PortmanTuesdays #25

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1: fungi used for fermentation that was utilized in the immediate past.
2: if it's still itchy, you better go get that checked.

Back-to-back Dexter GIFs? Hmm… You might be on to something there.

Join me in my Year of Resilience!



Are you developing your own phonetics dictionary? Because this is seriously cracking me up man, hahahaha wow you're back with a bang!

Ach! You figured me out! Indeed, I am collating a veritable dictionary of portmanteaus. I've been at this for quite a while. In fact, I've been doing this for longer than I expected, mainly because of all the delays in posting. I appreciate it, man! I'm glad it had the intended effect!

Maaaaaan wow you could be the next Webster or Oxford dictionary, do you mind if I sponsor this amazing project? 😂😂😂😂

Fo' sho! Any and all support is welcome!

I can't decide which definition I like better, they're both way funnier than they have any right to be XD

Though I'm also thinking of those people that keep saying "yis" now as well x_x

Also where have you been? :O

Why not like them both better? There's no room for favoritism here, matchMATEker!

I always hiss at those people who say "yis". To this day, I'm still not sure if I'm repelling them or if I'm echoing what they said. One of the great dilemmas of my life.

I've been here! I'm always here! My essence is etched on the blockchain whether we all like it or not! In all seriousness though, I just started a new job and I've been quite swamped trying to keep everything together. Can't you tell from my admiration of your time management skills??


You just had forever between posts! Congratulations on the new job, and yeh that would have required some new rhythms to be found and other stuff going on so you would have been pretty busy.

My time management skills are a crafty delusion! LoL XD

Haha! Didn't want to force it when I ran out of juice haha! Better recharge than post one and then take 3 months off like I did early in the year haha!

You captured my hiss so perfectly! Even down to the veins on my neck haha!

A delusion serves its purpose when it can trick at least one person. When that one person is you, then it has done its job.

Woudn't that be [yeas·ter·day | \ˈyē-stər-(ˌ)dā,]?

Sorry. I'm a bit pedantic.


[pit·dan·tic | \pit-ˈdan-tik]

  1. Somone who constantly checks fruit for pits, refusing to accept their pitless nature
  2. Somone who's constantly obsessive in a depressing way. (from the root pit)

Eh. Needs some work.

I tried to go for the phonetic route in making it look like how it sounds, and avoid the special characters so that nobody gets left out. Because, aren't we all special in our own way?

*Of course not, but don't let anyone know.

A valiant effort! That's quite the portmanteau you have there! If you decide to make a post for PortmanTuesdays, rest assured it will always get a 100% vote from me. Just like this comment. Which, in a way, really is a post.

Ewwww, hahaha! We need to make a glossary of all the words you've created so far!

That's what I plan to do when (or if) I ever post word Z! Hahaha! Great minds, eh?

I like your photography

Photography? Where's the picture, pray tell?

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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I love this picture

I'm not sure what picture you're talking about, but I guess you didn't love it enough to spare a vote. Flagging in 3...2...1...

Waooo beautiful post at this time

Thanks very much! Unfortunately, I'm flaggin because you didn't even bother to vote.

Excellent,,, superb,, thanks for shareing

Awesome! Now I'm flagging.

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