Do you know how money comes to North Korea?

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Do you know how money comes to North Korea?

North Korea dictator North Korea does not immediately get an immediate picture of the country but as soon as North Korea is concerned, then the President and his misconduct will be remembered immediately by the people's people. If North Korea does not even look into the world, it is enough to see it. As in China, there is no right to do all the jobs that citizens have in this country. On the other hand, the world, the bigger America, has been continuing to hang out on this little country in the past or in English. So how does this country become economically viable? How can the living standard of the people get better? Take a look and see if North Korea is a small village and North Korea is a family living in that village. America is the village president, he says that nobody should help the family of North Korea that they should not trade with them. How can this family survive? The story of North Korea is at the world level. But do you know that you have to be surprised? According to the 2016 North Korea Economy has grown at a rate of over 17 years. There is a GDP. People's purchasing power has increased. How the question is now yours. US boycott was relaxed? You can also come up with another question. The North Korea Economy looks like the truth is that the USA Sanction does not relax. So let's see how North Korea earns money.


Mining and coal: North Korea sells coal and earns money. China is the largest trade partner in North Korea. Many purchases are not recorded in the book. However, China pours the money needed to travel to North Korea.


Counterfeit money: US Dollar in the black market in North Korea It's impossible to believe but it's true. The common citizen here uses his dollar to use his daily business. Here are an organized firms that print and sell American fake dollars in the USA. That's why, North Korea's hand in handcuffing its largest trade partner China's currency.


Cyber Crime: The $ 81 million missing money from the Central Bank of Bangladesh has been lost today. This is what the North Korean hackers know today. Sony also attacked the company. North Korean hackers have always seen an eagle on the system's disadvantages. He always sat next to the meeting. The news is that they have seen a lot of recent buzzing bitcoin. Business that disposes of its people to allies: You have surprising things, North Korea is teaching Martial Arts to the bodyguards of many African countries and presidents. Angola is important in these. There is also a number of North Korean workers working in China. The North Korean government lets me have a lot of years to work as a slave to its citizens. North Korea is also working as a worker in China, as well as in the Republic of Congo. North Korea also has a workforce for Kuwaiti construction work. Oman and Qatar have also imported from North Korea to human work. Instead, North Korea pays a big deal.


Arms Selling: Many African countries are buying bullets from North Korea. These countries are buying from North Korea at lower prices than the outside world. North Korea has been contracting African countries for a number of years through its doctor's package deal, as well as care for the deaths in internal strife.


Drugs: The sale of drugs in some of the world's most profitable businesses today. North Korea is growing in the country of such drugs in its country. What is the fear of having the government permitted? It is a great list if countries are listed on contract basis from North Korea to work for a job. What is the most important thing in today's life if it comes to the right way if it comes to the state of mind that if it is not right then it will turn it right? Today there is no business that is illegal in North Korea. The government will soon get an official impression on the government, which will have any money to pay for the treasury. We know that there is no right to the citizens to speak against their government and that the country is under the dictatorship. But the reality is far worse than we are. Men's sales are stagnant in and out of the country. The only restriction on the name, the Sanction .. No one can ever figure out this dark crime, which is visible to everyone. That is why the United Arab Emirates and the African countries, with huge nations like Russia and China, are all involved in the blood of the North Korean workers who get low prices. They are also a figure of money. The attitude that we will benefit is. The figures say that North Korea is growing faster than the last 17 years. I do not mention the figures in the beginning and even the statistics of millions of people who are sweat and blood are just the same number. Thus the money collected will remain on the computer screen. What do you use it once? Only the blood money prepared is not visible to anyone's eyes. Not surprisingly, even though North Korean people seem to be a hero in the eyes of the American blockade.

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