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RE: Welcome Qrater What We Do - How To Get Daily Upvote For 30 Days

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Your friend Paul Robinson brought me here. I love what you do and I am interested. Just one question:

I use bid bots at least once for most of my posts. What do you define as 'abuse'?


@reonlouw Thanks for you interest in our service. Sorry we weren't clear about this in the post, we will update the original post to include more information on the bid bot abuse.

We have had a look through you're profile and you're not abusing bid bots, and you post quality content.

We have approved you for membership and if you would like to join the cost is 0.45 SBD for 30 days membership, with 1 upvote per day at 0.03 post value. 0.03*30 = 0.9 post value.

Thank you @qrater for your quick response. I have transferred 0.45 SBD with @reonlouw in the memo.

Can I apply and pay on behalf of other Steemians?

@reonlouw Congratulations, you are our 3rd member and have received 2 upvotes on your previous posts. You are now added onto our SteemAuto list for 30 days. We will remind you in 28 days via memo that your membership will expire. Thanks for using our service.



@reonlouw Absolutely! As long as the users you are applying for meet our rules, then you can apply for up to 17 members. There will never be more than 20 members of our service so we can provide 100% upvote weight at a minimum of 80% upvote power.

@reonlouw We have upvoted this comment as we noticed you missed posting yesterday. While we can't guarantee that we can always catch up with votes, we try our best when we have the voting power available.

Thank you @qrater. You are awesome!

We've tried to make the terms simple for bid bot abuse, see below:
a. You must not upvote posts with less than 150 words approx.
b. You must not use bid bots to upvote after 48 hours of the posting time.
c. You must not use bid bots to upvote comments above 2SBD value.

Thank you @qrater. That is reasonable and understandable.

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