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I am building a course :"how to build a collaborative enterprise" in French. I need an article (or several) about "Marketing". Would you be interested to write it ?
Do your Venezuelan students want to translate the articles from French to Spanish ? using the Google translate function. They can earn from the post. I intend to run a session of the course in English when it will be finish in French. You can write the article about "Marketing" in English and I will translate it in French.
Last article :


Dear @chrisaiki

This is definetly great initiative, but i'm afraid that I wont be able to get involved as I already have to "much on my plate".

ps. are you from France? Just curious :)


yes, I am from Annecy, France.

Im very sorry to see what your country is going through @chrisaiki

I've been following news about yellow vest protests since very beginning and it's obvious that things will get only worse for France :(


it's obvious that things will get only worse for France

I am no good at predicting the future. Why do you think things will get worse in France?

Dear @chrisaiki

Because of growing unrest. Yellow vest movement is causing enormous cost and france has been already doing very badly (regarding high taxes and high spending).

And obviously Macron will not give up his power without a fight. Did you hear about Ukraine and Maidan? What happen there shall be a lesson of how easily things can go wrong.


Taxes are useful for one of the best health, retirement and unemployment systems in the world and we also have an education system that everybody can afford. Yes, things are very bad in Venezuela, Ukraine, Iran, Yemen,Honduras,USA... and things can get worst very fast if USA attacks Iran, but we have HOPE. ;)

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