Trolls push for censorship of my reports on Steemit

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I am the only western, English speaking, journalist who has been reporting the facts on the ground in the anti-Ukraine Government, or "Rebel" DPR side of the Ukraine War front line. And I have been doing this for nearly 4 years. I report the facts that Western MSM will not; I show what the civilian population thinks and want. I am here on the ground and have seen what the attacks by Ukraine forces have done to the civilian population here. I can only report on what happens here on this side of the front-line and not the other because Pro-Ukraine activists and the Ukraine government labels any journalist that shows this as terrorist.

2018-01-20 19_05_51-Patrick John Lancaster -
Here my family, photos of my wife and son, are labeled as "Accomplice of terrorists" only because of my reporting as a journalist.
My wife,who is from Donetsk, has worked with me aswell.

I am a journalist who reports only facts; not my opinions. I have had to deal with Pro Ukraine trolls on social media since 2014. Steemit is not the place for trolling. Think for yourself; do not blindly listen to your government or the MSM.

I have only been on Steemit for one month and I really like the platform as it gives me a chance for people to spread their message and earn what they are worth. I am a crowd funded independent journalist and I am only paid by people who want to help support my work. In the past I have worked for many Main stream media sources such as ITN, Reuters, AP and more. When I realized they twist my videos to suit their own needs I stopped working with them. Now I am only an independent journalist that shows only the facts I see; and the announcements from the DPR authorities that no other western sources will report.

@flodner has attacked me with this post asking for help to censor my reports.
And @stmeme is flooding my posts with Spam comments calling me a terrorist

I have not flagged any of these attacks because I believe Steemit should be free of censorship and let people learn, reach, and make their own mind up with all facts given.

Steemit is a place for free speech and not for censorship or trolling.

I ask that you follow me and watch my reports with an open mind. Do not trust only the MSM. Think for yourself.

maxresdefault (50).jpgPlease help me spread my message through the Steemit community and follow me so
you can get daily reports from the Ukraine war so you can have an idea of what the people want & what's really happening here and what has happened. All of my material is my original material. I
will be putting up some of my older materials on occasion as I start my experience in the Steemit community but there will also be at least 30 reports a month coming of original content that I'm filming on the day, breaking news of what's happening in the Ukraine war.
Remember that I am a independent journalist funded by you my viewers and readers. Please support my independent journalism by Upvoting, Resteeming, Delegating Steem Power and Donating Steem $ SBD
or by Donating cryptocurrency. My Crypto wallet numbers are below.



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Thank you.

Please Reteem!!

Please help support my work.


Wait, so you can be labeled as a terrorist for reporting what you see?

And then does that mean people can be flagged by governments for funding terrorism for donating crypto to someone reporting news?

And then other people flag the people getting their perspective on events happening?

That's messed up.

Wait, so you can be labeled as a terrorist for reporting what you see?

If you see what they don’t want you to see, yeah they will name call you and a lot worse, possibly even kill you. Turkey’s prime minister was sending journalists to prison and even killing them. Protip: in war, truth is the first victim. Protip 2: everything is war

True, crazy how many people in the justice system he locked up right after that "attempted coup".

Every man that ever lived, that wanted peace "got killed" JFK, Martin Luther king, John Lennon, I could go on, but some mother fucker might come along and shoot my ass.

I've got your back man. They better have a lot of SP to flag your a million dollars worth of it.

Thank you for the repost! Upvoted and followed this gentleman. In my humble opinion this is one of the best use cases for the platform. I will look forward to learning more from his posts. Here in the U.S. we don't get a clear picture of what really happens outside our borders. I've traveled enough to learn this first hand. Steemit gives me hope that the world can still be a better place.

Thank you for your support. I will never stop showing the the truth of what is hannening here.

It is highly likely some government people are against his work and govs have a lot of ressources. His biggest threat might be sitting in Langley Virginia and not even Ukraine itself.

I see you fighting for the good side @cryptopus ! Mad respect for what you do too! I'm fairly new still, but it's becoming pretty clear who the trolls are, and we need more like you good sir! Or mam!

We represent Ukrainian community, and polite ask you do bether know of topic... let me inform you Ser, you do support terrorist organisation Dnr agenda blog

Steemians we don't try to push anything just put a little bit of our point of view. We deeper know this situation (live in Ukraine) and see many "journalist" laik him before (follow the situation its concern as), its is your and your karma deal do what you want and trust whatever...

short explain my point of view on this topic:

I support journalism on the front line

so if alkaida do their blog with "journalist" reports you also will support them?

you do not worry does not embarrass with what persistence of this "correspondent" forcing insulting, not truthful accusations against the whole country? and not only Ukraine, they blaime US, EU and not one world about Russia who realy hardly involved in this confrontation?

@stmeme, don't forget that 'truth' is a very subjective thing. And even more so during wars.
I guess one should support everyone who shows their truth, and this gives everyone the information to make up their mind/their own truth.

Привет с ДНР, от домохозяйки террористки, хватит телик смотреть, давайте лучше глянем вокруг по шире и перестем Порошенко верить)))

Привет, вы с автоматом в руках выступаете против Укр армии?нет и вопросов к вам тогда нет, простая жертва пропоганды и стадного рефлекса. Приезжаите к нам "фашистам" за пенсией как все ваши пожилые делают как состаритесь, доброго вам здоровьица

Вы тоже поменьше смотрите пропаганду, вам в уши дуют про нацисткие отряды которые маршем идут вас карать а вы и поверили... Вон в Славянске не 1 ватник не пострадал =)

И вам того же))) История рассудит, как это часто бывает, я вроде тоже украинка, да последние 4 года как-то неприятно слушать как нас тут всех без разбора крестят террористами и сепаратистами, только за то, что нынешнюю власть не признаём...Но Порошенко брешит о многом, это я вам как очевидец говорю, поверьте)))

Уважаемая домохозяйка, большинству украинцев, Порошенко и власть - до одного места. Они все грязные продажные олигархи и недалеко ушли от Путина. Но то, что сделали ваши "защитники отечества" - это капец. Погибли тысячи людей с обоих сторон, из них - полно мирных. Путину удалось раскачать ваш регион, наш (Одесса), к счастью нет. Да, к сожаленью, его трудами и у нас погибли десятки человек, но не десятки тысяч, как у вас. Мне жалко донецких жителей не меньше, чем одесских. Они все мои сограждане.

@budnikov is a troll acount. created only to troll my posts. Very funny

Армия ВСУ здесь натворила не меньше бед, так что не стоит всё на Путина списывать, в 21 веке для решения проблем посылать артилеррию для "разговора" со своими согражданами - это смертельный грех...Мне тоже людей жалко, хорошо хоть вы в подвалах не сидели как мы, прячась от освободителей...

Case in point:

EU Fascism Embraced: Over 20 Highly Revealing Videos Highlight US and EU Support for Fascist Pro-Nazi Military Battalions in Ukraine

Please quit trying to discredit Patrick's excellent reporting until you deal with those murderous pro Nazi Azov and Aidar battalions operating in your own backyard.

Whe dont have nazi batalion, so you share faike.

You call as a troll but you self trolling all country on your "news"!

Steemians we don't try to push nothing just put a bit of our point of view. We more deeper know this situation (live in Ukraine) and see many agenda laik him before, its all up to you who you trust and upvote...

short explain my point of view on this topic:

The twenty videos at the link above provide extensive evidence that the Ukrainian military incorporates the Azov Nazi battalion. The in Canada and Max Blumenthal have a recent article up on the subject. Link here:

Excerpt: The US is Arming and Assisting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, While Congress Debates Prohibition

Known as a bastion of neo-Nazism, the Azov Battalion has received teams of American military advisors and high powered US-made weapons

By Max Blumenthal

Left: Members of the Azov Battalion offer a sig heil salute. Right: US military advisors meet with Azov commanders in the field in November, 2017.

Last November, an American military inspection team visited the Azov Battalion on the front lines of the Ukrainian civil war to discuss logistics and deepening cooperation. Images of the encounter showed American army officers poring over maps with their Ukrainian counterparts, palling around and ignoring the Nazi-inspired Wolfangel patches emblazoned on their sleeves.

Azov is a militia that has been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, and is considered one of the most effective units in the field against pro-Russian separatists. But it also widely known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the ranks of the Ukrainian military that has been criticized by international human rights groups, tied to an international fascist network and even a major terror plot.

More at link above....

It's interesting how badly the Azov militia got their asses kicked by the Donetsk army...

Remaid you in this region rule armed gangs and russia kgb "fsb new brand" force on top, independent journalist cant exist there at all. Its laik a "independent" journalist in North Korea!

short explain my point of view on this topic:

I left this photo here for the future Hague Tribunal

In the Hague Tribunal, you, an "independent" journalist, will tell about friendship with a well-known terrorist Mikhail "GIVI" Tolstoy.

"GIVI" tortured and killed a lot of innocent people.

You accidentally did not shoot it on the video?

Patrick, with Bin Laden you have not saved a photo?

Bin Laden, apparently, was also your friend?

The Hague tribunal. HAHAHA. You mean in Holland where they voted to keep you bandarite nazis out of the EU?

Wish I had a picture with Givi or Motorola. Guys that actually stand up against your totalitarian machine.

Wow you are a joke. No I did not make a video of this moment, I posted it on Facebook:). I made many reports on "Givi". He was looked at as a hero to the local population here. He saved many civilian lives . BTW the woman on the left is my wife, she is from Donetsk. Givi was assassinated. If you are going to try to use a photo to troll me you could come up with something better. At list something more interesting. Try this one. Call me a terrorist for sleeping on a old rocket while traveling with soldiers for a story. But then again its already been done alot.
me on rocket.jpg

I am a journalist and evrybody knows it, yor lies will not change that, get a life.

Patrick, yos say you are real journalist, independent. Will you then please provide us with facts from the opposite side? Can you get an interview with ukrainian soldiers? Because real journalism always highlights the problem from all the sides, not the only one, as you do so far.
Thank you

As I said in my post. I am not able to go to the Ukraine controlled side because any journalist that shows what Ukraine's artillery attacks do to the civilian population here are labeled as a terrorist. Ukraine and pro Ukraine people only want their side of things shown

Hi there... I would like to gather up all the journalists here on Steemit under the tag journalism so that we can share experiences like this and support one another to better cope with the issues you are dealing with. Have you seen @suzi3D 's posts? She is from New Zealand... and @mayb (she is from Germany) -- Those are the two journalists I have reached out to and made a connection with. I will resteem you because I know the peril you are facing and I will try to do my part to help keep you safe. Cheers

Nice idea I am in. Are you on discord?

Patrick thank you for your work and ignore those who want to earn on your behalf...Many people don't want to see obvious things, it is easier to believe the TV than the person and people who are eyewitnesses of the events...Just ignore the attacks in your direction and keep doing your job...

Thank you

Cheers @patricklancaster I am a real fan of the uncensored journalism even if it is my own country I do not care uncensored news is the real truth definitely following you for more of this quality .

Upvoted and Resteemed Patrick. It is very good work you are doing in Donbass. Ignore the naysayers and keep on trucking. A very similar thing happened to @sarahalbed when she was reporting the truth about Syria and western government support for terrorists in the FSA and White Helmets. The powers that be know by now that Steemit is an excellent place for truth revealers to help inform the public about what is really going on in the world. Thus, they want to silence voices like yours and are using the usual trolling and distraction techniques to do so. The ones that are trolling you now are resorting to some behaviors that can be found in the post below.

Recognizing the Enemy of Truth: Cryptome’s Guide To Forum Spies – GCHQ and COINTELPRO Disruption Techniques

Hi Clarityofsignal-- I clicked on @sarahalbed but it said that page does not exist? A typo?

Yes indeed, thank you for pointing it out. It was a mistake. Its actually @sarahabed. No L. Here's the link to her post regarding similar subject matter. Thanks for pointing it out.

I taught at the journalism faculty of the St Petersburg University in St Petersburg Russia - I have some former students who are covering the war in Donbass - but because they write for Russian news agencies they are not taken serious by westerners - I will ask them if it is ok for you to contact them and maybe work together to get the truth out from this region - stay safe

awesome job doing a great spreading the truth albeit the danger you might face. Upvote to support your work.

Curated for #informationwar by @stevescoins

  1. There is an information war between Ukraine and Russia
  2. Independent reporting can help suss out action which may be lost in that war

Our Purpose

It is right next door to me, I am in Poland, leave the man alone, he risks his life being there, is that not enough? I resteemed, and had you on follow for weeks, keep up the good work, and to the trolls, get a life.

Thanks for your support

Patrick you are the MAN !!!

Thank you. I just try to stand up for whats right

Congrats. Are journalists as you that keep free speech and real information running. MSM are dominated by several interests and political groups. Steem on mate.

Thank you and I will for sure!

Sound intruiging. I'll give you a chance bro! Convince me your not a terrorist, can you type the National anthem? Good to see a Brit getting stuck in. Good form old boy ;) I know nothing of the struggle as I have my own causes to promote.There is so much to report these days, but I suppose there is a story in that sentence too. Look forward to following your post( promise I won't spam you if I disagree, just a angry emoji will do) Good luck brother. Do you need any tea-bags sending out?

Thank you. I want let you down. Sorry not a Brit though:) I am from the US of A, but not been back there for 6 years

Send you some peanut butter and jello. lol. Hey man good luck and stay safe(ish).

Be careful!

Stay safe over there!

Well I have given you a follow and a vote good sir! Keep up the good work, not just the writing, but the staying independent by crowd funding. Time for more people to follow this example!

Thanks I am trying

Same last name. :-)
Keep up the truth expose!

oh, i wish peace everywhere every corner of the world.and Allah keep power those persons who are right have positive thinking and have the courage to do something for benefit of whole society whole city whole country and for whole world

Thank you for oyur post. I have been following events in Ukraine since the US sponsored coup that overthrew Yanukovich and brought the junta to power. The war against Novorossia is Europe's only war at the moment but is completley ignored by the MSM. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your reports.

So you still have enough freedom to practice your craft freelance, and be the journalist that you can be. True work , bear more fruits.
Stay safe , hope many journalist out there will discover this platform for news reporting.

Thank you and I hope too

Steemit is a place for free speech and not for censorship or trolling.

Sadly too many do not see this. They believe that it is appropriate to flag when they disagree with what is being expressed. Spamming and gaming the reward pool are valid reasons to downvote...not because one does not agree with a point of view.

And this is blockchain, one can spread terror if he or she wants. That is what freedom is about...expressing what you want and allowing others to do the matter how much you disagree with it.

I just added you to my follow list and will upvote you every chance I get. I am for anyone who is reporting what is going on out there....

Never shoot the messenger.

I fully agree. Thank you for the support

Hello Friend. You read the author paid by the Russian special services. All that is written in this post is complete propaganda. There is only a small part of the truth. I, I ask you to avoid this author. He is not as clean as he gives himself out. Good luck to you and Good.

Здравствуй друг. Вы читаете прjплаченного российскими спецслужбами автора. Все, что написано в этом посте сплошная пропаганда. Там лишь малая доля правды. Я, попрошу Вас избегать этого автора. Он не так чист, как себя Выдает. Удачи вам и Добра.

Actually, the author clearly states he is NOT paid by Russian special services.

Back to your hovel now...

Good luck to you and Good!

Удачи Вам и Добра!

nice post i

Telling the truth nowadays is risky business, but thanks to guys like you we know more of the truths!

I'm not a troll, and on Steemit I'm posting mostly about Cryptocurrency topics, not politics.
But your posts captured my attention, because for me (and all the civilized world, apart from some pro-Russian activists) DNR is a terrorist organization. I say "some pro-Russian activists" because even Russia doesn't recognize DNR as state, although they recognize that Russian curators rule there.
Good that you posted yourself link to the site where you are classified as "Пособник террористов" - it means "Terrorists' Aide"
May be for you it is successful career ?

The fact that you would back someone who labels a journalist as a "Terrorists' Aide" shows what kind of activist and troll you are. BTW the publicity from your trolling is really helping me grow my audience fast. 25+ new followers in last day.

At the end truth will win. And I think you are on another side. I hope you followers will understand this.

I haven't had time to check your posts yet. But I would like to tell you how sad I feel about what is done to your country. It is a shame to see how easily countries can be pulled into war. I hope there is a solution that we can all come up with, and somehow end all the madness. Peace and love!!!

Best of luck Sir. Stay safe!


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