Practicals Today At The Electronics Lab

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Hello! Guys, today's practicals was fun and amazing. This has been the best practicals so far this year. Check out how we go about with our practicals in this post

Today's practicals was all about constructing and characterising a phase Locked Loop circuit.

ZomboMeme 21022018174621.jpg

ZomboMeme 21022018174309.jpg

i wouldn't want to bore some of you guys with much details.

My best friend was hiding when she realised that i wanted to take a photo of her while she was working with her group members.

ZomboMeme 21022018174403.jpg

But then i took this shot without her noticing. You can see they were laughing and having fun. Perfect timing?

ZomboMeme 21022018174425.jpg

I can not wait to see her reaction when she reads this post.

Guys please check out my previous post.

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