Canadian Paramotoring with our Sunset Skies - Flight #34

in ppg •  2 months ago 

Had a great flight to wrap up my training with my instructur last week, which was pretty thrilling to do my first longer flight out with this awesome scenery with our nearby river valleys. I can fly here from my house pretty easily as well in the future. We had a perfect smooth summer sunset flight for about 1:20min. Loving this sport and thought I'd share some flying footage of this new flying machine.


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Really great experience to fly in a parachute. But it is thrilling too. Imagine all those movies we had seen. Tried this once and you would want it more.

THanks steemfuture, ya it is a great experience. Lots of training needed to actually fly safely, but for aviation, its relatively easy to get into and accessible to a lot more people. Pretty great sport for sure!

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