Just a VERY quick Congrats and Thank You!

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I really need to get some sleep, but before I do I just wanted to say a very quick congratulations to the @votovzla team - damn can you guys hustle! hahaha :) It was loads of fun! Second, I wanted to say a big thank you to @theycallmedan - you ignited a passion, energy and unity through that poll, which has not been seen on this platform in a very long time! To my #powerhousecreatives (@steemitbloggers) team - you guys are the most amazing people I have EVER worked with!!!! And even though we fell a few votes short on the poll, I would like you to contemplate the magnitude of what was achieved through this and the fact that it is in NO way a loss - not even close! The road forward is alight with SO MUCH for us to look forward to! And then last but most definitely not least... to all the communities and individuals that rallied with us, gave their sweat and tears, dedication and enthusiasm - A THOUSAND THANK YOUS!!! Through this, we have united the truly passionate people and communities of Steemit and now we need to nurture that so that we can ALL grow together! I for one am so filled with love and enthusiasm right now because I see what this has done... it has changed EVERYTHING and the road forward is going to such a good one because now we all stand as one. I could go on and on, but I am already in tears because this has been an absolutely mindblowing experience for me - seeing my small community make such tremendously large waves. You are such powerful and beautiful people and I am ever grateful to have you at my side and to call you family. I will sign off now as I really need to get some rest! Congrats all! Love you!!!!!!

Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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The initiative is very good, our team has not slept very much. We are all winners deserve also 10000 SP


Agreed!! And yes I think we all need a vacation too haha :) congrats again.


Now it's time to create an alliance with you. We don't have a barrier. lol


May Team-CN has no barriers too? 🤔

Maybe not if we are willing to learn Chinese and teach them english & spanish. Then ¡that's a BOMB! LoL


Congratulations to @votovzla. I just woken to this news. Congratulations. I second what @jaynie has said. I cannot speak for her, so speaking for myself, I love the idea of an alliance. Strength in numbers and especially if we all share a philosophy and ethos. Congratulations again!

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We don't have a barrier

I love that!!
Congratulations!! on the win @votovzla
Nicely done!!


Wow. When the great communities combined, that will be a steem bomb!


That’s a great idea!! From now on I’ll be upvoting all of @votovzla posts, since you guys are our allies now. :))


@steemitbloggers woke me up.

This was great it makes you feel alive and that you can do big things.
I congratulate the entire team of @steemitbloggers.


Yes! It made steemit exciting again!


Congratulations!! i saw how hard you were working when I was watching the poll :)

Really well said @jaynie! This was an awesome example of "community spirit" and showed a bunch of Steemians from everywhere getting enthusiastic about this place again. And that's a win-win for everyone.

A big congratulations to the @votovzla team! You guys really hustled at the end and earned a great win! May the delegation from @theycallmedan touch and benefit many many people in your community!

And if a new alliance can come out of this great event, then we're all truly better off!


Can only add a thank you to @qurator and @scrooger for their support, new friends, connections all round, a good poll with great gusto from many.

It was such fun seeing everyone rally to support their choice. Thanks @theycallmedan and congrats to @votovzla on the win! 💜💜💜

Hi @jaynie. Nice to meet you. I love your post. With your words you make my eyes fill with tears of happiness and fulfillment. Here we are a great family and I am very happy to see the pronouncement of all the communities. I think many positive things can be gained from these initiatives.

Kudos to everyone especially @steemitbloggers and congrats to team @votovzla. It was a heart pumping competition but at the end of the day it shows how Steem Blockchain can really create an impact to the community! Or rather how community can impact this blockchain. A big thank you to @theycallmedan for this competition because it has definitely proven Steem Blockchain community is truly awesome. Team @votovzla is the champion but to me everyone is the winner.

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Many thanks! We are all winners here! This contest sparked so much engagement and so many new connections.

Oh my! I thought powerhousecreatives had it! Well it was certainly close. This is a very gracious message!


We gave it a good run, that's for sure. I love how engaged everyone was!

I feel like I should just copy @traciyork's gifs. Congratulations @votovla and thank you to @theycallmedan.

It was a good old-fashion down to the wire contest. I like the idea of an alliance of sorts, we'll leave that to our illustrious leaders @jaynie and @zord189. Thank you both for everything that you do for us. Makes me proud to be a member of #powerhousecreatives.

(Sorry, getting tired the run-ons are running everything thought 😁 )

Sleep well!! You rock!! You have really shown what it takes to rally the communities to come together. Congrats to @votovzla! I am sure you will put the delegation to good use to help as many as you can!

Upvoted and resteemed!
We sure had fun coming together and the show of human support was incredible both from friends and different communities.

Rest well @jaynie
You did good.... YOU DID GREAT
Gave it everything til the very end.
And like the Winner you are.. you made sure your congratulatory message was posted first before getting some truly deserved rest
Sweet Dreams dear @jaynie
Will see you at the "House" <3

We did our best! It is amazing that our little community of dedicated bloggers was able to come so close!

Morning surprise...never thought we couldn't made but happy for votzala that pulled in the last min.
But the commitment and enthusiasm that we had is praiseworthy...

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You guys are awesome! It’s an amazing race!

And those are the quick congrats ;) Imagine the long ones... oh, wait, you've all seen them those days and will see them again.

@jaynie is amazing

Congrats to all involved! Each nomination and vote should make you proud a bit more.




Where to begin??

to team @votovzla. It was a hell off competition in a very good way, but in the end of the day well week it shows how the Steem Blockchain can really create an impact to the community!
A big thank you and shoot out to @theycallmedan for this competition because it has definitely proven this fairly New community is truly awesome. Team @votovzla is the champion but to me everyone is a winner, and My dear @jaynie and @zord189 soliders needs leaders of their unit, I think we you and All off us 77 did outstanding !

Awesome work @jaynie :-)

Get a good sleep @jaynie and congratulations to us all. We are all in the nomination together and we run the race together.

I read this post smiling through tears. My consolations is that @votovzla deserved this prize as much as we did. Both for their effort and for the quality content their project supports. And especially in this historical moment, as their country goes through so much suffering and turbulence. Congratulations and well done! <3

Love your attitude...and wisdom.

Namaste, JaiChai

A great ship always has a greater captain at the helm❤️

Congrats to @votovzla and I know their people needs such support of delegation because of their country's political and economic condition right now. @jaynie

Beautifully put @jaynie and your sentiments are carried along with all of us. Congratulations on a truly inspiring campaign. We are beginning to believe.

Congratulations to @votovzla I hope you get to do some great things with the delegation.

Is this the start of something very special? I feel a collaboration coming on!



At some point throughout the past week, this competition became about something more than winning a 10,000 STEEM delegation. All could feel it, many commented upon it. Somehow, perhaps surprisingly - and certainly unintentionally, a dynamic began to occur which seemed to transcend the competition itself, the figurative overtaking the literal.

In me, it stirred both the soldier and the poet ... and that is a potent thing. To every Member of the Power House Creatives, my brothers and sisters, I thank you for standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the face of overwhelming odds. Your manner of comportment was exemplary and you made me proud to be of your number.

In my last post, I stated (and perhaps you took it as a promise) that it would be my last competition-related poetry-post. Alas, poets have a problem containing words once thought, and so, I ask your forbearance ... one more ... dedicated to @jaynie, our august Commander-In-Chief.

I will announce it in Discord when I post.


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Oohh no, steemitbloggers not make it 😯 it was so close, really close 😊 maybe some other times @jaynie 😉