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Power Ledger is the first ICO to come out of the land down under, Australia! When this Perth based start up began their ICO, news began to spread like wild fire that this company had something special to offer that appeals to everyone, cheap/cheaper electricity for your home.

In a nutshell, the platform aims to put the power to do what the consumer wants with its excess electricity generated from renewable solar systems. Giving consumers the option to trade power with other consumers, giving consumers the option to trade their power for more than the low rates that the Government may be currently offering.

With exciting partnerships already established with Origin, Western Power and Synergy, Power Ledger is already hitting the ground running, and the ICO is not even over yet! There are many intricacies with regard to how the platform and the trading will work, and rather than go into these, I highly recommend you peruse their detailed whitepaper and token generation event details at the following links


There were bonuses on offer in the first weeks, however, do not make this a reason to overlook this talented team. You know that sinking feeling when you realise how much more tokens you would have had, if you purchased when you fist had that inkling that this company is made of the right stuff!

Now...the best till last,https://powerledger.io/ has just formed a partnership with Indian Multinational company Tech Mahindra. Tech Mahindra currently turn over in excess of 4.35 billion USD per year! This is absolutely huge for a new cryptocurrency blockchain start up!

Within the trials, partners will link Tech Mahindra’s MaaS platform and combine it with Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled
energy trading systems at various trial sites in India.

If you have been considering investing in this ICO then have a look on their Twitter page at


They are very active here and the list of achievements just keeps on coming and we arent even started yet, this is going to be crazy explosive out of the blocks in my opinion. Dont miss out!

In case you skim read and missed it here are the important links for further information on how to invest in Power Ledger!




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Thanks @randowhale so glad I caught you awake mate!

So, if I had to share my extra solar power with someone else, how do I do it and where does the Blockchain comes into effect in all this?

I checked that a week ago but could not understand that part of it. I mean how am I going to lend my electricity from Washington to Chicago? I even wrote an article abut PowerLedger. In a technical section of faq they talks about it and says that you don't have to install any hardware or host application, all you have to do is to sign up and trade energy. I don't get it.


Initially large batterries are stores in groups of housing as I understand it. Check out the trial inWhite Gum Valley Perth which details this feature. The large communal batteries would collect and calculate input and out put as I understand.