Collage workshop, 2017-218 circa. Part 3.


Since 2010 i have been organizing collage workshops for people who like art and want to make something creative and rather simple. I have my own collage technique based on the stained glass art and since my early days in art i managed to find a way of making it a lesson. My workshops last for 3 months and each student makes 1 artwork per month. Even though i expected artists to take part at my workshops, all of my students are people who are looking to make a beautiful craft work and relax their mind through the creative process.


This portrait is from the same student that i presented at my previous post. We based the artwork to a pin up model photograph that she liked and this time we used photographs instead of coloured paper. It was the second month and she already felt confident in using the tools and understand the basics of how i work. I suggested her to find 3 photographs that she liked to be used in the creation, one for the face and body, one for the hair and one for the dress and hat. She wanted to use more but i advised against it because sometimes the result becomes very kitschy and unbalanced. Too many colours and patterns is not a good idea.


i liked a lot her final selection, the strawberries and cherries pattern looks really nice for the dress and we used it for the lips also. The blue sea waves create a striking antithesis with the red dress and white lace used for the body and face is minimal and looks pretty cool with the black background.


Fortunately i kept some more process photos to see how the work is done. This portrait was more difficult and time consuming than the first one. It needed a lot of planning in order to find the best positions to put the patterns. I think she worked a lot at home also to have it finished in one month, i guess 20-25 hours needed to complete it.





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Thank you very much for the honor PHC:):)

It sounds very interesting. I wish I can join your class

It is interesting and fun, I am sure you would like it and hope one day you will join 😊

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Amazing work @georgeboya, you must be a fabulous teacher to bring out such talent in your students. 👏

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Thank you so much for your kind words😊 It is a joint effort always, teacher and student😊

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How did you make her eyes?

It's a collage, the student cut them from a magazine page 😊

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Are,nt you teacher?

Yes, I am teaching collage from time to time at my studio. This year I did not do any workshop so I am presenting last year's artworks 😊

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Thank you turtle 😊 🐢 😊

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Thank you very much 😊

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That is a great idea of using the picture with berries for lips and dress. That fits very well. Like the hair and never thought about using the ocean blue color for that. Really beautifully done, you have had a good student :)

Thank you Stef, it was the student's idea and it worked really well😊

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Thank you so much for the support @c-squared 😊

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Great end result, I think that is pretty cool you are teaching this in workshops also. Top stuff.

Thank you very much😊 I like teaching a lot and I am always happy to see other people making amazing artworks, using my style of art😊

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Good Job! Awesome how you made the lips out of red fruits :)

It was the student's idea and it was awesome indeed. Thank you for your kind words 😊

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Interesting art concept, thanks for sharing @georgeboya

You are very welcome, I am happy that you like it 😊

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Gorgeous result! Great advice to your student as well - I think there's the perfect balance of texture & color here - using more photos would have made it (in my humble opinion) far too busy. Thanks for sharing the process, and...


Thank you so much😊 Yes, finding the balance between photos and patterns is difficult. It takes a lot of testing and planning.

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I love your technique @georgeboya. I've seen collages that are similar, yours has personality.

Thank you so much for your kind words 😊

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You are most welcome @georgeboya. I admit I have learned a lot about art from being on Steemit and have a ways to go. I love it when you can see personality, and read emotions. I know that is why an artist creates art . Sometimes it just doesn't come through.


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Mmmm it looks really delicious:) Thank you @livvu:)

You're welcome George :-)

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Thank you so much for the support😊

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excellent my friend, your creativity has no limits, your work is beautiful, greetings

Thank you so much, it is my student's artwork 😊

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What a fun class - sounds like something I would really enjoy!

Thank you very much😊 I am sure you would like it, it is creative and fun 😊

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Simple is always better my friend and nothing "kitschy" here, as it looks perfect.
You are a great teacher!

I agree with you, simple works fine most of the times. Thank you so much for your kind words 😊

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Amazing color combination! I very like this work!

I am very happy 😊

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Really good

Thank you 😊

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I enjoyed the collage. :)

I am very happy for it 😊

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Beautiful I love collage and usually do cut and paste pictures form magazine photos, though your technique based on stained glass is very impressive. Your students are very fortunate.

Thank you very much 😊 We use prints because the material is more tough than the magazine paper. The result is very impressive and I advise you to use always a black background for your artworks. It helps a lot😊

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The work is actually quite compelling. I agree with your restraint ... more color would have diminished it. The final result is quite aesthetically balanced and appealing. This is, perhaps, the hardest thing to get people to accept: Less can be more (in all art forms).

Nice job. Very creative.


Thank you so much. Yes the patterns are very colourful and more and different colours would not have made a pleasing result. It takes a lot of trial and error to find balance in art 😊

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It is a really nice pin-up and the color a well balanced, your student has made a tremendous effort and work.

Thank you so much, she will be very happy 😊

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This is so very cool! I like how the berries are used as part of her body! It makes the art so interesting!


Thank you so much, it was a cool idea indeed 😊 My student is very creative and with a lot of imagination 😊

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What an awesome collage and great to see time, dedication and creativity come together and produce something amazing like this. Love it!

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Thank you so much for your kind words 😊

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Howdy sir georgeboya! very interesting, I've never seen anything like that type of art! It's really cool.

Thank you very much, I am happy that you like it and find it interesting 😊

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howdy today sir georgeboya! you are very welcome, keep up the good work!