Travel with the Birds | Hot Rides and Cool Treats

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IMG_1531 (2).jpg

Hot rides! Boy did we have a hot ride!

We’re visiting the Florida Keys this week, Marathon Florida. Yesterday the heat index was 105 and humid! I knew our morning ride would have to be early, but evidently that didn’t matter. I could only describe it as opening up a hot dryer! Whew!

Off we went!


This bike trail is great because it’s separated from the highway. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Florida Keys, Highway 1 is the only road leading from Miami to Key West (tip of the Keys) It’s a 2 lane road most of the way and definitely not bike friendly. The landscaping is so dense in many places you can’t even see the bike path from the highway.

We traveled south toward Key West…

enjoying the scenery including the tiny crabs coming out to greet us along the way.
IMG_1504 (2).jpg

Fabulous skies and blue water!

IMG_1506 (2).jpg

Marathon Florida is a city located in the center of the Florida Keys. It is a relatively new city, incorporated in 1999. The city of Marathon incorporates 7 of the Keys: Knight, Boot, Crawl, Key Vaca, Fat Deer, Long Point and Grassy Key Islands. With a population of around 8,200 it’s a relatively busy area, especially during the winter months. The cities name originated from the days building the old Florida East Coast Railroad. Men working to complete the railroad worked long hours, many complaining about the work becoming a marathon. The name stuck


A popular destination…

for Sport Fishing, boaters and jet skis galore. Marathon hosts one of the last untouched Tropical hardwood hammocks. Truly a special spot!

Marooned …

The town suffered major damage with Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017. The National Guard began delivering much needed supplies every 2 hours to Marathon beginning September 11th. It’s amazing to see the resilience with some areas still needing work.
IMG_1528 (2).jpg

Our path led us home…

with some unexpected sights to see. This is a first for me, I guess that will be one hiking path we will pass on!
IMG_1532 (2).jpg

Simply in a hurry…

not interested in us, places to go. We were able to snap a quick pic.
IMG_1496 (2).jpg

And of course a glimpse the Zebra Longwing Butterfly!

IMG_1537 (2).jpg

By the time we arrived home we were hot and thirsty! A quick drink and then of course a cool treat! I had prepared a few healthy icy pops for the trip! I knew they would come in handy.

All you need

  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Coconut Yogurt
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Maple Syrup

The blueberries...

DSC_0001 (2).jpg

Blend, blend...

Taste, add syrup as you wish!
DSC_0006 (2).jpg

Into the freezer!

Don't have popsicle molds? That's okay, paper cups and toothpicks! They're great!
DSC_0010 (2).jpg

Voila, Blueberry and Peach Yogurt Pops! Perfect!

DSC_0051 (2).jpg

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit Marathon with us. Have a great weekend!

And as always, blessings to you all




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Lovely! Geesh those waters are so beautiful. THere's that ever-present feeling of impermanence there... I can even catch a whiff of it through the photos and writing... just knowing how close that place is to the powerful forces of the water and its storms. Glad you two had a great trip... I'd love to go there with ya someday! XO

The waters are beautiful, and at different spots the atlantic is on one side of the road, the gulf on the other...clear calm on the gulf and wavy on the atlantic. It's so pretty. No storms so far this season, September is the month to prepare for, cross your fingers! I do hope you'll go with us some day, not your typical beaches but such beauty in itself oxoxox love you :)

WOw that sdedication going out for a ride inthat heat but what a lovely area for a ride with so many cool things to see, although venomous snakes I would not coutn as cool,

as good as the blueberry popsicle looks I would have to go for the peach one

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Heat we did have, geesh @tattoodjay. Home now, and loving the air conditioning! We couldn't believe that venomous snake sign!!!! We have never seen anything like that. We know there are poisonous snakes, but to havev a sign for it? Yikes! Those popsicles were perfect, I only wish I had brough more, lol Thanks my friend, enjoy your Sunday!

I was going to go out for a walk and check some new gear I had for my camera mid-afternoon but I walked out and it was so humid and hot I decided that can wait till another day LOL
I know if my wife had been there and saw that venomous snake sign she would have been out of there in a flash and perhaps I would have as well

Have a great week ahead ;)

Going cycling on hot humid days, you are brave! Ice Popsicle looked great, something refreshing along the way.

Nice to see wildlife exists along the way, butterfly photo is a winner!

Oh my goodness @joanstewart, it was soooo hot! There was a slight breeze so we didn't realize how hot were were until we stopped and then it was wow! We were slightly dehydrated as well. Needed to take more water next time for sure. Glad you enjoyed the butterfly, it was a tough shot to get as the little guy didn't want to sit still very long, lol Thanks so much!

Fantastic way to spend a day with nature and good food!

Thanks @roselifecoach, we did enjoy the day. Nature is where we really prefer to be and the State Parks allow us to do just that! Those popsicles were perfect after the ride. Glad you enjoyed my friend!

I need one of those Popsicle now!! So hot here!

Gosh, what a lovely post ! A bike ride, and the trail looks wonderful ! The animals are also great and interesting, the crab, the snake, the butterfly !! aaah~ really, really cool <3

And them icy pops at the end look ABSOLUTELY delicious and refreshing * ___ * !!!

Glad you enjoyed! It was a fun ride. We rode the next day and didn't see any wildlife! lol The popsicles were life savers, we were really parched and a bit on the dehydrated side! It's all good though, it was a beautiful trip!

That must have been an interesting walk, especially the snake which we don't see in the UK much as they are too timid

Well, he wasn't too interested in visiting with us either. As soon as we got close he slithered away pretty quickly. Glad you enjoyed it, definitely a pretty area and the nature is fun to beb a part of!

So similar to Thailand in many ways (although not as lush) - same heat, same snakes LOL.... I am reminded to make some coconut-mango-lime popsicles again tomorrow - always a big favourite.

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Oh coconut-mango-lime popsicles???? I'll be trying that next @artemislives! Sounds like a very refreshing popsicle :) I wish we had brough more with us, we needed them. The heat usually doesn't bother me at all but I found myself slightly dehydrated after this ride. The air was so heavy and thick. I do know you have snakes!!! I remember one post you shared about a snake, geesh. I hope you're able to get some relief from this kind of heat! Stay cool my friend!

After that heat I'd either be drinking a few gallons of water or downing an entire watermelon!

If it means anything, I can't stand snakes .at. .all., particularly the venomous kind. Even seeing them a zoo, behind glass, makes me shiver. Ew! Good call on passing that trail. :)

Oh I wish I had had a fact I left one in the fridge at home! lol As for the snakes, I'm like you! So when we saw that sign we thought, hmmmm you had to tell me that? Everyone knows to stay out of the swampy areas (don't they?) The sign just made it a bit more real! Thanks @wwwiebe!

Never seen a zebra butterfly before!

Wasn't it cute? I had a hard time getting a photo because it landed for just seconds each time! So sweet, and looking for food! :)

What a beautiful day and your photos make me want to visit @birdsinparadise. Those cool pops look refreshing. 😁

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Thank you @wonderwop! We do love the Keys, it's a great place for us because we love to stay in the State Parks. There are 5 on the Keys! The pops were a lifesaver! Wish I had brought more, lol :)

Debbie wants to visit State Parks after she retires next year. 🤞

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I've been to Florida many times, but never the keys. I had no idea that there was a bike path. Despite the heat, it looks lovely.

We had been to this area 3 times before we noticed it! So sad we hadn't known before but now we have a lot of great paths to try out. Really pretty areas and yes it was mega hot! Whew! Glad to be home in the air conditioning, lol

Wow, you have the sea view, the wild jungle and fresh fruits, what a wonderful day you had!

We did have all of those @joelai! What a fun day it was, great exercise and cool treats afterwards! Glad you enjoyed it my friend! :)

It's always fun to read a post like yours!!

Those popsicles look delicious, what a nice ride and what good pictures you have given us!

Thank you @fmbs25! Your little one would certainly love them I'm sure :) We had a fun visit but we're glad to be back to a bit of air conditioning, lol

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Now I know how to make healthy popsicles when summer comes around! Really enjoying the cooler weather at the moment, we also have tremendous humidity in summer!
I'd also steer clear of that trail mrs Bird:)

I lived in Florida for a few years, but never made it down to the Keys. Looks like a lovely spot! Love the parrot on the motorcycle! And, ohhhhhhh, the blueberries! Yum! 😋