Let's onboard Sputnik to 3speak ! - They are telling the untold !

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I really like the title. Especially '' They are telling the untold !''

It's all started by my family when my father took me from Algeria to Russia without telling me the truth about the country I lived in 12 years becaue of him. When I grow up I comeback to Russia anyway, because the truth can't be hidden ! That's why I love to share the truth about things, even if it's maybe not good for me. I always tell what I exactly think and I think such people to be supported !

Recently I watched the news here in Russia and they were talking about the news agency ''Sputnik'' and how it was censored everywhere. A lot of american companies decided to not support them, just because they say the truth about things. Even Russia Today is supporting them and they are already here in steem posting under @rt-international.

So, I thought why we can't also try to onboard ''Sputnik''. Especially when they are attacked by other social media like facebook and others. Their content is removed and noone want to hear the truth from them ! Why only fake news should be supported in the world. Do you like what's fake ?!

I shared in the video the part of the interview where Margarita Simonyan, the head of the Russian television channel RT said what she thinks about the censorship.

If you want to help somehow, you can resteem this post. Or reply me in this tweet: Why you think ''Sputnik'' should join @threespeak or steem ! You can tag them as well in your reply, so they may notice. Or contact them through their website : sputniknews.com by sending them a letter or leaving a feedback in a social media.

They have more than 296K followers in twitter : https://twitter.com/SputnikInt

Over 129K subscribers in youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/SputnikInternational

Notice that Sputnik is an international company and their content is all in English !

Enjoy watching !


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The source of the article I talked about or the part of the video I used is here !

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