"They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest

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Poem by @QuillFire
Member, The Power House Creatives

They Call Him Dan

They call him Dan, who was the Man, 
The Man who said, “Enough,” 
I’ll not sit by and watch it die, 
I’ll call, the Gods, their bluff.   

I’ll use my might to flames ignite, 
Own profits, sacrifice, 
I’ll Delegate to elevate, 
Those Men who’ll pay a price.”   

And so they did as he had bid, 
Some Men, they drew their swords, 
For courage is contagious, 
As Fate all march towards.  

(Your Stanza)

So, it's Day 2 of The Great @theycallmedan 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest. The begging and pleading, coercing and cajoling ... anything to increase your team's dPoll votes.

And, undoubtedly (and understandably), people are getting weary of the Contest-related posts and resteems. But let me ask you this: When was the last time Steemit possessed this kind of enthusiasm? And, despite the circus-like atmosphere, do you believe it beneficial to re-energize the lethargic-of-late?

To my poem.

As you can see, I gave you the first three stanzas, and on each subsequent day of the Contest, I will provide another. There are eight stanzas in all.

I'm in advertising, which means I'm a sneaky and manipulative S.O.B. Here's my Machiavellian Plan. 

People have a need for completion so I'm going to draw you in with my unfinished, but ongoing story, the finale ever-so-close, yet tantalizingly just out of your reach. And, you'll want to resteem it too. Why? Because you'll want your friends to think you're erudite. And what's more erudite than poetry? You are a sophisticated thinker and it's time your bloody friends take note of the fact.

And, because each subsequent post will be different from those that proceeded it, and therefore novel, in your quest for erudition you will not even notice that you're giving me the ongoing distribution I desire.

Pretty clever, huh?

There's more.

All great Ad-Men know that you need to engage your audience, to get them involved. And so, I'm going to engage you by getting you to write The Next Stanza and drop it in my comments section.

@jaynie (our Commander-In-Chief) has agreed to hit The Best Stanza, daily, with the full might of the Power House Creatives' (SteemitBloggers) upvote, about $0.30 at the moment. Undoubtedly, there will also be lots of PHC members milling about, so who knows ... $0.50? Welcome to my world ... that of the Starving Poet.    

Mind you, the poem (an "epic") ... is about Dan and it uses both his name and his face. And, it recounts a story, about him ... in public. Now, he probably anticipates that I would refrain from writing anything salacious (after all, I have a erudite reputation to protect), but you lot are notorious rabble-rousers and hyenas. So, God only knows what you'd write. Right?

In advertising, this kind of high-stakes, ego-threatening ambiguity is called neurological crack cocaine. So ... perhaps a whale will be joining us in the shoals.

In any event, even if you don't get filthy rich, you'll at least become incredibly famous. So, tap your inner-Shakespeare and give me your best 4-line soliloquy to syrupy sentimentality.    

And ... prepare for the paparazzi.


How To Vote

  1. Click this Link 
  2. When asked, Login to steemconnect
  3. Select "steemitbloggers"


Really enjoyed the poem and the post! Go @jaynie!


Thanks Guys.

We win this thing one vote at a time. Every bit of effort ... counts.


The oceans stirred for it occurred
Small fish was not extinct.
No surrender. But would render
Great practice they distinct.


Man ... nicely done!

You've been holding out, my friend. You've got poet in you ... a fact I will not forget. It is my intention to turn all of you (PHC members) into poets ... whether you like it or not.

Note to Anglophones: Man is Bulgarian. If he can write poetry in English ...


I am not intentionally holding anything out or back or anywhere... I have just overtaken too many quests. Finishing a short story project along with other #powerhousecreatives friends, at the same time retouching 100+ photos for a client... No time to write my own posts, anyway. But engaging with yours seem less demanding in terms of concentration. Not starting from scratch does help.

Thanks for the words of appreciation. I'm just trying to be a sound link in that chain ;)


I'm just trying to be a sound link in that chain

And doing a great job, brother.


"They call him Dan, a special man,
bred to waken the steemit clan,
to offer a pot of honey,
as all are lured by money"

Apologies! Only saw now that I made a mistake with the; "pot of money" It should be "honey" (to draw)

I corrected it as you can see. Blessings!


I was going to mention ... you can't rhyme a word with itself. "Honey" (especially a pot of it), makes eminently more sense. :-)



Machiavellian realpolitik ... noteworthy for it's originating from a fellow named "Butterfly Charity." :-)

Great job, mate. :-)


Thank you Sir! Just a quickie taken off the cuff! Your prose is certainly noteworthy! Blessings!


They call him Dan, I'll call him Great
For mediocrity, he does hate.
The inspiration he offers to all
Rise up folk, answer his call.




There's poets everywhere in PHC! Well ... things are going to change in Discord. No more comments in prose ... Ballad Meter, minimum. :-)

Great Job.



W ... you're a poet. Where's your stanza?


Oh, if only I knew
who Dan the man was
Oh, who is Dan the man
if only I knew

This was an absolutely brilliant idea and I expected no less coming from someone with your quality and standards. You have never ceased to amaze me with how eloquently you create these writings. I hope @theycallmedan loved this poem and I urge everyone else to join in the fun!


Zord, thanks mate.

@theycallmedan ... there is a particular kind of poignance one finds in poetry. People searching inside themselves to find a way to make the mundane ... meaningful. To elevate with words the ideas, ideals and insights that those words articulate. It is alchemy and sometimes it succeeds, and sometimes it doesn't. But, I believe, it is the desire to try that ought still the heart.


Ha, very good. May the week be over soon, and may you guys win already - looks like it's in the bag! ;P xx


May the week be over soon,

You have no idea. :-)

and may you guys win already

And beautiful sentiment that I pray is prophetic.

  • looks like it's in the bag!

The Contest is not yet half over. We WILL fight for every vote until the very last moment.


Not good with writing, that's one of the reasons, why I became a painter. But I like your contest and will do my best to spread the... ahm... word :-)


Thanks mate.

Our artistic and creative gifts are often genre specific. Every once in a while I try to draw something (never mind painting it). Inevitably, the drawings are so bad that one wonders if I haven't, in fact, stumbled ass-backwards into greatness. Perhaps ... I am a Surrealist Master.

Certainly, the drawings are surreal.

Some goodhearted soul always makes things worse by encouraging me to "try, try again." Some nonsense about "the journey." Sometimes you simply have to call a spade a spade and admit, "I suck."

Thankfully, and rather amazingly, everyone seems to get something. And THAT is what the Power House Creatives is, unapologetically, about. Finding people who are good at a thing ... and making them Great.

Steel sharpens steel.

When I write a poem, others are inspired to paint a picture, or compose a melody, or prepare a feast worthy of king. It doesn't matter the Art Form, it matters only that it's Art. The same thing that drove Shakespeare ... also drove Da Vinci and Beethoven.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply... I should reply with a painting maybe ;-)

The same thing that drove Shakespeare ... also drove Da Vinci and Beethoven

I completely agree with that. The creative force flows through all of us and we all have our own way, to transform it into something we can perceive with our senses. Even if its "just" my mother's cookies :-)

Ahah same here! Have to express through draws what can't put into with words😁 we're twins😉ahah

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Great idea. Will come back later but cannot promise. It's quite a.weekend...resteemed...

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Thanks Fiona. Every day there will be a new stanza, and hence, a new opportunity to give it a lick.



Alas, it WAS NOT a great idea to launch it on a Friday night ... but the Contest's schedule is the Contest's schedule. Hopefully, it'll get some action tomorrow before the next post is due.

Anyway, thanks.


I think it should. It might run a just a little behind schedule. Silly me forgot to resteem it LOL. I added it to @pifc's contest channel.

I Resteemed good job with your words Quill👏🏻😃

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Thanks Jenina.

We WILL win this Contest if we don't get complacent. We MUST fight for every vote, until the very last moment.


Quill, this is awesome.

Great verses, no hearses, the living do celebrate
Push, shove, no other love can e'er recalibrate


Block, you never disappoint. :-)

BTW ... what did you think of Marg's (@girlbeforemirror) entry. I'm telling you, that girl's got chops. A couple minor edits to clean up the rhythm in a couple of places, but other than that ... incredible.

BTW 2, go read the next post in the series (I posted it a couple of hours ago). I gave Marg the win ... and @theycallmedan hit the post at 100%. It's nice to see a Whale with some literary taste.

BTW 3, Dan ... thanks.

BTW 4, Other Whales ... take note. This level of enthusiasm and excitement is what happens when you guys actually participate in the life of the blockchain. We need you guys to be leaders. Dan has demonstrated what happens when you do.