Slavery as psychopathology. part 6

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Education in slave society

The education system in which all the children of slaves-citizens are REQUIRED to attend for 10 or more years of school with a uniform flow of information for all students is the slave and the raising of children, human inanimate thing – slaves, with the discipline and flow of information national-religious-Patriotic plan.

At mass, stream education, due to the averaged inevitably decline in maximum creative potential given to each person from birth to varying degrees and in different areas of life. This approach to each following generation will give a noticeable decline in the quality of education in General, which is observed now in the Russian education system. Will arise and already there are schools for the masses and for the elite. A free man can receive education to the maximum of their abilities only when he HIMSELF, freely and without coercion chooses a vector of its education according to its own interests. In addition to the vector of interest he also, himself, be free to choose the mode of obtaining the information. Only when these conditions are met, education will be received to the maximum possible in the person. This confirms almost a century of experience Summerhill – a school with a free choice of interests to the subjects and a free schedule of attendance. 

The army and police in a slave society

Slavery, like any other unnatural anything, imply a set of negative conditions of the mind and a slave, and the slave owner. This fear of loss, desire for the further enslavement of others and unearned capture resources from the slaveholder; and envy, lying and stealing slaves. All this is forcing the slave owner to have a structure, subordinate to the will of the slaves with the threat of restriction of freedom of movement and even physical punishment. So there are police and prisons. 

 In a society of free people acting ancient and NATURAL Law of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The thief should be or's branded with, or lose an arm, which is also a kind of branding. Premeditated murder involves the destruction of the aggressor. The killer, who conceived and executed the plan, is not a man is a wild beast in human form. Except for the people on this planet no representative of any kind of living on the planet mammals not killing one of the representatives of this species in natural conditions. None of them even eat meat of their own species. Similarly, it behaves physically and mentally healthy in NATURAL conditions. Therefore, in any society of free people, known to us, there was no police, no prisons. 

In the spread of slavery, territorial conflicts, enslavement of newly acquired slaves, and protect them from the encroachment of neighboring slaveholders, leading to the emergence of the army. Manipulating consciousness with ideologies of nationalism, patriotism, citizenship, religious identities, the state subjugates slaves until ready to sacrifice themselves. So there is war. 

 In a free society when an external threat is always appears the militia. Self. Freely, i.e. without coercion. The society of free men is never sought to conquer foreign territories, since the territory do not have large differences from each other. Value is the only long term the productive forces in another territory, i.e. the inhabitants and resources. But a free man does not seek to enslave the neighbor, otherwise he instantly ceases to be free and becomes dependent on his slave. This is contrary to the logic of a free man. 

 The issue of resources in a free society governed by mutual agreements. Impossible, for example, cutting down forests, hunting grounds or quarry on the place of farmland, without prior arrangement with those who use the area.

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