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Have a wonderful day!

Everyone knows that I am working here in a foreign land as an #ofw. It means an Overseas Filipino Worker finding greener pasture. There is some category of an OFW, skilled workers, professionals and household workers where drivers belong to this category.

I belong to the household workers but I have a lot of skills. I have a little knowledge of sewing dresses, I know how to cook a different kind of Filipino or Arabic recipes. I also became an English tutor to the children of my employer. I also know how to massage some women here.

Since I'm a household worker who found a good employer, I rendered a satisfying performance for a very long year with them.

Every night I set my time going to my room at 9:00 pm during school days. They thought I'm sleeping already but to be true, I'm making my post for steemit. Before, when I was not yet joining steemit I slept earlier and woke up earlier too before the sunrise. Sleeping 6hours every night will give me the best condition for my whole day workloads.

I normally wake up at 5:00 am when I hear the IMAM(a person calling to wake up people for the morning prayer called AlFajar prayer)calls for prayer in the mosque. So even though I'm Christian, I answered those calling. The first thing I do is taking a bath and pray.

After my prayer, I will check my steemit how much payout I got, and Facebook messenger account looking for a new message from my family.

Getting ready for the day.

Waking up the youngest daughter and prepare her breakfast. Braiding her long hair is also my morning assignment.

When they left for school, it's time to clean all the rooms, kitchen and bathroom. But I need to eat breakfast first. The car needs gasoline, so human needs food before starting our job.

Heavy breakfast/lunch at once.

Today, since a have fresh seafood so my breakfast is squids and crab with a cup of rice, a cup of coffee and fruits. After this meal, I will be waiting until night to eat again. There are foods but I'm lessening my food intake now that I'm already 50 years old.

While eating my breakfast, my friend called me and order a ready to eat cooked squids and crabs. Alas! Another income today. I have a sideline business accepting the order from my friends who want Filipino foods.

This is 1-kilo steam crabs and costs 6 to 7 US dollars.

I kilo adobong pusit/squids will cost 6 to 7 USD also. Then they will give me extra charges. I need to have extra income for my dialysis patient's mother. I cooked it quickly and done.

I also cooked Rice Cake/Putong Bigas and this will be my entry for the @qurator Tasty Tuesday challenge that will be finished tomorrow. I will be having another blog about this rice cake.

It is so delicious rice cake with cheese.

After cooking, I harvested my moringa for making a powder good for diabetes patients. I sell 500 grams for 10 USD. I am not the one making the price. They are giving me that amount as gratitude. If you don't know, I was making a blog in @naturalmedicine about the benefits of moringa leaves.

This is the moringa tree in front of my employer's house. I was the one planting it 10 years ago. This tree helped both Filipino and Arab communities here in my workplace. I was the one promoting using this plant for many benefits to our body.

Today I harvested a lot of leaves and maybe after the finished product, I could earn 50 dollars after the process. I had my blog about this. You can check it in my timeline. I wanna tell you that this is good to help our blood circulation in our body and proven decreased and control sugar.

These are my harvest this early morning today while feeding my pets.

I give fresh fish to my Whitey, Whiteboy, Gabra, Graya, Sugar, Blackboy 1 and 2. They are the name of the cats and kittens.

I had done part of my job while making my post for this contest initiated by @anomadsoul.

On the part of my job, the washing machine is on, washing the dirty clothes of my employer. Then I will clean the bathroom every single day once a day.

The house is three storeys composed of 8 bathrooms, two big kitchens and one small kitchen at the rooftop/ third floor. First floor has 6 rooms, the 2nd floor has 7 rooms and 1 big room on the 3rd floor. These are my normal day every day doing my job repeatedly for two decades. There is no reason to complain about it. I came here to earn a salary so I must do what is necessary. I already love my life being here. There are no regrets of being away from family because all my income goes for their needs.

Another passive income.

When I joined steemit for 22 months, I learned about cryptocurrencies. It opened my self-esteem positively. This is the reason why I keep on going here though the value is still at a low rate. Meeting friends around the world through steemit blockchain is far better than having a Facebook.

In this way, steeming is a part of a normal day doing what I want to do. I give it time and creatively pushing it together with the hectic schedule of my daily work.

Working as a housekeeper is not as simple as you think about. The work will not be finished even if I started a job too early. The night will come, the works will be there again. It is a kind of a though obligation but I am thankful that I got a chance to be active in steemit and I have a good Samaritan employer.

This is my entry for the initiative of @anomadsoul. Keep on to the highest peak of steem! Thank you!

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It's me


Nice post Olivia, thanks for sharing.

I was also drying and powdering Morninga when I lived in Mexico and putting the fresh leaves in smoothies and salads. It's a super nutritious and healing food as you know (and it smells a little bit like cacao :-)

Keep on steeming sister.

Ps. If you would like to help create freedom and abundance for all people, and get in early to help grow the matrix-8 system and earn tokens before the ICO, check out my intro post and links within then get back to me.


So much appreciated and thank you for the beautiful words.

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Thank you for your support @team-ccc.

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You are welcome. Enjoy your day.

Que fabuloso. También haces maravillas con plantas. Yo también hago recetas con mis plantas. La diferencia es que las personas en mi comunidad, quieren que les regale mi trabajo. No les agrada pagar las plantas. Quieren regalos siempre. Eres muy afortunada, aprecian tus esfuerzos. Un abrazo amiga @olivia08.

How fabulous You also do wonders with plants. I also make recipes with my plants. The difference is that people in my community want me to give them my work. They don't like paying for plants. They want gifts always. You are very lucky, they appreciate your efforts. A hug friend @ olivia08.

Thank you my dear amiga @gertu.

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Wow! You got a detailed description of what you are doing every day @olivia08. Working abroad is no joke and working like what you do is so tedious. I admire you for being a multi-tasker. May God bless you more. Take care of yourself as well.

Hi, @olivia08!

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You are the angel of your emloyer... i can imagine how it is to clean all 8 bathrooms. I am just glad they treat you as part of their family . Be sure to save some money for yourself, you are not getting younger, and I also sensed that there will be a good life for you when you stop working for them. Kudos, you are in goods hands, make the most of it and enjoy what you are doing!

Wow! In love you inday @mers. Thank you for the beautiful words. I'm hoping for it all the time, the right time.
God bless po.

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How difficult it must be to have to be so far away from your family although you are fortunate to have a good employer and that you are able to take care of all the needs of your family!
Love that you have found Steemit to add another dimension to your life (and another source of income - hopefully STEEM will rise in value soon!)
Thank-you for sharing your day, it is interesting to see what others lives are like in different parts of the world!

Thank you so much @porter. I'm so grateful knowing some great people in steemit to ease my emptiness .

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