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We are a brand new service offering quality content writers the chance to get extra post promotion with a daily upvote for 30 days!!!

Current Stats:
100% upvote = $0.03
Number of people in trail = 2
Vote weight for all people in trail = 100%

What We Do?

We were set up to help people that write quality content or create unique artwork, videos, apps, etc. Get promotion of their posts through a daily upvote from us.

Our members will receive a single 100% upvote one of your posts every day for 30 days through our SteemAuto.

We manually vet and review all users regularly to ensure that they follow our rules.

This account is about the community and supporting great content writers, video producers, artists, etc. We will put all SBD earned into either SteemPower or SteemPower Delegation via blocktrades. As our account grows so will our upvote value, and although we are only at $0.03 we expect this to grow quickly.

All SBD earned will be used to either power up or buy delegation.

How To Join Us

To register you must send 0.01SBD to @qrater with the memo "apply" we will manually review your account to see if you qualify under our rules and post quality content.

We will reply to you either via your latest post in a comment or via memo.

If you are accepted then our current entry fee is 0.45SBD which you will need to transfer to us once accepted.

What Can I Expect To Earn?

At the time of writing this post we have a $0.03 100% upvote value. We vote for 1 post per day x 30 days = 0.03x30 = 0.9SBD per 30 days.

We can't guarantee our upvote value due to fluctiations in Steem price and our steem power.

We can say that at the time of writing this post you will receive a minimum of double the value of your SBD sent to join. For example if you send $0.45SBD to join we can say that at today's rate you will receive $0.9 in upvotes.


Rules are simple - break them and you're out:

  1. No spam ever!!! We catch you spamming and you're off the list and we will report you to steemcleaners!!!
  2. You must post unique content and post sources for images or content used from other websites - we will check
  3. You must always post more than approx. 150 words in your posts - acceptions can be made by admin
  4. You must remain at positive reputation at date of joining - this means if you join at rank 25 then you must remain at least rank 26 to stay in the list
  5. You must make payment every 30 days to remain on the list.
  6. You must not post more than 8 times per day
  7. You must not abuse bid bots
    a. You must not upvote posts with less than 150 words approx.
    b. You must not use bid bots to upvote after 48 hours of the posting time.
    c. You must not use bid bots to upvote comments above 2SBD value.
  8. You must not memo spam
  9. You must not post under the NSFW tag

@reonlouw Thank you very much for the feature in your post, we like the article a lot and it will actually help a lot of minnows to grow and gain a little more exposure for their posts. Keep up the good work!

PS - We liked the post so much we decided to resteem it!

Your friend Paul Robinson brought me here. I love what you do and I am interested. Just one question:

I use bid bots at least once for most of my posts. What do you define as 'abuse'?

@reonlouw Thanks for you interest in our service. Sorry we weren't clear about this in the post, we will update the original post to include more information on the bid bot abuse.

We have had a look through you're profile and you're not abusing bid bots, and you post quality content.

We have approved you for membership and if you would like to join the cost is 0.45 SBD for 30 days membership, with 1 upvote per day at 0.03 post value. 0.03*30 = 0.9 post value.

Thank you @qrater for your quick response. I have transferred 0.45 SBD with @reonlouw in the memo.

Can I apply and pay on behalf of other Steemians?

@reonlouw Congratulations, you are our 3rd member and have received 2 upvotes on your previous posts. You are now added onto our SteemAuto list for 30 days. We will remind you in 28 days via memo that your membership will expire. Thanks for using our service.



@reonlouw Absolutely! As long as the users you are applying for meet our rules, then you can apply for up to 17 members. There will never be more than 20 members of our service so we can provide 100% upvote weight at a minimum of 80% upvote power.

@reonlouw We have upvoted this comment as we noticed you missed posting yesterday. While we can't guarantee that we can always catch up with votes, we try our best when we have the voting power available.

Thank you @qrater. You are awesome!

We've tried to make the terms simple for bid bot abuse, see below:
a. You must not upvote posts with less than 150 words approx.
b. You must not use bid bots to upvote after 48 hours of the posting time.
c. You must not use bid bots to upvote comments above 2SBD value.

Thank you @qrater. That is reasonable and understandable.

Welcome @socialmediaseo you have been accepted onto our list and have already received some upvotes. Thanks for using our service and being our first ever member!

Awesome and thank you.

We would also like to inform you that you have now received approx. 0.21SBD in upvotes on your posts 7*0.03 = 0.21! Only 8 more dayss until you reach ROI!

Thank you for using our service and we would like to inform you have received approx. 5 votes already totalling 0.15SBD from @qrater! Just 10 more votes until you break even!


Mucha suerte y fuerza para una gran iniciativa en beneficio de la cultura y el arte @xintoe

Thanks @xinto we're set up to help artists, musicians, content creators to get a little extra promotion on their posts. We welcome all applications for people to join, so please feel free to apply if you think your content is of good quality.

This is a big help. This would guarantee an upvote to the accepted posts.

@rubelynmacion Exactly! We upvote 1 of your posts every day for 30 days when you become a member, it guarantees you'll get an upvote! If you would like to apply please send 0.01SBD with the memo "apply". If accepted the current 30 day members fee is 0.45SBD

@qrater it sounds nice.....

@awosode Thanks, we're hoping to help minnows grow with our daily upvotes for members.


I hope you will have a lot of fun with keeping it going. Enjoy!

Am sure it would be nice to try out @qrater but I hope their services won't be delayed in the future

Wow. This is amazing.

Original post

I really like this idea, but I use a lot of bid bots on my posts. What do you consider to be bidbot abuse? I'm interested to know since I might be doing it!

Personally, I think it is about using them in moderation. I do think that @qrater is great for both myself and you as we both produce regular, quality, unique content and will give a boost to people who do all these, rather than just upvoting any old posts.

@fitinfun Thanks, we're glad you like our project! We have updated our terms for bid bot abuse, we have reviewed your profile and you've been accepted to join if you would like.

The membership fee is currently 0.45SBD for 30 days and you will receive 1 upvote per day at approx. 0.03 post value, 0.03*30 = 0.9. All you have to do is transfer this to us and we will add you to our SteemAuto and will supply you with an additional 2 backdated upvotes on your older posts (within 6 days of posting).

Here's the update on bid bot abuse:
a. You must not upvote posts with less than 150 words approx.
b. You must not use bid bots to upvote after 48 hours of the posting time.
c. You must not use bid bots to upvote comments above 2SBD value.

Mucha suerte con la idea. Parece interesante. Gracias.@bon-nom

@qrater, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Dear @qrater, I have a question, what if I don't (but I hope not) post everyday? For example, I don't post one tomorrow but two on the next day, can I have the upvote? Thanks for your response. I ask this just in case I have issue with my browser and Internet network 😁
Actually I plan to use all the quota for the next 29 days.

Hi @cicisaja We're a human team here @qrater and if you're unable to post once per day then you can reach out to us using the @ mention and we'll possibly be able to provide you with some additional upvotes. We are predominately looking for members that post every day, but we do realize it may not always be possible under some circumstances. Please reach out to us if you do miss a post and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you so much for your response, now I know what to do, in case I come up with the situation. What a relieve 🤗
anyway, will you provide the information if your 20 registered account has made? I am afraid that when I expose about your program, they'll get dissappointed when trying to register, can I do that instead (i read your reply on @reonlouw above), I mean shall I include the name of the one that I want to register when I send you 0.010?

Hi @cicisaja that's no problem at all, we're here to help good content creators like yourself.

Yes, once we reach 20 members we will close applications. If a member does not renew after their 30 days then we will create a post explaining we have an extra position available.

Yes, exactly! We've got 15 places left at the moment for new members. If you would like to apply on behalf of another Steemian, please send a 0.01 with the memo "apply - @ theusersname" this way we know who you are applying for.

We hope this helps, and please feel free to get in touch if you need anything at all.


@qrater : I use Kryptoniabot services too, is it include in the rules about bid bot? this is something new to me, I don't understand bid bot at all and kryptonia is the only community I've joined to help me get more attention from others. does it mean that I can't create my task there before 48 hours?

Hi @cicisaja Don't worry, Kryptoniabot is absolutely fine to use with our membership. Most of our members are from Kryptonia and we welcome all Krytonia users.

wow.. Great..

Congratulations @qrater ! You received a 5% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

Run a task on Kryptonia.
*For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account here Kryptonia Account
Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post for max vote.
Steemit reputation score above 25.

If you would like to delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

nice and very useful post

I like your idea but I'm not sure to be able to post every day ;-). I'll think about it...

Hi there @achim03 If you would like to join but can't post every day we can put you onto a manual upvote cycle where will manually upvote you until 30 upvotes have been given. Ideally, we're looking for daily contributors to join, but we will take into consideration those who can not post daily.

I still have not wrapped my head around where PO values come from.

@davincimode The "PO value"? If you're referring to where the profit comes from, it's done by giving our members 1 upvote per day at 100% weight while remaining over 80% power or as close to.

The current upvote value will add $0.03 to your post, you receive 1 upvote per day for 30 days = 30*0.03 = $0.9 added to your posts value.

You will often find when being a member you receive more than the "day of written" value. We're approx 28 SP off having a $0.04 upvote which means it's likely going to give our current members 30*0.04 = $1.2.

We hope this helps to explain what you get with your membership fee. Any further questions please ask away and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Its awesome but with too much rules

@jacobzeema The rules are in place to prevent from promoting poor quality content, this comment is approx 30 words and took me less than 1 minute to write. As long as you post more than 150 words and write good quality content, then everyone is welcome to join. We're just trying to keep spam free.

keep doing great! This is awesome

@jenesa Thanks, we're glad you like the project! If you posted more often our service would be of use to you. However you have been accepted to join our members list if you wish as we have reviewed your profile and you create good content and don't abuse bid bots.

This is a good promotion that could possibly help steemians like me. Keep it sir!

@georgie84 thanks for the kind words, we're hoping to help out some quality content writers.

there can be another bot now, hope your trail can help.

@buuroots We are human operated, no bots here, just our SteemAuto. We're hoping to be able to help minnows that post quality content daily here on Steemit.

great idea! looks goods!

You're making great work but you would have doing life and others also

Thanks @bodymaual for the kind words

thanks for the info and God Bless you.

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