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Author: Benjamin Fulford

March 8, 2016

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned President Recep Erdogan that he "will return to Constantinople (Istanbul), the Christian world and the protection of the marine security of Russia, relieving the straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles," say sources at the Pentagon. "This plan has been all the time, because the boundaries will be redrawn, Turkey will be expelled from Cyprus and fragmented," they added.

Perhaps that is what prompted the Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, to fly to Iran and to achieve peace between Sunni and Shiite factions of Islam.

If both parties accept the peace agreement, it could mean that the 1384-year-old split between the two branches of Islam can result. This is what the Turks are hoping to counter the Russian - Western military alliance that was formalized when the Pope and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church met on 12 February for the first time in the last 962 years.

Nevertheless, the situation may not be so easy to solve because of the deep involvement of Turkey in the Nazi coup d'etat that took place in the United States September 11, 2001 It now appears that the choice of the date for the attack on the US was due to the fact that the September 11, 1683 was the date of the last failed attempt to transform Turkey's Christian Europe by force of arms.

That was when the Vienna siege was lifted the Christian Coalition in just a few hours before it was installed a giant Turkish gunpowder mine to blast open the wall to protect Vienna.

Nazi / Turkish relationship has deep roots in history. This can be traced back to Hitler's rooms 3, Rudolf Hess, who was raised in Egypt. His outrage the West goes back to the fact that his family property was confiscated by the victorious Allies after World War II.

Hess was also a member of the Turkish secret society with ancient historical ties with the German Thule Society and the Italian fascist Masonic lodge P2. These groups have long sought to take revenge for the destruction of the West German, the Habsburg and the Ottoman Turkish Empire after the war.

On the eve of World War II, according to British intelligence and other sources, the Germans and the Turks have trained hundreds of thousands of activists brothers - Muslims in the fight against the British and French domination in the Middle East. They sent many of these trained fighters and a pseudo-Muslim "fundamentalists" in Saudi Arabia after the Second World War.

This group evolved into the Al-Qaeda and now igil.

Their latest maneuver was - refugees flooded Europe-Muslims that the Pope condemned as "an Arab invasion." Turks and Saudi plus Nazi allies revenge for the criticism, killing four nuns and 12 other people in Yemen.

Those who carried out this attack - not Muslims, and the essence of worship, which they called the Black Sun, but that a true believer has long been known as Satan. This satanic network systematically destroyed now in ways that are visible even in a controlled western corporate media. Takeoff US presidential candidate Donald Trump is a key example of this. Last week, Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the US House of Representatives, at the national American Fox TV said that the Republican establishment was terrified of Trump, because "He is not one of them ... He did not pass through the initiation rites, he does not belong to a secret society. "

This has led to numerous death threats Trump, starting with the Fuhrer George HW Bush, among others.

Nevertheless, the fact is that this time it frightened Bushes. According to sources in the Pentagon, the recent visits of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill Paraguay "was the message to Bush, they are not safe anywhere." The arrested Mexican drug lord and Bush Agent El Chapo deprived of sleep, while he does not agree to the extradition to the US to testify against the Mafia Bush / Clinton, the sources added.

In addition, Hillary Clinton deposition progressing quickly enough. Lesbian lover and assistant Hillary, Huma Abedin, was charged with her IT guy gave immunity in exchange for testimony and grand jury busy polling people to see who will be summoned for the upcoming indictment against her.

The charge will include the disclosure of state secrets and the use of the Clinton Foundation as a secret government, among other things, sources say the FBI.

Another obvious sign that things are not going as usual, is the fact that David de Rothschild, head of the Swiss branch of the Rothschild banking family, is on the run from the police.

Name David de Rothschild often surfaced in the negotiations between the White Dragon Society and other Western secret societies to attack nuclear tsunami March 11, 2011 against Japan.

After March 11 representatives of the Rothschild Dr. Michael Van de Meer (aka Michael Meiringen) told this writer that the attack was aimed at forcing 50 million Japanese people to move out of the big Tokyo to North Korea, where the Rothschilds planned to create its new Asian headquarters .

Shortly after the attacks of March 11, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said at a press conference batch of foreign correspondents in the club that he strongly recommends that after the attacks to evacuate a large Tokyo. Despite the fact that quite a large Western press corps and all major Japanese news media gave reports from there, no one reported these comments.

And then the story of the pressure port to evacuate 50 million people suddenly appears in all the world news agencies, when approaching the fifth anniversary of the attack.

While Rothschild is now wanted for fraud, it is only a matter of time before the role of his and his family in the incident with mass murder will be investigated.

Rothschild colony of Europeans brainwashed, known as Israel, and is in serious siege now. US intelligence has told his Russian counterpart that Israel is suspected of using Turkey as a mediator, "to avoid the wrath of Russian" for the recent murder of the head of GRU, Russian military intelligence Igor Sergunov. It backfired, because it is "only deepened military and intelligence cooperation between Russia / US", say US sources.

To emphasize this, a senior US General Joseph Dunford went to Israel between 3 March and warned Israel against attacks on Trump's "or any other of the good guys." They were also told to stop any infiltration of terrorists into Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. In addition, the US Vice-President Joe Biden will be in Israel on March 8, to warn them to stop cooperation with Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese also show which side of the fence they are sitting, by the introduction of a visa-free 6-day program for the region of Shanghai, which includes 51 countries such as USA, Japan, Russia, France and the UK, but deliberately excludes Israel. The Japanese government has also restricted visas for Israelis.

Meanwhile, the situation is also heating up on the economic front. World shipping goods by sea remains in the "worst recession since the Viking era."

Nazi puppet regime in Ukraine has become bankrupt and incompetent, while the large western banks continue to survive by fraud in accounting. Currently, the Government of Canada has publicly acknowledged that it sold the remnants of their official gold reserves.

This is interesting, because the Canadians were probably the last people on earth who are ready to trade gold for the debt securities of the Federal Reserve, wrongly called "US dollars".

Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the world headquarters of the private central bank itself will almost certainly was in a quandary. Of its 21 managers, only 4 are not Europeans or North Americans (there is one sign for Brazil, China, India and Japan). Even the BIS may result in gold at this stage.

Perhaps that is why the intrigue is heating up on the gold front. Allies White Dragon Society in Darwin, Australia, said that 4,000 members of the US armed forces are trained there for "some special operations." Darwin is the closest place in Australia to a controlled Cabal gold mine and Freeport McMoRan Nazi submarine base in Papua. The US military could plan to move back to the source suggested.

CIA source in Southeast Asia, meanwhile, was intrigued by the presentation of this newsletter that the gold of the Persian royal family in Thailand keeps his way to Hong Kong. He said that Persian gold was made slightly radioactive, so it can be tracked by satellite, and that the report correctly pointed out Hong Kong as the place where it was eventually.

Asian allies now say that gold will be available at a discount of 13% on the market price with a minimum order of 20 tons. Of the 13% discount, 10% were for the financing of future new agencies to plan, and 3% were for the commission, they said. The proof of the existence of gold should be given HBS in Hong Kong, possibly later this month, Chinese government sources say. When proof is predstvleny, it will be published, said HBS.

It shows all of the above, and many sources agree - something very big in the world is going down. Many insiders say that this could happen as early as this month or in April. We'll see how events unfold. For one thing worth watching to see whether there will be something around March 24, when a representative of the US corporate government Barack Obama will visit the South American headquarters of the Nazis in Bariloche, Argentina.

Indonesian President to visit the Netherlands to talk about the gold with the Masons P2

March 15, 2016

Behind the scenes negotiations to free up funds to finance large-scale cleansing of the world, took a dramatic turn last week when Indonesian President Joko Widodo suddenly decided to fly to Holland to discuss gold, according to CIA sources in Indonesia. Widodo, or Dzhokovi, as he is known, decided to visit the Netherlands, the former colonial rulers of Indonesia to avoid a civil war, they say.

The civil war between the factions have been supporting China, and those who are inclined toward the West, sources say. In Holland Dzhokovi will meet with representatives of the Masonic lodge P2, which will require access to gold stored in the Indonesian bunkers, they said.

An article in the Indonesian press about the planned visit of the quoted Indonesian government official who said that "would be a big surprise for two weeks."

In this regard, US Secretary of State John Kerry got in touch with the White Dragon Society in Indonesia, to also ask for gold, according to sources at the CIA. Satanist "Skull and Bones" Kerry will get nothing, according to sources HBS [WDS].

Kerry and his fellow Kabbalists panic because the real US economy is in big trouble. The latest sign of this is the fact that wholesale inventories are now at record levels.

Chinese exports in February fell by 25% year on year, mainly due to falling sales in the US who do not have the money to pay for it. This disease has become a US economic reason for the launch of negotiations on the future planning of the Agency's suddenly gained momentum. planning agency would be pleased to support the people of the United States, not only Khazar Mafioso ruling the country now, sources say HBS.

The US military, for its part, made it clear that they would like to have a permit from the Indonesian Navy sailors for accommodation around Benoit island to get a "field of maritime presence" in the region. In other words, they want to be sure that they have a key base near the South China Sea to ensure that China will not become an aggressor in the region.

Meanwhile, customers who call themselves "the Family Golden Dragon" came with a desire to buy the initial 20 metric tons of gold, say sources in the Pentagon and the CIA. Chinese government sources, for its part, would have preferred the original deal of 50 tons and was told that 1,000 tons can be provided within 3 months.

Meanwhile, GM Gnostic Illuminati "Alexander Romanov," came to visit the FBS representative on «request NSA" last week. NSA wanted details about the meeting, which took place on March 10, 2011, shortly before the attack, a nuclear tsunami on 11 March.

HBS could open that GPS signals sent at 12:34 on March 11 for a couple of hours before the nuclear attack and tsunami, have been sent to activate a protective barrier that kept and wave and radiation from passing Ogasawara chain of islands near Tokyo.

That is why there was no need to evacuate 50 million people from a large Tokyo as planned perpetrators of this atrocity. Therefore, as the radiation from Fukushima is already largely disappeared.

The same mysterious security agency also prevented the occurrence of a tsunami after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on March 2 sources say HBS.

... Romanov also said that he had a message from the CIA colony known as North Korea. Kim Jong-un would like to be the future emperor of the united entity of Korea and Japan. Kim would be a real emperor than a puppet of the Rothschilds, sitting on the throne today, Romanov said.

... The recent "North Korean submarine", which reported the sinking of the US military during the US-South Korean exercises, was actually an Israeli submarine, was planning to launch a nuclear missile at the United States and blame North Korea, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. It was a submarine, recently delivered to Israel by Germany, say sources at the Pentagon.

... Russia is putting pressure on the US to announce that LIH commit genocide against the Christians. This would allow the United Nations to impose sanctions on the Islamist sponsors - Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel, sources say. It would also open the Israeli, Turkish and Saudi war criminals for prosecution, they said.

... Sources at the Pentagon say that the elections are likely to be between Donald Trump and Vice President Biden. Biden bides his time and waits to start after will be charged with Hillary Clinton, say sources at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies. On this front, "the military engaged in a secret grand jury, which may go against the scoundrels who are trying to stop the investigation of Hillary," says one source.

Another investigation, which involved the authorities in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Switzerland, are also close to the Khazar mafia. At the moment the news reported that the investigation centers around the corrupt Malaysian government officials and Tim Lissner, until recently the head of Goldman Sachs in Southeast Asia.

Nevertheless, HBS sources in Southeast Asia say that the real purpose of the investigation - get to the bottom for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flights 370 and his reincarnation as Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine.

... Meanwhile, in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, the head of NATO, was dismissed last week "for what was" Strangelove "[advocate of nuclear Armageddon], and was too close to the American neoconservatives Victoria Nuland," say sources at the Pentagon.

In other words, Breedlove did not support the new Pentagon Alliance and Russia, which has been cemented in the first 962 years of the history of the meeting of the Pope and the Russian Patriarch on 12 February.

Replaced Bridlava General Curtis Skaparotti is expected to take a less confrontational stance toward Russia, sources say. The change of leadership in NATO is likely to have a significant impact on the Khazar mafia, which creates problems in Ukraine and in Europe.



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