Life is Good: A Saison at the Movie Theater

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At least in the States, most movie theaters don't serve beer or wine, but that is starting to change. District Theater, where this photo was taken, is one of two nearby theaters that sell beer and other adult beverages, along with food. This is a pitcher of St. Arnold's Daydream--a Saison made just north of this theater using a French Saison yeast. We were here to celebrate our daughter's 12th birthday. Her and her friends sat behind us adults, snacking on pizza and popcorn. As someone who was born and raised in the US I never imagined I'd be able to watch a movie in a theater while drinking a locally brewed saison. Life is indeed good.

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We have a movie theater that's somewhat local (less than an hour's drive, which by New Hampshire standards, equals "just down the road a bit") that used to boost of reclining seats taken from limousines, along with meals and beer/wine options. Now I believe they've changed the seating to some sort of plush recliners, but they still offer food & booze.

Over the years we've had a few birthday parties, family night out kinds of things - and I agree, it's a wicked kick to enjoy a beer whilst watching a flick. Having something locally brewed would be even more special. Oh, and happy birthday to your girl! 😊

I forgot to mention that the seats are actually large chairs that have electric tilt, including a foot rest that comes up as you tilt the chair back. I don't go to the movies often (too expensive these days for a family of four), but I'll be going back to this one.

Hey hold on one moment there. You have cinemas that sell beer? I think that is the most amazing concept in a cinema since Imax. That is awesome you get to eat and drink while enjoying a movie in a theater. Someone should do that here in our country.

Only a few sell beer--most do not serve alcohol. The ones that serve beer usually have a full food menu as well. Some will server at your seat, but for this one you have to go to the concession area to get food and drink. I actually prefer this arrangement, because when servers are coming to your seat it just disrupts the movie for others.

Beer & movies are a mainstream thing here in Portland, OR @toddrjohnson :) Perhaps you need to visit!!! There are two brothers, the McMenamins, who years ago started a brewery and began revamping old properties, as an example an elementary school no longer in use, and turn these properties into restaurants, a winery, hotel, concert area, distillery, golf...and the latest is a Hawaiian themed spot in Washington State. They have over 50 spots hear Portland alone, and growing. I've often wondered why other cities haven't taken on their ideas. They even hire local artists to design the spaces, so each is unique, creative, and fun. I recommend looking them up and of course, coming to Oregon to do a tour. More of an "adult" vacation, for sure. Enjoy your new theater ♥

Lots of cool and innovative things seem to happen on the West Coast, not so many in Houston. I've been to Portland once recently, but it sounds like I need to return for a visit to some of those McMenamins locations.

Oh, Houston. That explains kiddin' :) I've never been to Texas, but plan on doing so in our travels. McMenamins isn't the only operation, there are plenty more. They seem to have started the theme here, though. They offer incentives to travel through each location and receive discounts. I recommend starting at the Edgefield, located near the Columbia Gorge. It's an adult playground with all the bells & whistles, and quick access to hiking the most beautiful country on earth ♥

Not something that happens in our country either not theater for movies, in live show theaters, yes this has been the norm for quite sometime.

That would be worth a trip to the movies! I think many of us would rather stay home and watch something on Netflix!

We have quite a few near us now that have a bar out by the concessions, and then also plenty where you can order food and drinks right in the theater for a full dinner and a movie experience. I suppose with how much it costs to go to the movies anymore they might as well make it worth your while! :)

We have a local movie theater here that serves beer and wine. They are rare, yes. The Majestic in Gettysburg is more than a movie theater. They also often host stage shows and music concerts. But the beer an awesome social event. A rare find, I'm glad you got to enjoy it.

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That's so cool!

This proves my hypothesis that beer is appropriate anywhere, anytime.

Hell, with the Catholic Church's historically keen interest in the ingredients of beer in the past, I wonder why it's not an option over wine during that communion thingy?

Movies and beer? Makes me think of when I boarded a British ship for the first time and found out that they served alcohol in the NCO and Officer mess halls.

Man, I was having such a good time that I almost forgot where I was.

Kudos to my new Limey buddies for reminding me that, in spite of the beers and laughs, we were still on a Navy vessel; hence, must maintain proper military bearing (translated: Don't get drunk!).

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Wow, what a novel thing! I think we serve alcohol here at the movie theatres but it's definitely not a mainstream thing.... I need to try this one day, for sure :)

Wow! I am glad that I can get to this post on its last day for voting my friend! (7days). Here by us any alcohol stays banned at the movies.