How does one read less, but digest more? 18-09-05

in productivity •  3 months ago
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Keeping abreast of things on and off STEEM, means consuming loads and loads of information, most often in text form. We're being reassured that speed reading is just plain bunkum , so how does one improve their daily text intake? Some of you no doubt are already familiar with the solution I use myself -- Text-To-Speech!

@eccles, CC BY-SA 3.0

Speech synthesizers may come in many forms browser extensions, standalone desktop apps and even web services like our very own @tts. That last one is useful in situations when you don't have a TTS app, but converts only select articles and does not provide any speed controls -- something I find is absolutely vital to the usefulness of the whole concept.

Post Script

Whew, was running a bit short but managed to stick it today. My scribbling efforts ate away into my free time a bit so haven't mentioned anything on reading comprehension. Will consider that for tomorrow's post.

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