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I realize that this is a topic which is bound to raise varied opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs, much as I am entitled to mine. Everybody is allowed to exercise their own choices too. The matter of commercial and traditional social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. versus decentralized platforms is beginning to remind me a lot of the age old “feud” between Mac and PC users. The reality and outcome of that “battle” so to speak, was that over the years, the two simply had to learn how to co-exist together – with applications being developed for both sets of operating systems, because keeping them isolated was simply not practical when looking at the bigger picture.

Now, what I want to approach is not exactly the same situation, but the point that I am going to attempt to make, is. I am aware of the many reasons why people have chosen to remove themselves entirely from some or all of the mainstream platforms but I would like to dig a little bit into the reasons why I have not.


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I have made use of mainstream social media sites for years now, to market my then design and print business. I made the decision many years ago that with everything that is available at your fingertips you honestly don’t even need to pay for advertising anymore – and I proved that theory correct - time and time again over the years. A good 80% of my design and print production business came via the social media site advertising I did on FB pages, groups, twitter etc. When I joined Steemit, I continued to do that except that now it was to promote the blog content I was publishing.

Some may argue why you would want to “promote” your writing – but the entire point of a blog is for people to read it. You don’t spend your everyday creating content so that it can waft away into cyberspace serving absolutely no purpose. I think it would be a relatively realistic assessment that people create blogs perhaps initially with the idea of it being a part time hobby thing – but if most were really honest about it, the DESIRE behind it would be that it would eventually generate an income good enough to sustain your current lifestyle or perhaps even a better one. I honestly don’t think this is any different on Steemit, in fact I would go as far as to say that the likelihood of that is even greater as there is INSTANT earning capability. Yes, there are many other reasons for sticking around on the platform – nobody needs to explain those to me, because the “community” aspect of it is the reason I founded the #powerhousecreatives (aka @steemitbloggers) – but let’s not try and fool ourselves or anybody else for that matter… it is an even greater experience when the community and friendship side of it is coupled with decent post earnings.

So, that is why I want to touch a bit on the matter. For me personally, I have structured my Steemit “network” and reach to pretty much maximize tentacle reach as best I can.

  • I post ONLY via @share2steem now – Direct to Instagram. That reaches a % of my 1996 followers.

  • That is automatically shared to my personal FB profile which reaches a % of my 1173 friends.

  • I then make one manual share to my FB PAGE which reaches a % of my 2233 followers.

  • That is automatically linked to my Twitter account which then reaches a % of my 2150 followers there.

  • And let's not overlook your own direct follower increase generated from the above.

That on its own without ANY interaction or engagement on my shares is a pretty broad reach! A much broader reach than had I simply left it on Steemit alone. But the reality is, that the more consistent you are with it – the greater the levels of outside engagement become on the shares which you make.

Let’s take a hypothetical instance… A FB page post I make, which is automatically pushed out into a tweet. @nathanmars happens to follow me on Twitter and sees my tweet. He likes it and retweets it, and then it shows up in the feed of a % of his 2488 followers. One of those followers happens to be @stackin and because nathanmars shared it, he saw it and it sparked his interest, so he likes it and retweets it to his 24,3k followers… a VERY high percentage of those people reached would never have been reached without that one initial FB page share. And the numbers I have illustrated are ONLY the Twitter side of it. On Facebook, @zord189 may have seen my post and that then shows up in the feed of many of his 872 friends – many of which would never have even heard of me or my blog before. The same principle applies to sharing your content on Facebook groups.

I am certain I do not have to further illustrate this web of potential – and the fact of the matter is that this is not only beneficial to you as a content creator on Steemit, but it is good for Steem too! When people who are not a part of this blockchain adventure, click on a post that they have seen in somebodies feed, they are taken to the post and once read, they are confronted with the footer that invites them to join the community and get paid for their own content creation. This is an encouragement for new membership and investment – which is precisely what we ALL WANT to see happening! And the simplicity of it, is that it is ALL a numbers game! The more people reached with our content – the more people there are going to be clicking that little “sign up” button – and THAT is GOOD – REALLY GOOD!

This is one of the primary reasons why my #PowerHouseCreatives community now fully embraces and actively supports ALL avenues – not only decentralized platforms. No, it is not a compulsory thing, as we are mindful and respectful of people’s rights to make their own choices – but it is most certainly encouraged and enabled for the ones that do choose to see things the way I have just described above and I hope that in time, more people will begin to see the potential growth opportunities for Steem which present themselves very obviously when the two “worlds” work together!

...and just to reiterate, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice - this just happens to be mine ;)






Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I just started using share2steem for one post a day. I am only using it for twitter. My scheme with it has been to find a good steemit post from someone else and tweet that. I do not want to tweet my own post because then it would be on my feed twice.

But how are you making a unique post with all of this text? is all of this going onto your other social media as well? All this text can't go on twitter obviously.

I have been looking for @share2steem tutorial but only see those that tell you how to set up your account. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


I have never used it from the twitter side of things hon, only instagram - but you could still achieve the same result as I do with Twitter - as I mentioned to kaerpediem just now, What I do with relatively extensive posts like this one is I publish the intro paragraph and header image from instagram... and then just edit it on Steemit afterward. But the shorter posts I simply do as is on Instagram.

I don't think there are any tutorials as such - what sort of info would you be wanting to find out? Perhaps I can assist you?


I don't know exactly lol. This is just not clicking for me. I will edit here like you say and that will work for most of my problem I am sure. I was thinking other people were doing this before it got to steem. I might make post about the steps I take to see if I am doing something that could be improved. Thanks so much for your help :)

I have been not posting much to facebook besides what I share from here - an love the Instagram option. I do use it mostly for my Podcast account here @sustainablelivin which I had pretty neglected due to doing all the writing stuff :)

As you know, I looooove instagram and am doing most of my posts via that dapp and that has really helped with my growth. I can share from there to twitter, and probably should more, and rather than on Facebook. Or change my Facebook link to the Fiona's Favourites page and not my personal account. My personal account is just that - and you know my attitude there: if I'll share a glass of wine with you, or invite you for a meal, you can be my friend. That's where I share more personal stuff. Not so much on Instagram. I set up the Fiona's Favourites FB and Twitter account for my original wordpress blog and now my vornix wordpress blog also automatically posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I need to get my head around Twitter more.

@fitnfun and @kaerpediem, my long posts, I do via Wordpress but my "medium" length posts, I will do on my phone and either draft using the notes function and use the copy & paste function. If I am close to my laptop, which is easier typing, I work on Googledocs and do the same.

I might write a post about this at some point, but hope this helps in the meantime.

@denmarkguy and @nickyhavey - if you take lots of photos with your phone, Instagram and @share2steem is the way to go. As I have already said.

Thanks @jaynie for this - I am wanting to really work this thing feeling dragged in 55 directions at the moment, so.... What to focus on, what to less of, and what I really like doing: writing and cooking! With the (more than odd) photo in between! lol


I know exactly what you mean and I have found that doing it this way has allowed me to continue utlising ALL my platforms and pages with very little extra hassle!


Thank you @fionasfavourites
It makes sense for sure
I will try and figure out a pattern of sorts that works for me :)

It is an interesting talking point and one I have weekly when I gatecrash the @spotlight.artist show. As musicians (or any creatives for that matter), we need to get our content listened to and seen but the truth is, there are far more numbers on the mainstream platforms than the crypto ones. That being said, I've discovered a few more dnb fans in the #powerhousecreatives than I did on FB so there's that :)

Well worth being on both centralised and decentralised for sure!


Absolutely!!!! It completely boggles my brain why people wouldnt!

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Thanks for the reminder! I'm not much of an instagram user, but I do have other social media accounts that I've been using — and building — for more than a decade. Including a FB page with 18,000+ likes and a couple of groups I co-manage, each with 5,000+ members. Granted... they are "niche" venues.

But that only suggests that I should write more of that "niche" content here.

I'm really going to have to check out "share2steem."


@share2steem to me is really good.
You can share your social media stuffs directly to Steemit community via share2steem :).

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I agree 100% I love using it!


Those are definitely worth sharing to on a regular basis!!

Great stuff @jaynie! Keep up the good work you are doing.


Thanks @colinbrazendale :) appreciate the feedback :)

It is another way to advertise your businness and reach a new audience. :)

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It's great to see how you have connected your different social media accounts Jaynie. I know that I need to review what I'm doing with mine and streamline it a bit more. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks love, and you know... it really is as simple as a few clicks and then you never have to worry about it again :)


Will give it a go now Jaynie. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I am a share2steem and Instagram newb. Any tips and tricks on how to streamline and how you've set-up what you use for your process? I know @enjar would be interested in something like this as well as we're looking at setting up blogs and think this would be great to get more attention on what we're creating here and on our blogs.

I've started finding the importance of using all these tools as well and just getting started on figuring out how to chain this all together.

Howdy jaynie! Very good business philosophy and strategy! I wish you much continued success!


Alright Jaynie, I'm sold.

I will sign up on Share-To-Steem following this comment. I'm going to have questions.

As an aside to other readers ... what Jaynie is talking about is the creation of self-reenforcing feedback loops ... where one thing force-multiplies another.

Jaynie mentioned that:

@nathanmars happens to follow me on Twitter and sees my tweet.

That got my attention.

Here's my latest post.

Note that Jaynie's is the top comment. Click on the upvote arrow and notice how she got there: @nathanmars. Now do the same for the post itself: His username is absent from my upvoters.

My conclusion is that Jaynie's comments are on his auto-upvote program ... and the result: Jaynie's comment will make almost as much as the post that inspired it. Jaynie has created a positive feedback loop that I have not.

Physically, I'm bigger than Jaynie ... but she knows karate. Her technique is force-multiplying her force ... turning a pint-size pussycat into a lioness. Brains over brawn.


This is an informative post @jaynie. Thank you so much for sharing always . :) Have a great day ahead.


I never really use Instagram but with share2steem I might invest my time on Instagram or other platforms. Thanks @jaynie :)


Well yes - give it a try for sure, but I was not punting that specific platform - I was merely voicing my thought process regarding the use of mainstream social media to build not only your own steem network - but to grow steem as a whole.

Right on @jaynie! I love the way you see and explain things 👍😀

I have to admit I am one of the ones that had totally abandoned traditional social media once I found Steemit..and it does feel really weird stepping back into those arenas after so long...but its well worth it on so many levels.


Lots of Love!

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Thank you hon :) They ALL have their uses! And if building your network is one of your objectives then yes, it makes complete sense to make use of as much of it as you can! :)

Jaynie , you make some good points, but allow me to make a counter-arguments. Many businesses and technologies that failed to adapt to changing market conditions went extinct and nobody hears about them anymore: Blockbuster, My Space, ICQ, HD DVD, etc...

Will Twitter, Instagram and FB be around 5 years from now?


Who knows :) Their levels of adaptability or continuance are not really what I was getting at... which was simply this - Marketing is all about numbers and If "they" aren't around, something/someone else will be - and I will STILL be pro sharing your content on any and EVERY place and space available to do so. It is basic networking - and it is effective at cultivating growth no matter which way you swing it. If I am not mistaken, you are an avid @share2steem user, so my sentiment must resonate with you on some level ;)

Yup, you are the queen of social media, you are everywhere :) It is nice to know that your efforts are rewarded. Keep up the good job! 💚


junkie alert< haha xxx

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Awesome work what you are doing. Shared with my followers.


MWAH!!!! Thank you xxx

Alright, I'm sold @jaynie

In truth I have been reluctant to use my facebook and twitter accounts until the dpoll race when I was tweeting stuff.

My twitter followers are football fans of the same team plus a few family and friends but it's occurred to me that I could still tailor my posts for that too. My facebook account was something I was planning to slowly kill off, although I have built up friends from the 4 different countries that I have lived so far. I will change that now as well.

My wife and I are planning, over the next few years, to gradually cut the cord so we can travel and work at the same time. Jayne's starting a Uni coordinator business and she is also externally marking and verifying for a couple of exam boards. I'm planning to build up my blog here on steemit and see where it could take me. The traveling giving me ammo for the blogging, in turn paying for the traveling. Sounds to good to be true.

I might have to have a little chat with you and use your extensive knowledge on how to combine the other formats. I think, to start with, I would post infrequently and selectively to slowly ease in everyone who follows/friends me.

What do you think?


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Thank you :) Really appreciate you highlighting my content - upvoted and resteemed.


You are welcome.

Share2Steem is the only one I sometimes go back and forth with because of my fat fingers and poor eyesight
Did you write this whole thing on Insta on your mobile?


What I do with relatively extensive posts like this one @kaerpediem is I publish the intro paragraph and header image from instagram... and then just edit it on Steemit afterward. But the shorter posts I simply do as is on Instagram.


oK, yeah that's what I have done a couple of times
Definitely manageable just need to be creative (like you ;p) on how and when
Thank you Jaynie :D


pleasure sweetie! If you need to know anything specific - just shout!

All we do is grow grow grow!

I kinda left my other social media platforms and blogs go dormant when i joined Steemit. All except my FB Writers Secrets page that I had built to 3000+ and just didn't want to see it die so I kept posting there. Now with the apps where you can connect to your Instagram, Wordpress sites etc. I'm starting to revive those old platforms and extend my reach.
Thanks for this extra prompt to get on to it!

I've never been able to get a handle on the automation thing with Facebook to Twitter to this to that. I guess I'm not so much a social media butterfly.