AWESOME NEWS- @Steemitbloggers And @Votovzla Both Won - THANK YOU To @Theycallmedan And @Bluemist

Hello dear Steemians

We Have Two Winners- And The Steem Blockchain Has Won Too

That has been an awesome week on the Steem blockchain. @Theycallmedan has put up a poll where a community could win a 10K delegation for one year and 2533 Steemians have taken action and voted for the community which they love most. 

It has been a head to head race from @Team-CN, @Votovzla and @Steemitbloggers. 2 huge country communities against  100 Steemians which are working together in @Steemibloggers. 

Finally the strong Venezuelan community has won but what for a surprise @bluemist , the owner of @appreciator has donated 10k for six months to @steemitbloggers because of their strong performance. Around 100 Steemians have been able to collect over 700 votes.  

Congrats to @Steemitbloggers

A Huge Thank you to  @Theycallmedan And @Bluemist for making Steem great again.  

For me that was so much fun to support the whole action.

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You are more than welcome and you guys truly well deserved it.


Thank you very much @bluemist :-)

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Great news and I congratulate @Steemitbloggers and @Votovzla!

Very happy. Congratulations to the winner.

I am happy for the good news! Thanks for your work.

Hi @lichtblick :)

¿Are these official results? Because I couldn't find any post announcing the final winner of the contest on Dpoll in @Theycallmedan blog nor on @emrebeyler blog either.



Thank you for the links @lichtblick. Yeah! looks pretty close to the 'final' results. :)

However, as the old and experienced Cranky Gandalf that I am. I think it will be more prudent for me that I wait a little bit until the main judges of this contest publish the official announcement on their blogs. Then, I'll stop frowning and will start smiling a little more to celebrate.

Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)

The steem community has some good people

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Totally agreed. Most steemians which I met in person are awesome humans.

You are a GEM! Thank you for all that you do. You've given us more than we could ever ask for! <3


You are very welcome.
It has been a pleasure to support @steemibloggers.