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I'm sure a lot of you enjoy the ease and comfort of google.com when it comes to web searches, app usage like google photos, maps, sync and others.

But do you know the price you're paying for this?

lost privacy...

Even if you opt out of a barrage of privacy breaching options in your google account settings you're still being tracked and your data is collected by google!

This is being used to deliver a search bubble specifically shaped around the users browsing "behavior" to show the results and ads that will make them most likely make their next purchase and to push political agendas as well. This user targeted search bubble relies on data that is collected by google and other tracking services.

manipulated search results = manipulated users...

Google manipulates search results for a lot of different, at first glance sometimes seemingly, "good reason's". Good reason's are steering access away from extremist content or even conservative content to more liberal search results. Sometimes it's going against conspiracy or "science denying" search results not only to limit your view into search results but to push a political agenda that is aligned with what google thinks is more "fit" to show you sheeple!

Some might argue that it's fair to push away search results for cringy or "dangerous" content for example like "flat earther's", "climate change is a hoax", "extremist and terrorist content", "Craig Wright is Satoshi" and many other's. But be aware that you, by accepting this are subject to being manipulated! Someone else decided what you should see by what is in their best interest economically and politically!

Search engines are the content gate-keepers to the internet. IMO it's very essential to choose the search engine that will respect your privacy and provide uncensored and unfiltered search results. Google has compromised this search neutrality! They constantly develop more and more own tools that make sure your search results are manipulated "in their favor" and that their own preferred results are put in front of your search results.

DuckDuckGo does not filter or censor! The search results you are presented with are derived from over 400 sources that include other big search engines like Bing or Yahoo but also own web crawlers. It presents you with organic search results that are not messed with by use of personalized or generalized filters.

Please consider switching to https://duckduckgo.com and also using their phone and web browser too!

For a more in depth view on this please checkout this video:

from https://twitter.com/The_HatedOne_

You can also check out


Your questions and suggestions are very welcome!
Please drop a comment if you like!

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i like duckduckgo because of the privacy and they are not recording history

I tried to make the switch a couple of years ago when Duck Duck Go was sort of new but it was still in development and the results I got didn't match with me as well as the results I got with Google, maybe it's time to try it out again...

Same here! I've had some negative experience with it a few years back too. Now it works fine for me!

I totally encourage privacy all the time. I'm definitely switching to DuckDuckgo. It doesnt make sense trying to steal people's information. It is for this same privacy issues that I have decided to move my funds to Veil coibsbecause I do not want my transactions being spied on or recorded. This issue of privacy invasion has to be dealt with.

Good move switching to DuckDuckGo! If you're serious about privacy protection please also consider using an VPN and some additional addon's for your FF browser like "uBlock origin", "Decntraleyes" and "HTTPS Everywhere". Maybe you wan't to check out https://steempeak.com/privacy/@doifeellucky/privacy-why-you-should-care

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