Negative people have a handy knack of embroiling you into their world of turmoil and despair...

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There is an expression that goes along the lines of -

"You don't have to attend every argument
You are invited to."

Never were truer words spoken. It is through life’s harshest experiences and toughest challenges that this mindset is born... And it is most certainly one that I choose to adopt. Now don’t get me wrong or misconstrue what I am saying... This does not mean that I don’t have an opinion or that certain things don’t upset me etc. It simply means that wherever I can, I make a conscious decision to walk away from situations when I can see that they are clearly heading nowhere other than South.

Negativity and negative people have a handy knack of embroiling you into their world of turmoil and despair...and once you step so much as a toe into that abyss, you will most likely look again and find that you fell in completely... Your entire energetic frequency has lowered, your ego begins to dominate and before you know it, you are feeling angry, bitter, frustrated etc. And this then starts to filter into the rest of your immediate environment. So why opt for that route In the first place?! Well, I don’t think it is always done consciously...

Negative people and circumstance can be very cunning indeed. For the most part, you will need to check yourself... Stop and say “do I really want to be a part of this?” Upon objective reflection you will most likely realise that it is not actually in your best interest, but the challenge comes in the turning around and walking the other way.

I find that some times are easier than others, But the fact remains that every time I succeed at this, I am very thankful after. My life is comprised of my choices, and I definitely choose NOT to fill it with negativity... So I will say what I want to say (if anything) And then, keep on walking...And if that leaves me being misread or misunderstood by the negative inviter...Well, tough. ;)

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Welcome dear...


Think this has been the theme of late from our conversations and pretty much based on what I was talking about in my post yesterday. I feel like a new man today and ready to say no to negative vibes (but is that a double negative? haha).

I did notice there's a spelling mistake in your opening quote - think it should be "iNvited to" and the capital Y? Not sure it's needed but you get my full vote because you're you!

Well, you will definitely not be ivited to my next party... pffffff hahahahaha (thanks for the heads up)

So glad to hear a more positive "you" xxx

Hahaha! Stop misspelling "invited"! You're messing with my spelling and grammar bee side 🤣🤣

Ivited ivited ivited 😈

Right, that's it, I'm instigating this haha --> 👢

Dont you mean imstigating.... hehehe

Ughhhh 😩 haha

Nice post!

So true! It’s always a choice but sometimes, depending on the argument going on, I let the slipping into an argument happen.

The greater the social distance the easier it seems to be to pass on an discussion “opportunity”.

At times even if you do not engage in an argument the subject matter stays with you which can also be nagging. 🤣

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Yes I think we all do that at times lol...

In addition I also think that age and maturity afford the perspective of "moving along' Haha

Very true!

lol..Howdy jaynie! Brilliant and wise.

I try lol. Thanks @janton

Howdy today jaynie! I think you more than try. I think you succeed and have become a great role model!

Nice inspirational post , you are right negative people always come up with negative talks . Before start any work they start thinking , what if it's not worked out well ??

!neoxag 20

That is so true. People often shut things down before they have even started. Thanks for the input and the neoxag :)

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Please check your wallet.

You must know my sister @jaynie 😁 she draws me in everytime! I need to walk away more often.

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True but sometimes easier said than done...

What a great quote, Jaynie.

”You don't have to attend every argument
You are invited to."

One can almost feel the negativity in the air when around negative or pessimistic people. Sometimes I get an actual headache and have to get away from the situation.

Reminds me of someone...

So true! I agree with every word you wrote! :)

Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for the reaffirming feedback :)