How DARE YOU question my AUTHENTICITY on STEEM! - This one goes out to you @themarkymark and the rest of you that hopped on that ship!

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When I began my journey here on Steem, I primarily used it as a way for me to “process” many of the experiences in my life. I shared the things I had been through, what I had learnt from them and steered them mostly in the direction of motivating and inspiring others to see a similar light at the end of the tunnel.

I also made use of the platform for sharing my culinary passions and adventures. Despite a few “random” posts and contests in between, these two threads have become the niche of what I write about – hence I developed the tag line “Food for the soul & the tummy” on my independent blog site.

I have been through enough turmoil in my 3D life that when I stepped into this space, I made the decision that I would not involve myself in any of the politics or drama – I know how energetically taxing it can be - however, I am also not a doormat and I feel now, that I need to speak up. For 2+ years I have gone about my business here, sharing my content, building my PHC community and focusing on the things and people which make me smile and make my world a happier place.

I received a comment in my early days here, something along the lines of ”You post nothing but fluff and quotes” - did it hurt reading that? Yeah sure it did – because had the individual taken even a moment to actually read the things I shared, they would realise that they were snippets of my fncking life! I may not be confident enough to hit the realms of dtube or 3speak but I write my heart out, and despite what others think and say – sharing things about your life that you would often prefer to forget is not the easiest thing to do… but I found that every time I did it… I grew internally. I am not generally one to actually “speak” to those around me when I feel weak, insecure or disheartened and I found that writing helped me to find a voice – so I used it.

As the weeks turned into months, I started to really enjoy this “Steem” space and I began to spread my wings. I launched the PHC community, started running fun contests (well, I thought they were fun at any rate) such as #trackoftheday which MANY Steemians are familiar with. My focus shifted and I wanted to start finding ways to support all the awesome people that belong to my community. I have published COUNTLESS posts that highlight my PHC family (and I grabbed one random link from google).

I have launched Steem on-boarding initiatives a plenty!!!!!! (again, one random post from google), I have initiated vote curation for minnows, I launched @theluvbug to try and support those that were not seeing the light of day and I continue to manually curate from that account to this day. I, and my PHC members were the TOP LISTED in every single one of @nathanmars Steem initiatives on Steem and Twitter, my “little” team and I took on UNFATHOMABLE feats in both of @theycallmedan’s dpoll contests – and not only did we come second in the first round (China, Venezuela and little US..), but we won the second stint… all “100 of us”. Even on my independent blog I promote this blockchain AND all our PHC members!!!! I spend literally every waking hour tweeting Steem content & promoting our blockchain – and these are the things I can recall as I sit here now…

Every SINGLE morning, I rock up here to STEEM to show face, do what is required of me as a founder to my community and support the people doing their bit! I sit in the car refreshing all Steem related feeds, resteeming people’s content and doing whatever I can to better their and my experience here!

Oh, and in case it was not something considered, I am also a mother and my little man, who is also on Steem @judethedude – IS a priority in my life - so some days I do not have the time availibility or the energy to punch out a post that might meet the approval of those that took pleasure in discussing my work. Oh, and seeing as we are talking about family, my mom @lizziesworld is also on Steem!

I am nothing short of insulted by what I read in that conversation that you initiated @themarkymark and that my authenticity and integrity be questioned here on Steem! I certainly hope that I have cleared things up for you and those that shared similar question and doubt. The way I see it, we either go our separate ways, or we become the greatest of friends… (I have no interest in war – life is too short) I am open to both possibilities, but do NOT EVER question my authenticity EVER AGAIN – because then I will most certainly ignite my twin. I don’t care about “power” – but I DO care about positive influence and that is a power, once harnessed that few can turn a blind eye to.

Oh, and for those among that discussion that weren’t aware – “live focus” – or as otherwise referred to as “bokeh” is a standard function on the Samsung Note 9 phone – and quite popular at that! - No, I don’t STEAL my photos or my content ;) – trust me, FEW have done the debortuous things I have…not very easy to plagiarise lol.

Kisses to you @themarkymark ;)




Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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I initially voted your post because I just discovered you and I thought it was an excellent post and was going to add you to my curation list. I later see it was removed and replaced with a single image of a road. So I asked the following question.

I know nothing about you but that post I voted. As someone who spends most of their time finding abuse, I was completely taken back but the swap of content. A tactic used often by users who steal or recycle content. I already was skeptical as most people do not put much effort into their content and to see it swap raised many red flags.

The reason I even cared is because I was trying to find more people to vote to daily and wanted to make sure they deserved it.

As for a tiny bone to pick? I didn't even realize you were that person in the previous post I downvoted for $0.000 because it was off-topic for a STEM community. As I said in my reply it was nothing person and nothing about if your post was good or not, it was just off-topic and it was flagged with zero stake just enough to hide it in the tribe.

I tried to explain why I downvoted you with no stake but you were not getting the message. I fully stand behind that downvote and what I said in that post. A tribe (niche) has zero value if it is not moderated and anything is allowed in.

I honestly could care less that you questioned my downvote, I did it to protect my community and I will do it again and again. I didn't take what you said personal and moved on immediately after my last comment. It's unfortunate you apparently still do not understand why I flagged you and how it took no rewards from you. As I said before, it had nothing to do with the quality of your post and it was not personal.

Firstly, out of the 1717 posts I have published on Steem, he has not engaged or voted on a single solitary one in two years and nor have I on his - (not to my recollection anyway).

I don't remember ever seeing a post from you in the past, I didn't even realize you were the same person who complained about the $0.00 downvote due to the off-topic post. I must have a strange way of retaliating at people seeing as I actually upvoted the post in question.

Thanks, I think I've had my fill of drama for the day.


Mate, did you ever screw the pooch on this one.

I don't remember ever seeing a post from you in the past ...

Witness, huh? If you don't know who @jaynie is, then you've been living in that "Whale/Witness/Dev" bubble that I, and so many others, have written about endlessly ... a fact about which, I suspect, you will become very familiar over the next couple of days.

Jaynie engenders ferocious loyalty and you're about to get a taste.

Make no mistake ... there is no contribution to the blockchain that you and/or your fat-walleted friends make that exceeds the value added by Jaynie. Do recall that absent human beings, the "code" is utterly worthless. And Jaynie has done more than anyone you could name to preserve the blockchain's ever-dwindling user base. Indeed, I would bet my ass that she outworks you on nine days out of ten. Before you say anymore, I would counsel you to DM a fellow whale such as @theycallmedan and find out who you're talking about.

A lesson you young Millennial fellas at the top don't seem to have grasped is that "buying influence" is not the same as "earning it." People salute Jaynie not because she has a pocket full of pesos, but because she leads from the front. The tip of the spear ... you know, like Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Caesar and Napoleon. You would do well to take some tips.

Speaking of tips: If ever you suspect Jaynie of doing something nefarious, your information is wrong. Take your finger off the trigger and do some more investigation. And here's another: If you think this chickenshit stuff is the reason STEEM is at $0.18, ranked 78th in market cap and has an ever-decreasing user base, you need to spend some time in self-reflection, Or, go read a few articles on my blog.

Member, the Power House Creatives
(The House that Jaynie built)

Hey Quill, I didn't know who she is either. I've seen her twice now. Both times remind me of the word... Tissy fit.

It's disappointing to see a level 71 content creator with apparently a great rep and following, over-reacting in such a manner.

I find the entire conversation to be beyond silly.

I know Jayne, but not of Jaynie.

"We gotta go the crappy town where I'm a hero."


Close enough. :-)

BTW, I call your Jayne and see you one Jaynie.

Mate, what do you say we call a truce. If nothing else, the fact that this seemingly insignificant incident has blown up so spectacularly ought to give you pause ... if not cause to be impressed.

What kind of person inspires such ferocious loyalty? They are few and far between.

Jaynie is our lioness.

We are protective.



As I said to markymark - In the2+ years that I have been around here, I have had one other "rant" post - and that was actually directed at people being negative toward Steem. So surely, someone like yourself can ascertain that as someone who is not in the habit of posts like this, something must have really upset me.

All I actually wanted was either an acknowledgement that the opinion driven conversation in a public chat room was rather inappropriate or an apology for doing that in a public space. It may not have come from him, but I got both the acknowledgement and the apology from justine in this thread here - that is more than enough for me and I am genuinely thankful that she was a big enough person to see it from my perspective, so I thank her for that.

I was not after anything else - like I said in the post, I didn't want a war - but what transpired hurt and I was entitled to have a voice about it - and now it is done. I have no intention of engaging or harping on it any further. Life goes on and truth be told, I detest conflict like this because it never leaves a good taste in ones mouth and it eats you from the inside out, which is why I mostly avoid it... this occasion was an exception only because I was honestly mortified - that is all.


Why am I the only one who doesn't know how to make cartoons and memes? Hell, I can barely do emojis.


Well aren't you a good sport? I like to use:

Psh that's for filthy casuals. Everybody knows real experts use MS Paint!

Personally, I am an intermediate-ish so use ZomboDroid apps and Adobe


Well aren't you a good sport?

I write a lot of satire. A laugh is the correct response to that which is funny. Your cartoon was funny (and closer to truth than you might suspect ... I was a soldier long before I was a poet). Once you lose the ability to laugh at yourself, it's all over but the crying.

Memes: There's an app for that. I should have known. If my daughter doesn't tell me how things work, I never find out. :-)


I was once put on themarkymark shit list for making a mistake on Steemit that caused my blog to shit out 32 posts under @raymondspeaks in the space of 2 minutes. It took a long time to clear that one up!

If there's anything I can say is this -- don't read too much into what people say because most of the time most people talk shit, and it's more about how they feel inside than you do.

Keep posting in the neoxian tag because it's not only reiki that's a whale over there anymore. Ahem, I'm one too! And I'm a big fucker, and growing lol. And I have a feeling we'll moon at some point.

You were also immediately removed when we spoke and worked out the issue. I also went so far to help you get verified with SteemCleaners to prevent further issues.

If I didn't blacklist you in the first place, it would have been irresponsible of me as someone maintains one of the largest blacklists.

This is true - duly noted :) - I concede your point. Sorry!

No worries. Just like things to be accurate.

I actually remember that instance. And yeah I know you are right re. people and the things they say. I will get over myself, but when you don't understand something it makes it a little more difficult. Appreciate the positive vibes as always xxx

I hear you - I'm only looking at this from the outside.

I feel you too though. When the man cave was born and we were making tracks, whaleshares officially claimed it as a scam coin and that people should burn it whenever they received it. People were then too afraid to connect with us and plummeted our discord into absolute silence - forever dooming it. Anything I did or announced was laughed at and criticized - so I had to pull out of bitshares and take us in a new direction.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it now. One thing is for sure -- no-one is going to pull us out of this mess apart from me. But for now, I build, collect, and inspire!

Never give up! I hear you own your own coin now. Awesome. And keep doing as you are doing - this may sound like empty platitudes but I assure you it's not. I'm doing the exact same thing haha.

  ·  last month (edited)

Hey Jaynie, saw this post as you shared it on twitter and was a bit confused when I came over here to be honest.

Since I was there for that convo I wanted to just say a few things but have no idea of past issues so it’s just on the convo specifically-

Your amazingly well done food post was dropped and asked if you were “real”... as the person wanted to curate you but wanted to ensure it was authentic.

I believe many said “yes she’s legit” and went on to say the projects you were involved with. I myself commented that the post seemed much higher level than the past photos I had seen but perhaps it was a new camera. Then went on to say I did not believe you would plagiarize at all so stood by the “she is legit” stance. Many stated the same.

Then many went and voted your post, those who could log in and do so (I was not able to at that time). And that was the end.

Later when steempeak was back up I went to grab your post to vote it with c-cubed as well as share it with larger stakeholders.. and that’s when I saw the old content had been deleted and was replaced with something else. This I found odd, and yes considering the previous discussion (as well as being a curator sometimes people do this to hide things), it made me wonder what happened.

Many of the people had voted your recipe post and now it was something else, so they wondered what had happened.

You explained what had happened, it was understandable and again that was the end of it.

So I’m wondering if you saw all the conversation or only parts out of context, as I very much don’t want you to feel attacked and don’t think that room intended to do so (again as many voted the post). I did not see anyone accuse you of anything, rather just a discussion of individuals who then went on to vote your post.

So, I’m sorry this happened to you.. and I hope that it can be put aside and move forward in a positive light.. but I wanted to give a full story or what happened (from my side at least).

@justineh, before I even get into responding - I would like to say that I respect you coming here to state your case. I am not quite as confused though. I know what I read (convo from start to finish), and whilst yes - people are entitled to their opinion, I was pretty hurt to read the things I did and that you even doubted me for a second as well as your opinion of the quality of my content. If my "Meat loaf post" was "insanely professional compared to my normal stuff" - then you have not read much of my stuff! That alone, was like being hacked with a lawn mower! Yes, you had my back initially, but then you "didn't so much". - So, forgive me while I get over myself.

As I said previously in reply to you, it is quite apparent that @themarkymark has a teeny weeny little bone to pick with me because I stood up to him regarding his unprofessional downvote on my tribe post. Prior to this encounter, he didn't even know I existed! All of a sudden, I am being brought up in chat sessions?! Must be coincidence....

I have no bone of contention with you Justine - not really - other than the fact that by a waft of persuasion you questioned my authenticity... (and this sentiment extends to the rest involved in the conversation) - My bone of contention is addressed to @themarkymark, because he is clearly annoyed by the fact that some little dip shit stood up to him.

With all the KAK (it's a South African term for SHIT) going on here on Steem, PLEASE explain to me, why I was even on that "STAND in the first place?! Why did nobody come to me personally to ask? Surely I have warranted at least that?! - Because I cant a fnck figure it out?! It definitely does NOT make me want to continue with my passion for Steem... I realise I am small fry to the rest of you folk, but like I said in one of my MANY replies to @themarkymark - we too have a voice, and in numbers, it makes a VERY big statement.

  ·  last month (edited)

That’s fair, and while I stand by my actions, I could have articulated them better. The photography was a different style, and I was impressed. As far as anything with Marky, I have no idea and won’t fight that battle. I do know that he voted the post though, as did others.

(Edit as I see you added more to your comment) -

I don’t think anyone came to you as there was no need to, we all said it must be yours due to your standing and history and then we voted it..

The problem arose when then we went back to the post and you had completely removed the content and replaced it with something else, and then I did come to you... I left you a comment and asked what happened.

This has nothing to do with being a small fry or not, this is a common discussion between those curating posts.. it was not meant as disrespectful.

So again I apologize if anything that was said was hurtful and for whatever part I played in that.

Apology accepted.

to be fair. I think you maybe took what he had to say a bit too personally. Or maybe I saw it from a mostly disinterested 3rd party. What caught my attention when he asked about it was his comment on the level of professionalism the post showed which he felt was more than is usually seen on the platform.

With the amount of abuse of the platform he deals with, I got his caution. He wanted to upvote it, he just didn't want to end up with egg on his face. Apparently not aware that you have a good reputation. It's quite apparent from the level of posts on your website that you have listed at the bottom of the post that style is your norm.

  ·  last month (edited)

I might have agreed with you, if it wasn't for two glaringly unavoidable aspects -

Firstly, out of the 1717 posts I have published on Steem, he has not engaged or voted on a single solitary one in two years and nor have I on his - (not to my recollection anyway). Until a few days ago when I foolishly made use of this STEM tribe tag, seeking input and info from people supporting various tribes. At this point I was slapped with a downvote and he made his first ever comment on a post of mine and was clearly not impressed by the fact that I voiced my opinion about how he could have handled the matter more professionally. Suddenly he is now putting my post links into a chat to start supporting my work?! - and with an opening line that was nothing short of a slap in the face to boot.

Secondly, 90% of what he had to say throughout that conversation threw me in a negative light, adding his irrelevant opinion about my work itself and repeatedly suggesting that he suspected plagiarism.

I was not born yesterday and there is nobody that will convince me that he dropped that link into that chat with any intention other than to slate me. I understand that plagiarism is a problem on this platform and in fact all over the internet - I too feel very strongly about it and everybody knows I have a zero tolerance for it in my PHC community. I also understand that there are chat rooms to discuss potential plagiarism etc. - we have one in our community too - but to my mind, discussing your personal opinions of a person's work, style or creative angle is (again) utterly unprofessional and incredibly bad form - especially when dropped at the eyes of 200+ other Steemians.

I am afraid in this instance, I am not in anyway convinced that he had positive intentions.

As for my work, I appreciate you making note of that and yes, with 17 years as a business owner in the desktop publishing and design field I would be a pretty poor show if I was not skilled at making things aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Anyway, it is what it is - yes I am upset, angry and insulted that I was the topic of such a discussion as well as having to read the "opinions" dished out regarding my work so I felt the need to voice that - and now it is done. I have no interest in a ping pong match, and in general (as mentioned in this post) I prefer to avoid conflict around here - but I do have a voice and a right to use it when I feel I have been wronged, so that is precisely what I did.

  ·  last month (edited)

Good god this is getting over the top.. this is what the 4th post you have written about it? He was asking if you were a real content creator so he could vote you.. we discussed it. This sort of discussion is very normal among curators, as one yourself you think this would be understandable.

No one has a bone to pick with you and quite frankly you are the one in the wrong -

You made a post when Steem was down and then removed it and didn’t even have respect for those who had voted your original post. It was sitting at over $2 and hadn’t even been up that long.

The chain was back up when you removed it.. the post probably would have hit trending (as I came back to make it happen).. but instead you decided all those votes weren’t enough and you swapped the content without even making a note in the post as way.

Then when two of us came to ask you why you swapped the post out (which you keep saying no one did), and instead of just answering, you made another post to act like we were insane for asking.

Stop making this something it’s not.. we were trying to support you ffs. Who cares if he had never voted your post before, he wanted to vote that one.. and oh btw.. if he never voted your posts before wouldn’t it make sense that he didnt know who you are?

This is getting out of hand and you are being quite over the top at this point, dragging people through the mud WHO WERE TRYING TO SUPPORT YOUR CONTENT.

Seriously Jaynie, take a step back and see the damn votes on your post.. why the hell would anyone vote it if they were accusing you.

Yes you edited the post, that’s fine.. as we all said. Why the hell you are still talking about this is beyond me. And in fact I’M OFFENDED that after I vogued for you and your content you decided to remove the content people voted for and replaced it with one photo.

I’m offended that I spent my time to ensure your post was seen and rewarded just for you to throw a fit and act like people are attacking you and “silencing” you. I’m offended for the lack of respect you had for those the Voted you and all the drama and rudeness you have directed at the people who voted your post since then.

Feel free to make a few more posts about how this one day some people tried to vote your content and you swapped it without a word of why, but at least be a bit more honest with yourself.. as no one attacked you and I don’t like being accused of shit that’s not true for dramatic affect.



Let me say this to you, and anyone who cares to read this comment:

  1. I am on Steemit because of you. I recall our telephone conversation. (For anyone interested, Jayne and I have been friends, well, let's just say, since before @judethedude was born). Seminal to that conversation other than my introduction to crypto, were that plagiarism was a no-no and that others' images had to be sourced. This was more than 2 years ago.

  2. I stayed on Steemit because of Jayne's PHC (formerly @steemitbloggers) initiative.

  3. I survived and worked through being phished and hacked, and through HF20 because of the generosity of members of this group.

In conclusion Jayne is not just a loyal friend, but she has integrity and dedication, not to mention tenacity that is rare.

Jayne, I know this has hurt, but pick yourself up, and as we say in South Afrika, vok maar voort.

Love you, my friend.

Thank you for the validation @fionasfavourites and yeah I shall vok maar voort - but perhaps just not today. Love you too and thank again for stepping forward... it means a lot.

Timeout and perspective, Jayne. xxx

Wow! Is this that "New Steem" I keep hearing so much about? Lol

Is just more drama than old Steem ;)


Would have preferred an Oscar, but I suppose a token will do lol.

Would have preferred an
Oscar, but I suppose a
Token will do lol.

                 - jaynie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lol, popcorn.

Just one more day in our little utopia.
Steem on!

And you got a haiku, too! We apparently need a haiku token.

With this drama performance you certainly deserve one.

@themarkymark In the2+ years that I have been around here, I have had one other "rant" post - and that was actually directed at people being negative toward Steem. So surely, someone like yourself can ascertain that as someone who is not in the habit of posts like this, something must have really upset me.

All I actually wanted was either an acknowledgement that the opinion driven conversation in a public chat room was rather inappropriate or an apology for doing that in a public space. It may not have come from you, but I got both the acknowledgement and the apology from @justineh in this thread here - that is more than enough for me and I am genuinely thankful that she was a big enough person to see it from my perspective, so I thank her for that.

I was not after anything else - like I said in the post, I didn't want a war - but what transpired hurt and I was entitled to have a voice about it - and now it is done. I have no intention of engaging or harping on it any further. Life goes on and truth be told, I detest conflict like this because it never leaves a good taste in ones mouth and it eats you from the inside out, which is why I mostly avoid it... this occasion was an exception only because I was honestly mortified - that is all.

I don't really know what happened, but reading both @themarkymark and @jaynie... well, I think there was just a small misunderstanding that is rapidly snowballing out of proportion. I know both of you (although I have more direct involvement with @jaynie) and I really don't think that there is any ill-intent on either side.

Bad move fuckerrrrrrrs!

You picked on the wrong person in Jaynie here - one of the most passionate and authentic steemians on the platform and, I dare say, the PHC community is probably producing the best content out there with all the supports and member suggestions from the @steemitbloggers daily posts.

The steem user base is dwindling enough without you big cats going for one of the most creative group leaders on this blockchain.

Questioning her authenticity? PAHAHAHAH!

Be careful on your allegations because if you're going after one of the blockchains most creative groups, you won't have any decent quality left to curate because you'll have just killed ANY enthusiasm left for posting here.


I had a feeling you'd have something to say on this matter. :-)

You've got warrior in your soul, brother ... PhD or not.


Well, I have both ;)

You make a nice post, I haven't run into you before the conversation either.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal and I still don't.

There are plenty of reasons to question content on the site that have nothing to do with you.


This is where the conversation started. Gosh, that doesn't seem too insulting now does it?

Then a pause while we talked about the state of Steem.

And then the conversation turned to talk about @clayboyn's nipple.

There ya have it folks

lol at the nipple xD
But wait, that's it?? I see nothing wrong tbh. Just honest opinions about the post.

I'm at a loss for words, @jaynie. Of all the people on this platform, for you to be accused of stealing content... I can't even.

I am beyond disappointed that this happened to you. While I haven't seen the conversation in question, I can say - fuck the whale/flag wars, tearing down people who pour their heart and soul into this community will be the real Steem killer.

Except she wasn't accused the conversation happened in my chat. I can pull the transcript if you like.

He said... Is this person real, because this is a GREAT looking post.

Many of us didn't know Jaynie and went and voted on it. I don't even understand what she is talking about here.

Now, after discovering her, I'm ready to forget I met her, this is so ridiculous.

Now, after discovering her, I'm ready to forget I met her, this is so ridiculous.

I know, it's SOOOO overblown makes one wonder if it was actually intended to be. Well people if you didn't know Jaynie before you sure do now....

It's actually a little hard to fathom that you guys have never ran across her before, I followed her for a bit, she does excellent post....her son on the other hand?....well, I think mom will continue to polish the lad up over the years, until then I couldn't take her resteems of his posts, she was a trooper about it.

I am this close to walking away! Thanks for the reassurance and validation @traciyork. Going to chew on this one for a while before deciding which direction I head next. xxx

Fuck, fuckatti, fuck fuck fuck. Can i have a drana token!!!! You're kind of like me I like to help anybody who asked for help and engagement self in projects that people would have me in but I'm kind of like a lone ranger to... I've been following your stuff for a while and I know you have your personal blog, And you do your Instagram and I always see like recipes and culunary stuff so yeah... Are they saying that you're like not a real person? Like Captca is needed. Lolololol. I always enjoy your stuff however long or short. You very seldom have a short post and and when you do it's something impactful an important. In the end it doesn't matter and this is our space to do with what we want our own individual accounts. Over time we build our audiences and the people that up voted us . Shut I hit enter too early. I see you also very engaged in steam on other platforms as well so I don't know what anybody's talking about. I think they just need to actually stop and look at your content and read what you're saying is actually get to know you before making any kind of assumptions and maybe I'm not really understanding the exact post but I think you're great bottom line

Here you go, because you asked nicely....


You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to


Thank you sweetie that means a lot. I know I should not let it get to me, but sometimes that is easier said than done - but I will... the trust factor however is gone and that seldom returns. I really appreciate you stepping forward to have my back. xoxoxo

!neoxag 100

Thank you xxx


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Hi @jaynie I think I've missed something somewhere! All I know is you are one of the driving forces behind steem. The way you motivate people within the powerhousecreatives group is incredible. You must have days where you can't be arsed but we never see that. You are one of the most genuine authentic people I know on steem. I'm sure there must have been a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Gros bisous from France x

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Thank you for this I needed to hear it more than I care to admit. Leadership on any level is often a lonely path and it means the world to me that you see the "me" behind all the "stuff".

I have always valued your honesty and it is a sad day when you get negative comments - however, always remember that when someone attempts to pull you down, the problem is with the that person and not with you. xx

Love you mom xxx

I too have been accused of stealing content so I can sympathise with you on that for it's really not a nice thing to have that said to you, most especially when it's not true. Maybe the problem is not you but them...

Oh the problem is most definitely with HIM cough them....

Actually, for your information, I have had zero conversations with him about stealing content.

The only single interaction I have ever had with @wales is this one:

Which can be backed up by this db query.

I'm sorry your ego was hurt, I'm sure you will manage to fix it.


@wales is one of the most creative writers (thinkers) one is ever likely to encounter. You're doing a necessary job and one that is often thankless. (Thank you, btw.) But do understand the limitations of computer databases to ferret out plagiarism.

Computer algorithms designed to identify plagiarism work by finding statistically significant patterns. But when it comes to art, false positives are all but guaranteed. Why? Because there are certain themes which are so universal in nature that they will inevitably be addressed by a whole host of creative artists. Sooner or latter, those artists are going to start stepping on each other's toes.

Search, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This maxim is so basic to universal moral thinking that it has been independently discovered, and expressed in near verbatim terms, by countless religions and philosophers throughout history. No one was plagiarizing.

People like myself, @wales and other members of PHC don't plagiarize simply because it's against the rules, we don't plagiarize because we are way too arrogant to do so. We create art because we are convinced we know something that the world doesn't know, but ought to. (Sorry for finishing that sentence with a preposition but it didn't work otherwise.)

There's no easy solution but I would counsel considering the reputation of the people involved. Nevermind rep scores as those are effected by variables having nothing to do with honor. Create a database of authors ranked by their creative originality. How exactly? I don't know ... be creative. :-)


Did you read my response? I never once accused him and provided the only one interaction I had with him where I answered a question of his and provided proof as much.

Interesting that you forget to bring up the resolution, apology and post promotion. Following my poorly researched accusation.

I was the problem in that case, and I did my best to make amends.

All's well that ends well. @jaynie is satisfied with the outcome and I have no problems with anyone on steemit. When I said that I too have been accused I meant in general here on steemit and in other places, but when looked at deeper the problem was always resolved in my favour. All in PHC are creative and have no need to plagiarise, and in fact the creative juices flow so well there's no time to do anything but be genuine in our posts.

Never thought such things could happen to the most amazing personality on Steem I ever met. .. @jaynie I am really shocked to read the convo and felt bad. If it happens to user like you, I would say we do not stand anywhere on this big pond ....

I've been chewing on a reply for a while, but can't quite seem to formulate the right words so I'll just come by with some hugs instead 🤗🤗🤗

In the two years I have known you here, you have been a solid, rock-steady devotee of the platform, advocate of quality content, promoter of positive/uplifting vibes, and a kickass community leader. Those who can't see that simply are not looking. 👀

I would like to believe the same @thekittygirl, but like I said in my re-post tonight, this 'casual banter' stuck a really deep sword in my chest. Truly made me feel like nothing I have done here is of any value or consequence. Going to need a few moments to process the magnitude of it all... because it is - a big deal to me. After everything, if this is the manner in which I am perceived by some of the more influential Steemians then clearly I have missed my mark. (no pun intended lol)

Y'know, I've no idea what happened, and I usually try to steer way clear of anyone's politics, too, but I've always ever seen you act on the up-and-up with pride and integrity. You seem to be a no-nonsense kinda gal, which I greatly admire, and I'd hate to see you leave.

Like most things, this will pass, and we'll all - you will - be the stronger for it. Whatever doesn't kill you will.. well.. at least it won't kill you. :)

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

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What the heck? What is wrong with that dude? I am so tired of that aspect of steem - the dudes with big accounts who go around and bully the rest of us. And I have seen him before go off on people - just know that in his mind, he is always right and will never, ever admit that he made a mistake.
Big hugs to you and I hope we can stay on our nice side of steem and not get too discouraged with the actions of those who claim that they are all about making Steem better while living in their little universe where the self-righteous whales live.

Either that person is new to steem or a bit deluded. I am glad you put that person in his or her place. The little time I have known you and followed your stories, even with the work you do here, I know you are real. You write your heart out and engaging. The way you combine all together even with your family, you are inspiring and deserves commendation and not condemnation.

To the deluded fellow, let's raise this glass of wine. We are washing it down and kicking his comments to the curb... Shall we?

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Thank you for shedding some positive light my way and yes, today is definitely a day where I need wine versus want it lol :)

Anytime, my friend. Hahahaha, yes to the wine.

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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That is very hard for me to understand. I'm looking around this place and finding so much of what I would call "fluff" but it's mostly from entities here trying to make money, and doing it! I suppose I could downvote these, but I am not here to take anyone or thing down. I appreciate everything you do, and am sorry you had to go through that. It's interesting that it came from an entity that purports to be doing good on Steem, and instead he (he?) did violence. You are loved.

I understand why you are angry after investing so many hours, day after day, month after month here but if it comes to it this has nothing to do with downvoting or flagging.

As I understand the downvote was for 1 single post and I doubt anyone who reads one post of you will read all your other posts as well and look into your Steemit history.
I also am not relevant if you have a child and your family is your first priority.
Most people have a family, a job, a life, their sorrows, are seriously ill or in financial need and many give their best to help others. Your downvote/the comment was not based on your private life or intentions but on 1 single post.

Yes, it sucks to hear these words or other words. Especially if you give more like your best. ☹

@themarkymark explained how he works and told you it has no further effect on you/your earnings. If you are that loved here as I think it will also have no effect on you for the person you are. You can continue doing what you did since the crowd likes it and as I understand these are the votes that count.

I really hope this all will not start in a war.
To my opinion, this platform should be what it claims to be. Good content, preferably also easy writes.
It really does not take that much extra work (especially not for native speakers) to write some lines.

I hope you will keep doing what you do and stay as long as you like.


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Hi dear , i think you showed balls. You know i share the feelings i told you in a few rants too. But this is of your chest now please move on life us to short. And behind a screen and keyboard people sometimes write things that hurt us. Hope he Will give an explanation

Thank you @brittandjosie. I appreciate your parallel passion!!!! I will move on, but I need to just fully evaluate this all first.

I ain't surprised, not even a bit. I've dropped my support to 18 Witnesses earlier this year because they are supporting that person.

Just keep on Steeming and ignore the haters, @jaynie.

No idea what happened. So I did miss all the drama! Great post, straight from the heart I guess!
I do appreciate all the hard work you do put into helping other out! So thx for that!


When it is a passion it is always a pleasure :) Thanks Peter x

Can imagine that such an attack isn't nice! So, the only thing I can do is to give one of the leading ladies of Steem the support she deserves!

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Your obsession with @berniesanders is pathetic. Get a life.