ChillQuill's Support for The "Power House Creatives" (SteemitBloggers) in the 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest

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I am new to Steemit but my Dad, @quillfire, has been posting for more than a year. Recently, a contest sponsored by @theycallmedan, for the Delegation of 20,000 STEEM for 1 year, has become the sole conversation in our house. While I'm not a member of his group, the Power House Creatives (SteemitBloggers), I am hugely supportive of them.

@quillfire is currently running a min-contest to help PHC gain support from the Steemit community and so, he's very busy. I am still struggling to figure out how to create a post in the Steemit Editor (which, by the way, leaves something to be desired) but I told him I'd help with whatever I could.

And so, I'm going to create posts for some of the mini-ads he created for Twitter and other social media platforms. Here's the first: 



I will make additional posts as soon as I get them done.

If you haven't yet voted in the dPoll, there is a link at the end of this post. 

And visit @quillfire's Contest-related Poetry Posts, they're excellent:

  1. Victory's Price
  2. "They Call Him Dan" (Day 2)
  3. "They Call Him Dan" (Day 3)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank several very generous Power House Creative members for their delegations that have allowed me to post and comment despite my limited Resource Credits. (Dad tried to delegate to me but we haven't yet figured out how to make it work. He says to tell you he'll figure it out after the Contest so you guys can get your delegations back.):

  2. @fionasfavourites
  3. @lynncoyle1

Thank you.



How To Vote

  1. Click this Link 
  2. When asked, Login to steemconnect
  3. Select "steemitbloggers"


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Hey @savagekathryn :) You're most welcome; keep it as long as you need it and then some! And I use esteem to post; it's fairly user friendly and you receive a nice upvote from them most of the time as well. Finally, thank you for helping get the word out re: Dan's poll/generosity :)

How much steem power do you need to be able to post comments? It seems a shame that people can't comment when we talk about engagement all the time. Why can't we perhaps restrict up votes on new account comments but still allow them... Or something?
When I started back in the day 😆 we started with a spot of steem or sbd to play with, I don't remember exactly, but there was a bonus of some kind. Then I think delegation was part of the deal for the first few months. I'm not sure exactly where it came from, the steem god's bestowed it.
But times change. There was such a problem with spam comments, I guess this was seen as the solution, but it doesn't make for retention.
There seems to be no solution to the problems.
Every solution can be worked around or damaging to engagement.

I don't know how to delegate either. It's scary, but I learn these things from clueless old dad. Yep, I'm more hopeless than him. When he figures it out, let me know.

Hi @girlbeforemirror! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @savagekathryn
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

I am in no hurry to have my delegation back, pleased to support genuine talent on Steem. Remember me when you are rich and famous! ;)

Have you tried Partiko, esteem or busy to write your steem posts in? You might find they are more user friendly than steemit

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Glad to know it's being put to good use. Hang on to it as long as you need.

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That's a fabulous image for the PowerHouse Creatives @savagekathryn. Welcome to Steemit. The Steemit editor is fantastic once you become familiar with Markdown. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Absolutely!!! We really have such beautiful individuals in our server! Makes you go all warm and fuzzy hehehe :)

Wonderful to have you on board the steem train sweetie! Your dad is a ROCKSTAR!!! And thank you for all your support so far!!! :)