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Earlier today I scrolled through my early posts. I cringed at some of the mistakes I made and suppose I will cringe again somewhere down the line when I read this post. We seem to be always learning and evolving here on Steemit. It is a fun journey.

Something that caught my eye is the conversations I had with people in the comments on my posts. I realised two things.

  1. I do not go back to the comments often enough and as a result, I do not complete some of the conversations. If I did this to you, I apologise. GINAbot on Discord has helped me a great deal with this and I'll be adjusting her settings a little to improve my effectiveness.
  2. Many of the people I knew back then (3-4 months ago) are not active on Steemit anymore. Maybe they got too busy with other things but I suspect at least some of them gave it up because of the low ROI we currently have. I joined at the end of January and listen with awe when people describe the joy of December 2017. I never experienced that and thus have low expectations.

I want to use this opportunity to share with you four services that have helped me create a bit of a steady income flow with very little effort. I hope this helps, as I do not want you to become inactive too. There is no way for me to predict the future of Steemit or even hazard a guess. However, today we have Steemit and a connection to one another as a result. Let's make the best of it!

1. @steembasicincome

You buy a share here for you and a nominee for 1 Steem. This guarantees you and your nominee an upvote on every post for as long as you keep posting. Such an upvote is small but it grows as you buy more shares. And it is for every post forever!

This is a great service! You are helping yourself as you help others. You should definitely start buying shares. I will be buying a share at least once a month. Every person I introduce to Steemit will be receiving shares from me. Imagine how you would have felt if you had a guaranteed upvote when you started.

2. Daily Steemit Faucet by @sydesjokes

The faucet concept is not something that makes any sense to me but this one works every day and it has been working for quite some time now. You simply visit the daily post, upvote it and leave a comment, preferably a joke or a quote. The income from this post is shared amongst everyone participating. This makes it small, but it is every day and by the end of the month it will add value to your bottom line.

It is also fun to scroll through all the jokes and quotes.

3. Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway by @bunnypuncher

You upvote and comment on this daily post to stand a chance to receive one of eight give-ways ranging from 5 SBD to 1 SBD currently. These recipients are chosen at random thus it is not a competition. A topic is given each day for your comment requiring just a response to you. You can keep your creativity for your own posts.

This is not a guaranteed income but you should get something every now and then.

4. Daily Upvote For 30 Days by @qrater

These guys are brand new but I like what they do. Should your application with them be successful you pay them 0.45SBD. They will then upvote all your posts for 30 days at 100% strength. This vote is currently valued at $0.03 and you will double your investment if you post every day.

I like that they have standards for the posts they upvote. You should consider this as good guidelines for all your work, anyway. Get in early. It is a small enough investment.

I'm sure there are many more such opportunities. Are you using any with success? Please share them with us. Or drop your link here in the comments to a similar post. I will be sure to visit.

Also, let me know if you are already using any of the above and your thoughts on them. Or if you adopt any because of this post. I would love to know.



Consistency is the mother of success, if you give up then that is the only way you fail, in answer to number 2
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Thanks for sharing.@yrrems

Hello @reonlouw 🤗
I use steembasicincome right after winning the jury choice in PIF contest week 4, soon after that, I convert my SBD into Steem and start to buy more share, I don't have to think about not to reach the threshold anymore.
Maybe I would like to try the third, seems like it's fun too. Thanks for reviewing them, this is what a slow learner (like me🤦‍♀️) need to know. Hey, don't you include something more, @dustsweeper is really cool too.

This is exactly what I've been looking for @reonlouw Thanks for sharing!

I participate in nr 2 and 3 and i have fun with it. Nr 1 and 4 will be good for me in the future when my English will get better and i will be able to post every day. For now i enjoy reading and learning and taking small steps. I am patient with myself and steemit. 😉
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thanks for this post

thanks for this post

Yo pensaba que mis post nadie los veía, pero me equivoqué. @kryptonia

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Thank you for the bunnypuncher tip - this is a new one on me. I'm working on my own post of these ideas too :)

I was here for the thrill of December and I hope we see it again. I post consistently, regardless of price and rewards and that seems to work. The people that come and go have to come back and get traction each time. This is also the reason I work weekends and holidays. That is the time the die-hards are here and you can interact with them.

As for comments, I do my best and also TRY to got back to my posts on the 4-5 day to see if I missed anything.

Thanks for listing in krpto - glad to see you there.

Thanks for the insight @reonlouw ,,you have been of a great help to all we minnows @everdope kryptonia..

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One other service that is pretty good for new comers (including me) is @dustsweeper. It will cost 1 SBD but they will convert it to 2 SBD of upvote credits.

They will upvote your posts and comments to the minimum to get paid. Posts with payouts of 0.01 won't get you anything. But with dustsweeper upvoting them these turn into small payouts.

Thanks for supporting @haveaheart :) Since you placed such a large bid, your ROI will be pretty low, so I upvoted, tweeted, and resteemed you as well. :) Have a good one! Thanks for all the tips, they are much needed for those of us who are just starting off. Might I also suggest, check out the Whaleshares Discord too.

Thanks Pastor @reonlouw for sharing these practice resources to help new members to survive in steemit. Upvoted and decided to follow you as well! God bless you abundantly!

agradecido por la informacion, muchos dejan steemit en pausa porque no es rentable por ahora, pero se olvidan q esto requiere disciplina y trabajo, mayor esfuerzo para los que no tenemos para invertir pero cuando sbd vuelva a 15$ volveran a trabajr con la plataforma!

grateful with the information this requires effort and constant work steemit leave because the price of the sbd is very low but it is an opportunity to invest and grow in the platform soon we will see the fruits of this interaction with all greetings from venezuela

thanks for posting this sir I had done that

Thanks for this insight.. To be honest I too thought of many times when my posts nave seen by others and even after my hard earned money had stolen but I never lost hope and I could grow from here..

In my case, kryptonia and steembasicincome courtesy of fitinfun help my steemit post a lot. It really improves my earnings.

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