Life is meaningless without the desperation to live on it

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" Life doesn't require that we be the best,
only that we try our best."


Hi again! Want to hear another piece of my life story? But before I start, let me introduce myself again. Good day again everyone, I am Leslie Ragasa Revales, a BS Industrial Automation and Mechatronics graduate and am 21 years of age.

Growing up without the "real" parents, and living with my elders give me the principle that no matter how and what you lose during the game, the important is you give all your best with complete honesty and willingness to learn and accept defeat. Life is a series of learning. You'll learn new things, apply it, execute, fail, fall and learn again, then you'd apply and execute, fail and fall again, and the most vital thing in the process is you'll learn new things again, and again, and again. I might have failed my own self, but I'm determined to stand on my ground and never ever fail my elders.

I grew up believing on what my icon Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India said that "God has not called me to be successful, He has called me to be faithful." And I, thank you! ☺☺

May the force be with us!

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ooh thank you so much ;) such a great help especially just for today that I really got confused why my account suddenly logs out :( even if I'm still typing some comments .. :( seems like someone has accessed my account :(

Good post my friends

thank you so much ;) it's great for me to know that there'll be someone who'll patiently opens and bothers to read my content.

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thank you so much for such guidance and information ;) I hope to be an effective member of this community someday..

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A wonderful post

thank you so much for visiting ;) it's my pleasure to have you here on my page :)

Hey girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and I love your photo and smile and you are lovely and life can be tough without challenges and purpose and love and the desperation is there for a reason for sure.

yes indeed, thank you so much for such motivation and inspiration you've shared :) I believe that everything will work on the perfect time and at the right place and situation :)

I love family values and the roles there can be applied to other places. I was able to grow in life and I kept going as I grew up and in work and in ministry and everything even as my father was abusive and was yelling and drinking and as my parents divorced and as my uncle died and 2 best friends died and stuff happens in life but it helps us understand each other and it helps more than just that as well.

ooh, it's very inspiring to know a bit of your story .. after all, I can conclude that individuals who are broken are the stronger ones :)


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okay2 ;)

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thank you so much @soulart, it's a great pleasure to know you here and to be a part of this community :)

I love Star Wars. May the force be with you.

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ooh yes :) same here :) I really loved princess leia :(

ganda ko anak :) welcome !!!

hehe salamat senpai :) pangalawang level lang po yung kagandahan ko sayu :D