclap lets try to involve :
https://twitter.com/xtiandela/status/950514204334804994 I invited him to Steemit and he was extremely fast with signing up :D

Nice Post Dear Steemian.
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
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